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To Suicide


People are most welcome to differ.
Speaking from my perspective I’ve often seen that people suffering from depression has a strong opinion that all of these bad things are only happening to them. It raises a sense of inferiority and people then start to question faith. Why is God giving all sufferings upon me? This is the question that mostly comes out during any conversation with a depressed person. This question then slowly starts scratching away at his rationality until they can’t think anymore and then the most horrible solution pops up in their mind, SUICIDE.
It’s funny how once we used to think that how can people commit suicide and how fast this outlook on suicide changed. Ok, let’s not get into the suicide talk and faith talk.
Coming back to depression, it’s most literal solution is for people to reach out to one another. Listen to one's problems, comfort them and letting them know that we are here for them.
Now this is where it gets more depressing. We are such a self centred generation, wallowing in our own problems and misery, trying to act everything will be fine when it’s all messed up inside. Bottling up our feelings to such an extent that eventually we start to grow apathetic and forget or most of the time just don’t care to reach out cause we think who the hell will save me and the answer that comes nobody will.............
Sorry for keeping my thoughts incomplete. I hope that you can deduce your own thoughts on this and reflect on it.
Till then have a good day folks.

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