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Why did Thomas Jefferson Support the French Revolution?

Thomas Jefferson


Scene from the French Revolution in France



Thomas Jefferson's Standpoint on the French Revolution

(I wrote this from Thomas Jefferson's opinion and through his voice on revolution in France Enjoy!)

Dear Journal,

I shall meet tomorrow, with President Washington to discuss the revolution in France, and to persuade him to see my standpoint on the revolution. I strongly believe we should support the French as opposed to England. We can not forget that the French has supported us in our own revolution, which was against Britain, so it would be absurd to support the enemy which we have fought against! Furthermore, may I inquire which side we shall support? The side that is seizing American merchant ships that are on a course for the French ports therefore restraining our trading rights? And the side that is impressing our soldiers, justifying it by saying that they are Englishmen anyhow? Or the side which we have an alliance with, and a duty to? The side which is fighting for the same cause we have just fought not to long ago against Britain, freedom. I believe that we should join the French, and this way we may also fight a war against Britain for the purpose of the safety of our own ships. I hope dearly that Mr. Washington shall see on my terms. I am prepared to defend my position strongly. We have a debt of gratitude to offer to France and we must give it back. Remaining neutral simply will not do! It is not a way to pay our debt to France for helping us win our freedom. No! We must act on France’s side. I anticipate that President Washington will not be on terms with me tomorrow, from the start anyway. He has never been swayed by the popular opinion, and if he does not see this as beneficial to the nation he will not the French. This is where I must change his opinion, for otherwise the old man will remain neutral, even though the American people want to support those French, for we have reasons not to support England! I can honestly say that I am prepared to sacrifice my position, for this cause of the French Revolution.

Thomas Jefferson

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Hemant Jaiswal on June 05, 2015:

so good

Liz on January 04, 2013:


Deya Writes (author) on February 22, 2011:



ALL4JESUS2 on February 22, 2011:

hi this is me saying hi this is me saying hi

ALL4JESUS from USA on April 26, 2010:

Jefferson is absolutely correct - neutral is not always right. I watched the mini series called John Adams by HBO - I cried. I knew the beginning was rough but the hatred, the ignorance, the inroads were astonishing.

We need to remember the pain and trauma and the difficult decisions they made. This is important history. Thank you so much for sharing.

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