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Top 5 Evil Doctors Who Went Crazy

1 George Chapman

Fortunately for that crazy guy George Chapman dating back to the late 1800s, I wasn't born by then. It's crazy for both my mother and grandfather. George Chapman was from Poland, so I would like to thank all the Polish people for making history. His career as a Polish doctor began in 1888, when he moved to London, putting things at risk, to say the least. Upon arriving in London, Chapman visited his four lovers. Looking at myself, I can't even afford to hire two mistresses, but in reality there were four mistresses at the same time.

Here's an interesting fact you have to love, George Chapman was a doctor, he was a scammer, and George Chapman was a murderer, he arsenic zed all four of these women. Chapman was executed for these crimes in 1903, and the man was so terrible that he thought he was Jack the Ripper.

2 Michael Swango

When he was just a child Michael Swango did not collect rocks he didn't spend beyblades with friends he didn't have pokemon cards or anything like that instead he had scrapbooks filled with horrible car accidents or any crime scene that's awful to look at. As if there weren't any red flags there with what i just said, when Michael got to college he decided to write his chemistry thesis at Georgie Markov more specifically he studied his horrific death caused by……. you guessed it poison. He was fascinated after that point he had a newfound obsession and it was poisons and how they silently took life. This is intriguing to somebody now; during his third year at school five patients that had the misfortune of seeing him just happened to die afterwards. His classmates actually had a terrible nickname for him and they called him Double O in reference to James Bond 007. But that's more of a reference to a license to kill. Would you like to interrogate James Bond himself for a murder case? I highly doubt that. This happened to Michael, no one asked him. Interestingly, one person fortunately survived and remembered a few important details. She remembered that Swango had injected her with something just a minute before the seizure started. Despite all this, he somehow managed to overcome it and went to another hospital in Ohio. In 1984, Swango gave out donuts that made his employees sick and he would help when they needed treatment, but he actually poisoned them. He was caught and sentenced to five years in prison, then released two years later, changed his name and moved to Virginia to get a job as a career counselor, poisoning his co-workers, doing this three more times and now serving three life sentences in ADX Supermax federal prison is being sentenced. So whats your opinion do you think i should go to the ADX Super Max and ask Swango how he actually committed the murders? Or perhaps he would be insterested in writting and directing HowToGet Away - With Murder film series.

3 H.h Holmes

H. H. Holmes was an absolute monster, just a terrible person. His fascination with medicine began at an early age when he performed these surgeries on stuffed animals, which again sound the alarm. This has never been confirmed, but many believe that his first victim was one of his first friends. Yes, his first friend. I would advise someone to look into your friend's eyes perhaps he/she might be the next Holmes.

H.H. Holmes entered medical school and shortly after graduation began killing people to steal property. How crazy it, he built a huge house. This house had tunnels, hatches, doors locked from the outside, and all of that. He approached woman, took control of her finances, and then killed them, he would also require his employees to purchase life insurance that lists him as a beneficiary. Some of the dead bodies he sold them to the medical schools. He was caught and sentenced to death, but the exact number of victims is unknown, but it is believed to be around 200, which is disgustingly true.

4 Jack Kevorkian

Jack Kevorkian is famous for ending the lives of terminally ill patients through euthanasia. He was a champion and is often quoted as saying "death is not a crime". Well, it's a bit controversial because I don't like the whole concept of death. Who wants to die anyway? If death was caused by a person, i myself would apply a myriad of first-degree murder charges against that person.

With his help, it is said that over 130 patients were left to die. Kevorkian built his own euthanasia machine to allow patients to die in two ways. The first was Thanatron, an intravenous injection of saline, sodium thiopental, and potassium chloride into the patient. Secondly he used ‘Mercitron’, which includes a gas mask using carbon monoxide to suffocates and kill a patient. Eventually, his actions were interrogated, and he was arrested for second-degree murder and imprisoned from 1999 to 2007, but is currently on parole. Yes, parole.

5 Shiro Ishii

Shiro Ishii was a Japanese microbiologist and a doctor. During the Sino-Japanese War, he was a lieutenant general of Unit 731, a former biological unit. Although Ishii was known to be assertive and egotistical, he excelled in school and was placed at Army 1st Hospital in Doiko. The people who coached him were very impressed, and he received a graduate medical education from Kyoto Imperial University. In 1942, Ishii began testing bacterial weapons using bombs, firearms and other methods. He tested the microbes on Chinese prisoners of war and civilians. He sometimes used weapons on the battlefield. In any case, Ishii put his human experiments into his own hands and is said to have killed tens of thousands of people with weapons that caused anthrax, cholera, bubonic plague, and more. He has also performed other human experiments such as forced abortions, simulated heart attacks, strokes, hypothermia and frostbite, and vivisections.

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