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How to Finish your Assignments on Time


Are you a responsible student?

Do you know how to manage your time wisely? or you enjoy wasting your time on worthless things and making your assignments the least important?

The life of a student

Being a student is hard and stressful. We may face difficulties while studying. We may face two kinds of obligations: doing assignments and doing household chores.

As students, we may encounter a teacher who puts deduction points on our work when it is turned in late.
Maybe it's our fault, so we deserved that kind of discipline.

Being students, we can't deny the fact that sometimes we are hardheaded and irresponsible. Even though we know that there are assignments to do that should be passed tomorrow, even though we know that we have performance tasks to be submitted the next day, we are still doing nothing.

Here are some tips how to finish and submit your assignment on time:

1. Make a list of deadlines for every assignment you receive.


After you receive your assignments, make a list in your notes or on your phone immediately so that you are aware of when they should be passed. By doing that, you will be reminded that you have to finish them, and you will learn to be more accountable with your time.

2. Start right away.

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It seems challenging because you don't know where to start. But you have to value your time because time is running out. You have to start right away because waiting too long in the evening to start may result in working late into the night, which isn't good, or you will probably procrastinate until you decide to answer your assignments the next morning, which may result in cramming and an incomplete end result.

3. Set a timer.


At the start of each assignment, set a timer for however many minutes you're aiming to finish it. It serves as a reminder for you in order for you to be aware of how much time is going.

4. Have a study table in your room.


Having a personal study table is effective when working on assignments. It makes you comfortable and productive. It gives peace to your mind until you finish them diligently. Also avoid doing your assignments in bed because it leads to lower productivity and makes you feel sleepy.

5. Turn off your cellphone.


We are easily distracted by cellphones because they are composed of apps that make us decide to stop answering our assignments. When we hear a notification from our phones, we may get it until we enjoy scrolling on social media and become too lazy to answer.

It's better to turn off your phone and focus only on your assignments.

6. Manage your time wisely.

It is the best tip. Managing your time wisely leads to success and less stress. You have to learn to prioritize important things. You have to use your free time to avoid pending assignments. Remember to prioritize the tasks that are due soonest.


According to Joshua Salvador, "Procrastination should be avoided as soon as possible. We have to be responsible about working on our schoolwork and assignments and submitting them on time."


We can see that being a student is quite challenging. Finding time to finish our assignments is the real struggle. But, it's still on us to make everything easier. Always remember the six tips in order to pass all your assignments on time. Just stay focused, stay motivated, and use your time wisely.

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