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Top 8 Mostly Asked Scientific Questions on the Internet

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Science is investigating why do we dream

Science is investigating why do we dream

Why do we Dream ?

You probably haven't thought too deeply about why dreams occur. You're awake now, though – think about it, what are some reasons your consciousness might wander away like that?"Dreams" usually happen when you stop thinking consciously. So then, where does dreaming come from?'CogniSci' explains dreams scientifically. It's about time we did."I don't know," says 'Mia'. What causes people to drift off mentally between waking hours, and then wake again to resume conscious life is unknown.Yet scientists believe cognizent, cognitive science will explain the phenomenon eventually, along with other brain activity.

Many psychologists believe that dreaming helps us make sense of life, solve problems we encounter in everyday situations and allows us to find solutions to personal dilemmas. A big difference exists between having dreams and remembering ones. While it is true that some dreams come true, most of the time remember dreams tend to occur when sleeping on a full stomach. Because memories are stored in the brain through experiences rather than thoughts, the body needs sufficient fuel before experiencing memory recall. All

Mostly we have two kind of dreams, either the daydream or the night dream. The daydream consists of imagining our life to be perfect and going through different scenarios regarding our plans, goals etc. On contrary, the second type of dreaming involves the images of nightmares that wake us. Our sleep gives our brain rest time where memories come alive and thoughts are clear. Therefore, people need to remember to dream since it helps to stimulate the mind and refresh memories of the past events.

When we sleep and rest, dreaming happens automatically and naturally. We experience different feelings before going to sleep due to which some of us fall asleep faster. In order to reduce traffic jams and road injuries, we need safer roads. Safer roads imply fewer vehicles traveling on our streets and highways; but safer implies a lower number of accidents and less chance of dying. To attain a safe level, all drivers must comply with driving standards set by governmental authorities.

Matter is mysterious and unknown

Matter is mysterious and unknown

Why do Matter Exist?

Matter exists because energy transforms itself into mass. The simplest explanation of the origin of the Universe comes from considering particles moving closer together under gravitation's influence and eventually combine to form atoms. From molecules we move upwards to planets, stars, galaxies and finally cosmological space-time continuum.

Before big bang began, matter didn't exists and space was empty. There was nothing to create everything including planets, stars etc. At first all energy came together then it started expanding and cooling down until atoms were formed and finally all sorts of elements appeared after that we start forming molecules from different atoms according to chemistry.

Scientists agree that matter started out as extremely hot gas called plasma and then transformed itself via various chemical processes to become atoms (basic particles). They call each type of atom different elements e.g. Hydrogen. Scientists believe this transformation took place billions of years ago within exploding stars called supernovae. The new heavy atomic nuclei formed within the explosions were eventually pulled together to form atoms. However, scientists disagree exactly when this happened. Some theories suggest that nuclear fusion occurred .

The Importance of Solar panel is humongous

The Importance of Solar panel is humongous

How Can We Get More Energy from the Sun ?

Sunlight: The Sun's Energy Source With our Earth's resources diminishing daily, finding ways to tap solar power seems like a necessity. One method involves using special mirrors to redirect sunlight onto a fluid which heats up enough steam to generate electricity. Another technique utilizes light beams from satellites which focus upon towers containing liquid sodium salts at night - creating heat that powers an electrical generator located inside a nearby building. All the techniques require large amounts of fossil fuels to create sufficient temperatures required to produce electricity -- meaning more carbon emissions into our air and water supply. But, a technology called Photoelectrochemical Conversion utilizes the same basic principle behind wind turbines.

According to some experts, solar power is one of renewable sources of energy that we need to consider since it is free and unlimited. The sun provides us light and heat and thus it gives us plenty of energy. It also powers all life forms on earth.Our planet gets lots of sunlight and uses only part of it – namely 2%.We need only 10% of the total solar radiation reaching Earth to provide electricity to the whole globe.

We now have developed solar panels on top of buildings and houses to harness the power of energy coming directly from the sun. Solar cells create electricity out of sunlight just like regular light bulbs but instead of producing heat, they convert the rays of sunshine into clean electric current. Solar cells are used to produce electricity for homes of large cities.

When you look directly at sunlight, most likely, you observe yellow rays shooting off from light sources such as stars, fireballs, the Sun and lightning flashes. Sunlight comes from the sun, a fiery ball thousands of miles away emitting radiant heat. The energy stored in sunshine can provide us with heat, electricity and chemical reactions.Solar power plants harness solar radiation using mirrors reflecting light onto tubes containing liquid sodium.


Are there parallel universes

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Many scientists, including Stephen Hawking and Neil deGrasse Tyson, suggest that humans live in this Universe alone. Because there isn’t any proof of another dimension of existence, it suggests that life might not continue forever. According to Hawking, life could end up going nowhere except for extinction events. If that happens, however, then the laws governing our Universe might change drastically due to time travel. Regardless of whether or not there are multiple dimensions around us, we don’t know anything yet about what lies beyond our own little world. What are called black holes might offer answers to questions like, where does everything come from and where does it eventually go.

Many scientists now believe that there may exist multiple dimensions beyond earth’s three dimension plane. Scientists call theories of multi-dimensional cosmos as alternate reality theory. According to new findings, space-time could stretch out infinitely in all directions instead of just a single 3D dimension. Thus, according to physicists, alternate realities exists. Alternate worlds are completely different from ours, yet some similarities could occur. It is undeniable that all kinds of entertainment cause stress among people.

We now understand that some galaxies contain hundred million stars within individual star clusters. These clusters are hundreds of light-years across. There may have once existed entire galaxy sized groups of stars. Furthermore, each group of stars contained millions of solar systems containing billions of planets. A single supernova explosion occurred at least 3 million years ago creating the first visible sign of life in the universe. Life then started spreading through the cosmos due to energy created by gravity in space.

Our Universe is estimated to contain 100 quadrillion galaxies each containing hundreds of billions stars. Each star has planets orbiting it which also host life on some level – although humans have yet to identify intelligent alien life. We believe in our own existence because everything fits together perfectly for us - the Earth orbits the Sun just right for plant photosynthesis, oxygen generation plants breathe our air and then release carbon dioxide back out into atmosphere giving off water vapour that rains onto landmasses etc...

Having weighed up all arguments, it is quite possible for us to reach the conclusion that the existence of other alternative parallel universes might be one truth that cannot be dismissed. So, let us get back to topic. Now, as we know, many theories are currently being researched on how human beings communicate with alien civilizations.The main question here is whether our signals travel outside our planet without making contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.

What makes us Humans

What makes us Humans

What makes us Humans?

It is not easy to answer this question as it entails a deep philosophical understanding of what it means to be human. It would, however, be reasonable to say that certain things make us unique and distinguish us from other creatures on Earth. Some believe that our ability to think abstractly and reason is the most important quality that distinguishes humans from all other animals. Others might claim that strong emotions such as love and hate are essential ingredients in making humanity special.

The main reason why we are human is because we are the only species on Earth that has the ability to create art and express themselves. We can also think out of the box and come up with new ideas. Our ability to love and care for others is also one of the main reasons why we are special. Even though we are human, there are times when we do things that make us really sad. However, we still manage to keep going and try to make things better.

Is there any evidence of extraterrestrial beings

Is there any evidence of extraterrestrial beings

Are we Alone in the Universe?

Scientists are now saying that we may be alone in this universe. It turns out scientists are not entirely convinced whether Earth is truly unique among planets and stars in our solar system. Astronomers recently concluded a report which indicated that, despite its size, planet 51 Pegasi b might be far smaller, cooler, and less likely habitable, than previously thought. As technology develops, life elsewhere could evolve completely separate from ours.Therefore, we ought to take steps to find out if extraterrestrials exist before humans destroy ourselves at least once.

Earthlings may be the first intelligent beings found by humanity in space, since we have yet to find anyone else outside of us here on Earth. We are pretty sure that alien civilizations exist somewhere out there.The existence cannot be proven however, unless some evidence comes forward, until then it's just speculation. And although we search for aliens as a matter of curiosity and hope, we need caution - finding an unknown species is probably quite rare, as they too have evolved to stay hidden from mankind.

Scientists believe that we are just scratching the surface of understanding the secrets of the universe. We may discover that Earth is just another planet out among billions of planets orbiting stars throughout the universe. Humans are unique among creatures as intelligent beings. Our brains enable us to create technologies enabling us to travel through space. While other species exist, none share human intelligence or abilities.

Many scientists believe that we currently inhabit just 1/5th of the total number of planets within the Milky Way galaxy. We may never find out whether intelligent creatures exist elsewhere in space until one day when we send probes searching for Earthlike planets nearby stars. Although some astronomers are skeptical about discovering alien civilizations, they argue that it is inevitable that our planet will come face-to-face with aliens sooner or later. Our destiny lies not in human hands.

How did humans evolved

How did humans evolved

How did life Evolved on Earth?

Life Evolved on Earth, but It’d be Better If It Hadn’t. Life began when organic matter formed spontaneously within chemical solutions, then became progressively organized until cells first appeared. Over time this process involved numerous events including the formation of DNA molecules, which are used by both prokaryotes and eukarya to transcribe genetic material and produce proteins. Evolution then progressed gradually toward increasingly complex organisms, giving rise to major groups today and leading eventually to humans. With its extraordinary features like intelligence, self reliance and moral values, humanity holds tremendous potential for future positive developments. Yet, humankind has failed miserably to protect and safeguard its own existence against natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, droughts and forest fires resulting in thousands of deaths every year.

As we see evolution of life on earth, different kinds of species appeared then disappeared in past centuries and millions of years. Humans originated in Africa thousands of years ago. The oldest fossils found were discovered by Charles Darwin in South America, Australia and Antarctica.The first human was named Homo habilis, and the earliest remains belong to a hominid called Australopithecus africanus which lived 3 million years ago. Homo erectus appeared.

Life on Earth was nothing but atoms floating around before the Big Bang happened creating Earth. After billions of years, life started evolving and became a complex organism on land, sea and undersea. From single cells to multicellular organisms, everything needed to reproduce itself in order to sustain the universe. As humans began developing science along with their knowledge about nature, new technologies came to play vital role in science research and development.

The Universe is composed of different elements

The Universe is composed of different elements

What the universe is made of?

Everything that exists may be classified according to its chemical properties in three groups: gases, liquids, solids. However, physicists still don't know how everything fits together inside black holes nor do they understand the origin and nature of dark matter. Scientists are beginning to think about dark energy which permeates space, making up 75 percent of all mass of the universe. It appears as though the entire universe could fit in a single grain of sand, as far as scientists know.

Everything in existence is made out of atoms, molecules and particles. Atoms consist mainly of electrons orbiting around nuclei. Nucleus consists of protons and neutrons surrounded by electron shells. Protons carry electrical charges equal to opposite of number of negatively charged electron surrounding nucleus. Neutron carries no particular electric properties. Electron shell is basically empty space encircling nucleus. Mass number determines size of atom.Most parents want to send their child to private schools for more discipline and academic excellence.

Our senses perceive us as human beings that exist within our own realm and define space according to ourselves. Our experience defines distance based on sensory perception and in turn shapes our understanding of reality. We see and hear our world for we understand the laws that govern it. Our consciousness creates meaning out of our surroundings through perceptions and interpretations.This definition of existence includes everything that exists including planets, stars, galaxies, solar systems, atoms, molecules, nuclei, electrons and subatomic particles.

All the atoms that compose us and everything else we see were forged billions of years ago, through stars exploding, supernovae destroying each other, and galaxies collided together, releasing heavy metals called isotopes.The nuclei of some elements exist far beyond normal atomic numbers, forming exotic forms of helium, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, neon and lithium.Isotopes are found naturally within rocks, deep underground, inside meteorites and in distant interstellar space.

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