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Top 10 Indian Inventions That Changed The World

10 Indian inventions that changed the world

From time to time, there were some inventions by Indian scientists and other people that still remain an important part of human life. India has also made many new innovations in the fields of science. Indian scientists have brought glory to themselves and the name of India around the world with their brilliant invention.

Let's find out, Top 10 Indian Inventions That Changed The World

Gateway of India

Gateway of India

10. Ayurveda

Now probably every person living in India will know this. That Ayurveda, called the world's oldest system of medicine, was born in our India. Actually, the history of Ayurveda inside India is more than 5000 years old. That is, the practice of ancient medical system in India has been in practice for the last 5000 years and even after so much time, this medical system is still running in the same way.

Even today, when the cure of a disease is not found in modern medical science, then people seek its treatment in Ayurveda itself. Because it is said that Ayurveda has a cure for every disease of the world and this is the reason that in modern times people also adopt Ayurveda.

9. USB

Most people know what USB is. But those who do not know, tell them that USB (universal serial bus) is called that technology. Which is used to transfer data between computer components. Apart from this, USB is also currently used in smartphones and some other devices.

Let us tell you that this technology used today in the world was developed by Ajay Bhatt in 1996. Actually Ajay Bhatt is a famous Indian-American computer architect, who was born in 1957 in Bangalore city. And Ajay has given many important technologies to the world besides USB.

8. Shampoo

You might have been surprised to hear the name of shampoo in this list. Because no one would have thought that the invention of such things as shampoo can also be associated with India. Actually, the shampoo was invented around 1762 in the Urvi Mughal Empire inside India. Actually, at that time people used to massage their head by mixing some herbs in a special type of natural oil to cleanse and strengthen their hair.

And it is said that before this, no such thing was made to clean hair anywhere in the world. And this is considered the beginning of shampoo in the world. And that in India, massaging the head was called champu. it was called Shampoo in English.

7. Yoga

Yoga has been given to the world by India as a gift. Yoga or yoga is that exercise. Which has been done inside India for thousands of years. And it is the only exercise in the world that makes a person physically strong as well as provides peace to the human being mentally and spiritually.

And it is said that the treatment of every disease occurring in the human body is present inside yoga. And this is the reason why this exercise has become famous all over the world today. And millions of people around the world do yoga regularly. Also, International Yoga Day is also celebrated every year on 21 June.

6. Board games

Today, board games played all over the world started inside India. Be it chess or the famous snake ladder. All such games were born in India. And friends, if we talk about chess, it is being played inside India since the sixth century.

And at that time chess was known as chaturanga. While the game of snake ladder was invented by the famous 13th century poet Gyan Dev. And at that time it was known as Mushpat. And during the British rule in India, the game reached other countries of the world like England and America.

5. Cataract surgery

First of all, let us tell you that Cataract is called motiyabind in Hindi language. Which is a common eye disease. And in this disease, when the problem increases more. Then surgery is done for this. Which is called Cataract surgery.

In fact, the entire credit for inventing this surgery goes well into the famous third century Indian physician sushrut. Because he found a way to do this surgery. And even today in modern medical science, this surgery is done by copying the same method.

4. Wireless communication

Friends, if we talk about today's era, wireless communication technology has progressed a lot. Because nowadays everything is being made wireless. But there was a time when it was not only difficult for humans to create such a technology but it was considered impossible. And in such a situation, India's great scientist Jagdish Chandra Bose became the first human being in the world. Who did wireless communication for the first time with the help of Radio Web.

However, historians attribute the making of this technology to the Italian inventor Marconi. But in fact Jagdish Chandra Bose discovered this technology in 1895, 2 years before Marconi.

3. Buttons

Yes friends, we are talking about the same button. Which is considered an important part of all our clothes today. The first button in the world was used in India. And you will be surprised to know that the buttons are already being used in India around 5000 years ago.

Although initially they were used as jewelery. But as time went by and the way of using them also changed. And after India, other countries of the world started making and using buttons.

2. Leprosy and lithiasis

Actually, India has been making significant contribution in the field of medicine for many centuries. And he is also considered one of the major contributors to finding a cure for dangerous diseases like Leprosy and lithiasis. And this was also the time. When both these diseases were considered completely incurable in the world. And thus, these diseases were successfully treated for the first time with the ancient remedies of India.

And surprisingly, friends, the cure for this disease in India was discovered only before 1500 years BC.

1. Zero

Every person living in India must know. That Zero was invented by India's great mathematician Aryabhata. It is considered to be one of the biggest and most important inventions made by India for the world. Now this is just a Zero to say. Which itself means nothing. But without this it is not possible to do any calculation. Nor can a computer system work without it.

And in other words, it is not possible to do anything inside science without Zero. And this is what it shows. How much importance is given to this discovery of Aryabhata.

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