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Top 10 Cryptids Still Roaming Around Pennsylvania

Ricky Rodson is an experienced cryptozoologist with several published books on the subjects of zoology, cryptozoology, and mythical beasts.

Top 10 Pennsylvania Cryptids

There are lots of lists online listing amazing cryptids from around the world, and all of them are worth the read. But because of this, it can be hard to find a narrowed down this list of cryptids only living in Pennsylvania. And don't worry just because our list is comprised of only creatures from Pennsylvania doesn't mean you will not learn about all sorts of strange, mysterious creatures. Our list of cryptids from Pennsylvania contains all sorts of strange animals ranging from strange animal-man hybrids to disgusting little pigs with excessive amounts of skin.

Our List of Cryptids Living in Pennsylvania Contains:

  • Dogman
  • Albatwitch
  • The Raystown Ray
  • Werewolves
  • Squonk
  • Bigfoot
  • Waterford Sheepman
  • Thunderbird
  • Pennsylvania Mountain Lions
  • Giant Snakes in Adams County


The Pennsylvania Dogman is an elusive cryptid that cannot be captured but has been sighted as recently as 2010. While no one can say where they come from or how long they have existed, the first documented encounter of Dogmen happened all the way back in 1887 by a pair of lumberjacks. Few stories of the dogman have described him acting hostile but residents of the state still fear it due to its large size and scary appearance. Aside from Pennsylvania, Dogmen like creatures have been described all around the world, lending some credibility to the stories.



Aside from its more popular cousin, Bigfoot, areas of Pennsylvania are also known to be inhabited by smaller ape-like creatures known as the Albatwitch. This bipedal cryptid is said to only be about 4 feet tall and lives amongst the trees along the banks of the Susquehanna River. Legends of small ape-like animals have been around long before written record and the area they are said to inhabit has been the home or countless mysterious sight and sounds for nearly 75 years. Albatwitchs are said to prefer the taste of apples and will often wait for the perfect opportunity to steal them.

The Albatwitch - Legends of Lancaster


The Raystown Ray

The most common description of the creature is that it shares a strong resemblance to the Loch Ness Monster. Having the appearance of a plesiosaur with a long serpent-like neck protruding from the water and a massive finned body remaining submerged. The best know photo of the creature was taken in 2007 by a family of tourists but stories of it date back to 1962. The lake even hosted an episode of the 2010 TV show "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" in which the case of the Raystown Ray was left open for debate as to whether or not the animal was fact of fiction could not be determined conclusively.



Werewolves are one of the most well-known cryptids in existence. A man that can turn into a wolf on the night of a full moon is something that has been used in countless horror movies but the truth is the movies aren't far off. Unlike their more passive cousins the Dogmen, Werewolves have also been described as being extremely vicious with a thirst for nothing but blood. Another difference Werewolves have from Dogmen is their ability to turn back into a normal man once the full moon passes making them extremely hard to locate. Reports of werewolves being spotted in Pennsylvania can be seen a recent as 2014.



The Squonk is unlike other creatures on our list because it is not in the least bit threatening, if anything it would be described as pitiful. Squonks are described as being small pig like animals with piles of misfitting excess skin. Their skin is almost always covered in warts and squonks remain in a constant state of grief. Because of this, it has been said the trackers and hunters were able to track them down by following a trail of tears it would leave behind. While Squonks may not be as scary as other animals on our list, they are definitely one of the most original.

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Bigfoot is by far the most popular cryptid to exist within the United States. He has been spotted from coast to coast so it shouldn't be much of a surprise that some people believe him to reside in the densely wooded areas of Pennsylvania. Bigfoot is often described as having an ape-like appearance but is easily recognized by its large size. Many cryptologists believe that Bigfoot could be the missing link in the chain of human evolution.


Waterford Sheepman

The Waterford Sheepman is a creature truly capable of terrorizing your nightmares for a decent amount of time. Multiple witness reports have said that this hybrid monster has been creeping around the small town of Waterford Pennsylvania since the 1970s. With the body of a man and the head of a sheep, the Waterford Sheepman is rumored to stalk its unwitting prey until the opportunity arises for it to feast on its blood. Some people believe the Sheepman is the same species of cryptid as the Goatman which would increase the number of sighting to the hundreds.



The Thunderbird is an enormous bird that comes straight from Native American folklore. The massive flying creature is said to have a wingspan larger than 20 feet which it uses to create loud thunderous sounds in an attempt to scare away humans and other potential threats. Because of their large size, legends also tell how Thunderbirds are prone to swoop down and carry off unsuspecting children to make a meal of. Some tribes even claimed that Thunderbird's meal of choice was killer whales.


Pennsylvania Mountain Lions

Mountain Lions, or more accurately the eastern cougar, have been rumored to be in Pennsylvania for many years despite the denial by officials. While sightings of the large cat have been reported hundreds of times, the current record reflects the belief that if eastern cougars were present in Pennsylvania evidence, such as a body, would have been discovered by now. One of the most dangerous aspects of these reports is that Mountain Lions have been known to attack humans in the past and the fact they are known to exist, unlike some of the other creatures on this list, increases the odds of these attacks actually taking place.


Giant Snakes in Adams County

Reports of extremely large snakes have been coming into police stations all across Pennsylvania for many years, with the most recent of these being in 2003. The snakes in question have been said to be anywhere from 15 to 40 feet in length capable of swallowing chickens whole with little effort. While some local scientists have theorized the snakes could simply be a foreign species introduced into the local ecosystem allowing it to grow to incredible size, most continue to deny their existence altogether.

Could Cryptids Actually Live In Pennsylvania ?

Because of the large cities in Pennsylvania, a lot of people question whether or not any of the Cryptids could actually survive in the state. But the truth is that Pennsylvania is the perfect location for cryptids to live. With its dense woodlands, high mountains, and freshwater streams, the state offers the creatures plenty of places to high and an ample amount of animal life to feed on. And while Pennsylvania may have a large population, most of the people tend to remain in the urban areas far removed from the prowling grounds of these mysterious animals.


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