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The Script of the Elephant's Child After R.Kipling for the School Theater

Nikolas likes animal and plant world. He is interested how it is reflected in arts, especially in literature, and uses it in teaching

Cast List

Screen Play, Script, Reading then Learning by Heart Roles According to the List:

.1.Elephant’s child

.2.Kolokolo Bird

.3. Black and White Rock Snake –abr. (SWRS)

.4. Crocodile (Croco)

.5. Ostrich

.6. Giraffe

.7. Hippopotamus (Hippo)

.8. Baboon

.1.Announcer (AN)- or Broadcaster (A.E.)

Screenplay, Introduction

Introduction, VIDEO - African Dance and Music (3 min.)

AN – Once upon a time

The Elephant had no trunk. He had only a blackish flat nose, as big as a boot. He could move it from side to side; but could not pick up things with it.

But there was one Elephant – a new Elephant – an Elephant’s Child who was full of CURIOSITY; and so he asked very many questions. And he lived in Africa and he filled all Africa with his CURIOSITY:

(All actors dance and sing this poem in the rhyme of jazz)

I keep six honest serving men

(They taught me all I knew)

Their names are WHAT and WHY and WHEN

And HOW and WHERE and WHO!

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I send them over land and sea;

I send them east and west

But after they have worked for me

I give them all a rest.

1st Part - Kolokolo Bird

El: what does the Crocodile have for dinner?


EL: My father has spanked me

My mother has spanked me

All my aunts and my uncles

Have spanked me




I want to know


The Crocodile has for dinner!


Kolocolo Bird: “Go to the banks of the great-grey-green Limpopo River

And find out!”

El. (with some pounds of bananas):


I am going

To the great-grey-green Limpopo River

To find out


The Crocodile has for dinner? (GESTURE OF CURIOSITY BY HANDS)

The Second Part

BWRS: Have I seen a Crocodile?

What will you ask



El.: excuse me,

But could you tell me

What he has for dinner?( HIS GESTURE OF KNOWLEDGE)

(Then the BWRS came down from the rock, and spanked the elephant’s child with his hard , hard tail)

El. Himself:

How strange

My father and my mother

And my uncle and aunt

And my other aunt Hippopotamus

And my other uncle Baboon,

Have all spanked me

For my CURIOSITY, - I think this is the SAME THING, THE SAME THING !!!

(Having said goodbye to the BWRS he stepped on something. He thought that it was a piece of wood on the bank.)(ACTOR USE THE ELEMENTS FROM THE STYLE "SNAKE" IN ACCORDANCE WITH A TEACHING VIDEO)


But haven’t you seen a Crocodile here?

Croco: Come here, little one, why do you ask such things?

El.: (most politely): Excuse me,

But my father has spanked me,

And my mother has spanked me,

And my tall aunt the Ostrich,

And my tall uncle, the Giraffe, who can kick very hard;

And my broad aunt, the Hippopotamus,

And my hairy uncle the Baboon,

And the Black and White Rock Snake with his hard tail;

- everybody has spanked me MY CURIOSITY; and

- if it’s all the same to you,

- I don’t want to be spanked again”.

Croco: You are the person that I am looking for.

Come here, little One, I AM A CROCODILE!

EL. Please, tell me what have you for dinner?

Croco: Come here, Little One and I’ll whisper.

(the Croco caught him his little nose).

Croco: (to himself) I think… ( he said it between his teeth), I think today I will begin with an Elephant’s Child.

El. (through his nose) Let go, you are hurting me!

(Then the BWRS came down from the rock very quickly)

BWRS: My young friend, if you not pull now as hard as you can, I think that the crocodile will pull you into the river before you can say a word.

( the Croco pulled and pulled and pulled and each pull the Elephant’s child nose grew longer and longer).

El. This is too much for me! GESTURE OF AN ANGRY PERSON)


BWRS: (came down from the rock, coiled up round the hind legs.)

Little traveler,

Let us pull together


If we don’t pull together hard enough

The Crocodile will have you for a dinner.

(At last the Croco let go of the Elephant’s Child’s nose.)

El. To BWRS:


(El. covered his poor pulled nose with cool bananas leaves and put it into the great grey green Limpopo River to cool)

The Third Part

BWRS: Why are you doing that?

El: Excuse me,

But my nose is too long now and perhaps it will shrink in the water.

BWRS: Some people do not know what is good for them.

(El. killed that fly, put out his trunk to picked some grass, and put it into his mouth).

BWRS: You see how useful your trunk is. You could not do that before with your little nose- Now tell me, do you want to be spanked again?

El: Excuse me,

I don’t wont it at all.

BWRS: But do you want to spank somebody?

El. Oh, yes, of course, I do.

BWRS: Very well, you will find that it is quite easy to spank people with your trunk.

EL. Thank you I’ll remember that and now I think I’ll go home to all my dear family and try.

Style of the Snake in the Kung-fu

Elements of Snake's Style in the Play

The elements of the Snake's style (Kung-fu) may be used by young actors in different situation with the word - verb " to spank", also actors meet with the style of Monkey, Elephant, etc. It helps to unite the link "word" - "emotion" -"action" at the same time, to develop speech competency without gap between speech and action.Before the performance young actors use these styles for representing their roles.

The Fourth Part- An Elephant's Child in a New Role

ALL ANIMALS: Oh, what have you done to your nose?

El. I got a new nose from the Crocodile on the banks of a great grey-green Limpopo River. I asked him what had for dinner and he gave me this trunk.

Baboon: It looks very ugly.

El. It does, but it’s very useful.

(Elephant spanked all his dear family, without stopping for a long time.) (ACTOR USE THE ELEMENTS OF MOVEMENTS FROM THE STYLE "ELEPHANT" IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TE ACING VIDEO ON KUNG-FU)

Limpopo River, the Place of our Event





At last when all the Elephant’s Child’s sisters and brothers saw how useful the trunk was, they went to one by one in a hurry to the banks of the great grey-green Limpopo River to get new noses from the Crocodile. When they came came back NOBODY SPANKED ANYBODY ANY MORE and since that day all the Elephants

Which you will ever see, besides all those that you won’t see have trunks exactly like the trunk of the Elephant’s Child.

I keep six honest serving men

(They taught me all I knew

Their names are WHAT and WHY and WHEN

And HOW and WHERE and WHO !

Masks and Costumes

These pictures will help children to make up masks and costumes for future scenery Make up titles for each picture, please, in accordance with the cast list.

African Animal

African Animal

African reptile

African reptile

African bird

African bird

African Animal

African Animal

African Animal

African Animal

African reptile

African reptile

African animal

African animal

African bird

African bird

African Plant

African Plant

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