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Thought Is the Fundamental Tool of Every Action

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Why Thought is important .

The thought is called what anyone thinks about anything at any moment. To think is the beginning of every action, I believe no one can do anything without thinking. Most of the people claim to those who do not do anything but they give ideas what they think of anything like any problem, they give solutions while practically they do not make their thinking into actions. So, they face the criticism of the people that you only say and do not do anything.

Everyone has his/her own work same like that some people can think well about any issue but they do not have the power to bring their thoughts into action, so they expect others to bring them into action and they suggest their opinion. I believe, they are right at their place and it is their work that they do. Philosophy starts with a thought, it is said that when you start thinking it creates suspects in your mind when you face the suspects then you try to find the answers of those suspects that lead you towards the results. Socrates is well known and considers as a father of philosophy, he also believes that and the people of his time criticized him for not doing anything except talking and thinking.

The thought is the fundamental tool of every action, when anything is done without thinking certainly it gives negative results, then we use the proverb that doing without thinking takes you towards troubles. I can certainly say that the repetition of thoughts becomes action, repetition of actions becomes a habit, and repetition of habits becomes behavior. So, everyone has been bestowed with certain expertise and thinking is also one of the expertise which we get as a gift of the creator. If you think well and planned the things before beginning obviously they take you towards the best results, even thinking about this universe makes you able to know that this universe was created after great planning and thinking.

Thinking starts from the beginning of the world, how a human acquires knowledge of living, eating, hunting, saving, and communities. In the dark ages first, human lived alone like animals and hunt for oneself even he does not know what to eat, most of the people are told in history who used to eat other humans. The man became social and started living in the tribes and communities because he thought that he can not survive alone, his survival is the commune system, so he started to live in communities.

It was a thought who brought man into the bright age where he did many discoveries and human reached till Moon and discovered planets in the universe including black hole, that is the result of thinking. It is a result of thinking that man-made societies and those societies needed to be developed so, man brought different revolutions for the development of their living and they understood their rights and fought for them.

I will certainly say that thought is the tool that made a man compelled to bring those actions which proved as a development for humanity and for the entire universe, so we can not deny that thought is the fundamental tool of every action.

Thought makes you able to to create something .

thought can be either happy or sad.

thought can be either happy or sad.

Tools of Thinking

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Language - It is the main tool of shaping thought into a story of descriptive form. It creates communication among the thinker and reader or listener who can bring any thought into action. Generally, a language can be a mother tongue or any language which can transform and our language will flow stream because of language.

Image - It is a mental picture formed in the mind in the absence of a stimulus. This takes place when we remember the experience of our thought .we are able to think on the basis of these images and then it leads toward thinking and that flow made a thought.

Concept - Thinking always takes place by using the concept, without having a concept of any idea no one becomes able to think anything. For example, if I think on any sort of particular bird my mind will create a common concept of all general birds and it will be the start of thinking, accumulate the ideas about the birds then it will take to the particular bird which is my main target and that will lead me towards my main aim of thinking. It will help to create concepts and after having concepts we can think and generate thoughts regarding our targets. It is called one of the key elements of thought, without concepts, we can think as a blind man is left into the darkest room for finding a black object.

Symbols- This is also one of the key features of thinking, symbols like flags, national flags, logos of the games or organizations, etc, or symbols of certain things. We use these symbols in our thinking because all the time we do not need the same conditions for thinking, it needs knowledge of the target what we are assigned for thinking so we will have a knowledge and that takes you to your output.

Brain- Brain or it is also called as mind, I am not going to explain the structure of the brain according to the medical perspective but I would discuss here brain regarding thinking process. The mind has different theories in different subjects like in Psychology we can find the different researches regarding brain that perform the duties of thinking, in Literature we can find the different theories of mind but I will tell here general form of mind which uses thoughts. It is said that the mind has three parts of thinking and they are called conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. Conscious means what we are actively thinking and seeing, subconscious is used like when you remember the things properly and you just need to recall them at the moment, its simple example can be taken from the computer when we delete anything that goes away from the desktop put into the Trash Bin. While, the unconscious is like that when we totally forget the things and we become unable to recall until or unless we have been reminded, simply again example of the computer when we restore the deleted material from the trash bin same till we have been reminded. The brain played a vital role in the thinking process and without its using we can not bring any thought into action.

Thought has shapes

A thought can be either happy or unhappy. It depends upon the situation and the time, if you are in a pleasant mood and starts thinking your ideas will generate happiness. On the other hand, if you stay in a sad moment, start thinking you will find the ideas filled with sadness. So, whether you think in a happy moment or in a sad moment, it does not matter but your way of thinking matters. Most of the poets, who wrote their poetry while being hurt. Their words show the moments and conditions of their writing, same as with the happy moments.

Thinking is important before acting

The act of thinking is very important before shaping anything to bring it into action. If anything is being done before planning then results come in negative forms. a simple example, in a cricket game any decision is taken without any thinking process then results come in the shape of losing, so thinking is important for doing anything. It makes you a leader, when you thinking and take the decisions at the right time, in the right place. I would like to quote few famous words, "The repetition of thoughts become action, the repetition of action becomes a habit, the repetition of habit become behavior".

Planning towards Best Results


Thinking as a symbol of Wisdom

To Conclude, we can not deny the fact that thought is the main tool of every action and thinking is also an art. In the literary world, thinking is called the symbol of wisdom. Wise people always think into the deep and bring great output, as we have seen the inventions of scientists, philosophers, writers, and poets are the results of their thoughts. It will not be wrong to say that wisdom does not come without thinking. Thought means to think and thinking means to bring the things into the real shapes at the right place, at the right times, that is the real power of the thoughts and thinking, those who think become thinkers they are called the real wise and learned people.

Writing needs a Strong Thought


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