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Top 10 Strongest, Most Powerful Countries in the World

Rui Carreira is an entertainment buff who writes about a myriad of different things... one of them being lists.


Conditions for Building This List: How to Decide What's the Strongest Country?

When you think about countries and their relative strength, you need to have some things in mind.

This becomes vital when you're building a list, something that inherently needs you to compare the variables between them.

Having this in mind, the two core variables I considered are the countries' economic might and their military power.

As such, you'll see I ranked the countries based on stuff like their infantry, vehicles, aircraft, GDP, exports, trade restrictions, assets, and more.

This will hopefully give you an outlook on how the country would perform if at war and how powerful the countries are.

Now, with that out of the way let's take a look at the end result, shall we?


10: Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has consistently managed to stay on the list, year after year, so it's definitely a country that deserves to be considered carefully.

Not only is it a powerhouse boasting a strong army and a population of 33.7 million inhabitants, but it also generates a lot of money with a GDP or around $782.5 Billion.

Its GDP per capita is of over $55K and it has a lot of allies, both genuine and made of interest thanks to its oil business.


9: South Korea

You may be surprised to know, but South Korea has a lot more population than Saudi Arabia, clocking its citizen count at 51 million.

Its military is also impressive, but what South Korea really brings to the table are the riches it produces.

Consider these numbers:

- GDP of 1.6 trillion.

- GDP per Capita of over 41K.

Sure, the GDP per capita is a bit lower than Saudi Arabia, but the infantry numbers more than make up for it, as the Republic of Korea has double the men Saudi Arabia has available.

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8: Israel

I'm sure you weren't surprised this one was here, although you might have thought the country ranked higher - something you'll see it couldn't when you see what the other countries are.

Israel has a healthy economy of 360 billion USD and a GDP per capita of around 40K so it has less economic power than the other countries.

However, it has a highly trained and competent military, high-grade weaponry and has a lot of weight in global affairs.

No sane country would mess with Israel as of now, due to its dangerous weapons and the sheer amount of powerful countries ready to jump to its aid.


7: Japan

Japan is one of the most technically advanced countries in the world. It is also the one who has the highest literacy rates, so you can bet they are an intelligent folk with great food and anime (a little bit of a sideline here, but I love sushi and Hunter x Hunter).

Now, on a serious note, they have 126 million inhabitants and a tremendous amount of military power just waiting to be called into action.

Their GDP is of over $3 Trillion dollars and their GDP per capita is of over 46K, making the country an important trading partner to everyone in their right mind.


6: France

France always had a huge influence on the world. Standing in the center of Europe with a considerable landmass, it also has a population count of 67 million which is nothing to scoff at.

Since the medieval ages, it has a formidable army, and it is a pretty well equipped one as of today.

Its GDP is of 2.8 trillion dollars and its GDP per capita is 45K. It has a big list of ongoing alliances, mainly with other European Powers.


5: United Kingdom

The UK, or the United Kingdom, is another country you knew would be on this list but were probably unsure of where it was.

Well, with a population of 66 million people and a 2.8 trillion GDP, the UK is a force to be reckoned with due to these numbers alone, but you know they aren't enough to get this rank.

What adds more power to the mix is a fusion of variables, from alliances with the top powers in the world to the isolation it has geographically, the advancement of their military technology, their navy and air force.

The UK is a well-deserved contender for the Top 5 Strongest Countries in the world.


4: Germany

Some call it the "big daddy" of the European Union, others call it the ultimate Nemesis of Europe.

The fact stands that Germany proved to be a mighty powerhouse throughout many times in history, and I think there's no one who doubts it by this point.

It has 89 million as its population number and sports a healthy GDP per capita of over 50K. It's GDP is of $4 trillion and increasing.


3: China

China deserves the third spot of the podium, and I'm not sure this article will stick in the near future as its power seems to be increasing.

For now, it has 1.4 billion as its population and while it has a poor GDP of 18K, it does sport a prosperous 13.6 Trillion GDP total, making it a very rich country.

With their constant parades and nuke previews, you know China is not to be underestimated.


2: Russia

Mother Russia has always been powerful, and its landmass is simply mindboggling.

It has proven to be the bane of any empire or conqueror who has set their eyes upon it, and it definitely has the manpower, technology, weapons, and money to wage long wars... longer than their opponents can withstand.

They have a powerful weapon called winter as well, which is not only coming but can sap the life out of the invaders, concealing the Russian army while doing it.


1: United States of America

It's still no surprise that the USA sits at number one. They have a HUGE military spending budget, really surmounting any other country by far.

On the other hand, their GDP is of 20.5 Trillion, with a GDP per capita number of over 62K, which puts it right on top of the list as well.

With over 144 million in population, they may not be as populous as China, but they more than makeup for it due to the sheer power of their airforce, navy, army and space force.

They have a lot of high tech weapons, nuclear warheads, and novelty drones, forefronting the development of new weapons, equipment, and ordinances.

For now, they're the winner, but we'll see in about 5 years - who knows?


William Fitzgerald on May 19, 2020:

The U.S. population is 328 million, not 144 million. Russia is 144 million.

Your list is reasonable, though I would substitute Turkey for Israel.

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