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Swarm of Bees Against Arms Race

Nikolas tries to find common points in agressive actions as the biological as social, military systems

The Bee Against the Missile

Nothern Corean Missile

Nothern Corean Missile

Shield and Sword of Huge Weapons

Shield and Sword in the Strategy of FearAbbreviationsMeaning

1. MAD

Mutual Assured Destruction


Second Strike Capability


All out Stratigic Exchange

4. ICM

Improved Capability Missile


Multiple Independently Targeted Recently Vehicle


Penetration Aids


Weapons Allocation and Desired Ground - Zero Optimizer


Maneuvrable Reentry Vehicle

Imitation of the Swarm

  • The scientists study carefully the organised mood of insects as a bright example of self-organised living system. Any form of this organization is very effective in searching food, struggle with enemy, and other reactions on the environment.
  • Especially, the form of swarm shows great possibilities in different actions. Copying the swarm as the most rational tactics for unmanned vehicles, scientists faced the problem of guidance with it.
  • Many of them are interested in the concept of instinct for insect formulated by the Polish science fiction author and philosopher Stanislav Lem in his essay "Weapons Systems in the Twenty First Century or the Upside-down Evolution"

From the History of Imitation: the Simple Copying of Insect or Animal Instincts

  • The chronology of military sea conflicts shows the increasing role of speedboats in the Navy operations. Using the specific circumstances such as narrow places in the maritime traffic, the depth of waters, currents, and winds, that don't provide the effectiveness of great ships, the speedboats continue to develop Swarm Tactics, which have been used by different military forces, in different epochs.
  • In Nature, there are phenomena when living and non-living creatures having relatively low intellect or even its absence, gather and unite in communities that behave much more intelligent than every member separately. It says about Swarm Intelligence.SI represents the collective behavior of single species(agents) in the self-organizing system without a manifest center of control, i.e. in the decentralized group. the acting agents in the modern theory of the SI have often called "boids", i.e. "birds id" or "avian objects".
  • This is the title of the program made by the researcher Craig Reynolds, which simulates the behavior of birds in the flock.The single boid follows the simple rules, which are laid down in it by nature (physical laws or genetics). Despite the absence of leading center that should indicate what to do just for each boid, their occasional interactions provide an explicitly intellectual process.Wherein every concrete boid doesn't behave very reasonabl. For example, ants, bees, locusts, wolves, drops of water, immune system of the man, bats etc. demonstrate such mood.

The Swarm Tactics of Ukrainian Cossack Ships, XVII century, by the Ukrainian Artist Opanas Slastion, 1900.

Ukrainian cossack ships

Ukrainian cossack ships

Forerunner of the Swarm Tactics - Mathias Rust, Landed his Small Plane on the Red Square

Mathias Rust

Mathias Rust

From Arms Race to the Convential Weapons Such as Swarm Weapons

  • Arms race is an instrument of the political leadership that provides accumulating of the military potential. In its using any party of confrontation isn't interested. It exhausts the economy of enemy and doesn't promote the growth of living standards in any country. Some mechanical error, the oversight of the man or the electronic glitch can become the cause of the total destruction.
  • Possibility of the successful attack with the small boat on the great ship is confirmed by practice. In 2000 the American destroyer Cole costing about 1 billion dollars was completely put out by the attack of the small rubber boat with explosive costing 300 dollars.Its Repairs had 16 months, and Pentagon paid 243 million dollars. The conventional swarm weapons will be based on concrete practical actions.

Swarm Intelligence and the Swarm Weapon

  • It represents the group of unmanned flying or swimming apparatuses, which are united in the swarm directed as one whole.This swarm may consist of the same type or heterogeneous unmanned vehicles able to accomplish out independently the partial aims for the essential task of it.
  • The methods of decentralized collective control are laid on the basis of swarm weapons. They provide control of unmanned vehicles as in air, as in water connected with land. It considers means of the electronic warfare as one of the most effective in counteraction to swarm weapons. In contrast, the neural networks of swarm weapons represent a very hard obstacle for electronic warfare.

Artificial Mind VS Aritificial Instinct

The artificial instinct uses a smaller and more sustainable set of skills in comparison with artificial mind. Yet today we have many perfect learning systems which do not even approach to be determined as intelligent ones. The systems can advance their o simulations.

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Real Steps in Navy

Robotized Military Motorboat

Robotized Military Motorboat

ThreatBee - Artificial Instinct



The swarm tactics of drones in Chinese Military Strategy


For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What industries are robotics transforming?
    • Warehouse management
    • Warehouse, transportation, manufacturing
  2. Is swarming as a concept not new?
    • It is new one
    • Swarm can be found first and foremost nature
  3. What significant advantages do robotic system provide?
    • Extended range
    • Great resilience
    • Extended range, great resilience
  4. To what new paradigm does swarming allow militaries to move?
    • It allows to move to when one person controls one robot
    • It allows to move to when one person can control many robots at the same time
  5. What do we have if combine the concept of swarms with robotic systems?
    • Mechanical swarm
    • Self-organized swarm
    • Robotic swarm
  6. What is the first capability among three ones that enables the integration of robotic systems with the swarm?
    • Sense
    • Actions
    • Effectors and actuators
  7. What kind of communication is referred to the implicit one in the robotic swarm?
    • Spoofing
    • The modeling of behavior
    • Jamming

Answer Key

  1. Warehouse, transportation, manufacturing
  2. Swarm can be found first and foremost nature
  3. Extended range, great resilience
  4. It allows to move to when one person can control many robots at the same time
  5. Robotic swarm
  6. Sense
  7. The modeling of behavior
The swarm of robotized military speedboats

The swarm of robotized military speedboats

Effectiveness of the Swarm Weapon

The Swarm Weapon as the Convential Weapon

Dehumanization of weapons


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