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Time Kettle M2 Translates Languages For You


How Many Languages Can You Speak?

Being able to speak a second language is always an advantage in life — but which language should that be? That quandary has plagued tens of thousands through the years, whether that was having to decide in high school or college or on one’s own. And what if the language chosen ends up not being the best choice in that person’s life? All this contributes to great stress and makes many say “forget it, I’ll manage without.” That might have flown years back when digital was first appearing, but the advent of smartphones and being able to carry around basically computers in your pockets for dollars makes that excuse lame. As an example, we tried to learn French using a small digital translator with cartridges for languages over 20 years ago and it didn’t go well (besides being too blessed expensive). So it’s a good thing that times have changed digitally and there’s the Time Kettle M2.


Digital Technology Makes Understanding Foreign Languages Easy

The Time Kettle M2 is designed to listen and translate up to 40 languages (i.e., you speak English and hear someone speaking French and it gets translated to English). It’s a self contained device consisting of two earbuds and a charging case (both using magnetic attraction to stay in place) — yes for all practical purposes it’s a pair of wireless earbuds like you might have from Apple or Samsung or whoever that you plug into your ear and connect with your phone to listen to music, make phone calls, etc. So yes it does require a smartphone and an app even if all you want to use it for is listening to music, because it has Bluetooth 5.0 and quality speakers in the earbuds (using the aptX sound codec). But you didn’t get it to just listen to music, although it certainly can perform that function. You got it to be a translation device that can work in pretty much real time as you live your life.

With all this said, the M2 consists of two earbuds, each with a battery and stores in a case that also can charge them up just like they were a pair of music listening earbuds. The translation app (iOS/Android) is now being used and the “heavy lifting” comes via the technology of the phone — since the app can do its thing with a WiFi connection or cellular running the show. So that obviously means connecting to the Cloud and using translation servers like that from Google and Bing and all the high-end tech from that end. Just use them for music, no need for anything but the Bluetooth and phone, but the app/WiFi or cellular is a requirement for translation purposes. You’ve already spent 90 minutes charging the case/earbuds — a single charge giving around 5-6 hours of listening/translation (or about 5 for calling). Plus the charged case will handle up to 24 hours of operation. Oh yes - the earbuds are sweat proof so no fear from that.


The Cloud Comes Into Play

Now you have the app working and WiFi or cellular working too. With both earbuds in, you might first stumble at using the touch controls (maybe not if you started using music), but they’re pretty standard for those used to listening to music -- you just need to let your muscle memory take over after a few tries. The M2 is designed to translate 40 languages and has the smarts to understand 93 accents (probably better than you could). You can activate it to translate what you’re saying so as to have a conversation with someone (and have the translation returned by sharing earbuds), or speak into the phone and it gets translated for you and comes out of the phone’s speaker — making what you’re asking a cab driver, for instance, a lot easier. Or activate it so that it is listening to people talking and what is going on around you (or even a TV show) and translate the sounds into your language through the use of the smartphone and its speaker. Yes it’s a lot easier to use than to explain.

[upcoming update will add offline translation for English/Spanish/French/Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Russian]

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The Time Kettle M2 does not require a subscription to use in order to perform its translation “magic,” And we saved perhaps the best for last — the earbuds are designed to fit in well and remain comfortable for a long time. For further details go to

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