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Tips to Take Exam Preparations in Best Ways

Benazir Marjan has been completed her second Masters in English Language and Linguistics from University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh.


Tips to Take Exam Preparations in Best Ways

Nothing comes true over the night. We have to give effort with full patience and also we have to move on step by step. If you really want to be successful in your life discipline, punctuality, hard work and motivation, everything is important. Student life is the building period of our life. The whole life, how it will be, really depends on how we have spent our student life. It is the watering season of seed which will turn into a fruitful tree one day.

Exam may be a horrible experience for some students, but why? A student’s job is to cultivate his brain through study. If he really follows the proper rules and guidelines, exam will never turn into unpleasant part in his life. There could be certain directions.

1. It is always very important to follow the class lectures and taking notes. Whatever the teacher is telling during the class time, every word is extremely important. The whole topic will appear very easy if any student just follow the teacher’s instructions carefully. During my bachelors, masters and second masters degree, after finishing every classes I have to wait minimum for one hour as some students used to photocopy my class notes. Surprisingly, among them some peers only could pass several courses just because they have followed my class memorandum.

2. Just go through the topic every day after the class. It may be at afternoon or night but make sure you are reading the subject matter regularly. If you skip even for one day it will create a study gap. That is the reason most of the students feel helpless before the exam. Irregular study habit is very dangerous proceeding in student life.

3. Make sure your concept is totally clear. Once you have clear idea about the subject matter, studies will become very enjoyable before you. When we start to love our study or work it never seems hard for us. This is a vital concern in our life to love our job (work or study). You may join in group study with friends and peers if you feel hard to understand any hypothesis. Sharing your difficulties with your classmates will make you clear about those inflexible points.

4. Never make pending of any home works or assignments. These help you to get prepared for final exam. Learning is a chronological process. It is never possible to learn so many things within a day. Thus, never skip any step.

5. There will be class tests or quizzes. Appear those with full preparation. Never ignore these small exams which will lead you to sit for weighty assessments.

6. There would be always declared dates before the half yearly, midterm or final exams. Start revising your chapters, subject matters at least one week ago. The more you will revise; it will increase the ability to hold the ideas for long time.

7. Be relaxed before the exam night. If you follow the above rules you don’t need to be panicked just before the exam that most of the students really experience. Make your last revision, sleep well and appear the exam with a cool brain to next day.

This is how I have passed my academic journey. I hope you will be also benefitted from my learning philosophy. Actually the purpose of degree is not only for good grades. It is all about acquiring knowledge and skill. It is for preparing yourself for practical life. This is our knowledge or wisdom that finally helps us to move forward in our life. A wise person will be always successful in his life. He will know about the proper resource utilization, time management and also embracing the struggles of life. An astute person knows if he takes challenge, it will return to him one day with a real victory.

Our student life is the path where we get the chance to develop ourselves for our future life. These exams are the assessments of how much we have learned. Learning is easy if you follow the step by step rules. It will be very hard if you try to learn so many things at a time. Now it is your choice, whether you will make it feasible or inflexible!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Benazir Marjan

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