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The role of a woman during the Age of Aquarius



The age of Aquarius - what does it bring?

The age of Aquarius that has begun recently, awakens new cosmic vibrations that demand from us people living on the Earth some new qualities that tune with the new time. The Aquarius male is the symbol of the new age. Unpredictable, free-thinking, sincere, free of stereotypes - such will be human qualities of the new times. But the character of the ideal man is not to be imitated by an ideal woman. The image of the ideal woman is formed by the zodiac sign, opposite to the one marked by the point of equinox precession. The opposite signs complete each other thus compensating the lack of the qualities, just like women complete men by soothing their innate aggressiveness with softness and love.



The Uranus - the planet of strange transformations

During the age of Aquarius women will tend to reveal the qualities that are more likely of the sign of Leo. This means, they will show bright solar qualities. Woman's individuality will become during the age of Aquarius one of the leading history factors. Women will finally stop being submitted to the men, the feminist ideology, that has already started, will become more popular in the society. The future generations of the citizens of the Earth will maybe even face the problem of the separation of sexes. Homosexual love, that existed before as some kind of abnormal one, has become more popular also. This is also the influence of the age of Aquarius. There is an ancient Greek legend telling the story of how Zeus fell in love with Ganymede and, by taking him on heaven, made him a divine wine scooper, and later on, he immortalized the image of the favorite one in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. For some reason, homosexual love is called the one that comes from the Uranus, while the Uranus is the ruler of the sign and the whole age of Aquarius. Moreover, the color of Aquarius is blue, which is also the color of the minority that is claiming its place in the world of art, music and stage. But homosexuality will hardly become the norm. The Uranus, the planet of transformation, unexpected events and turn-overs, contributes to the deviations from the norm of all sorts, but the main vocation of this planet is different.

The Uranus is the planet of Freedom, and Aquarius that is guided by it is the symbol of friendship and true understanding built on the principles of respect and equality. That is why there will be nothing strange if the views concerning the marriage will soon be revised. It looks like soon the relations between men and women will be based not upon the desire to dominate the other sex, as before, but on the ideals of equality, mutual understanding and the search of the spiritual unity.

Leo women are remarkable

Leo women are remarkable

Leo woman - the ideal partner for the Aquarius man

The ideal partner for the Aquarius man during the new age will be the Leo woman. During the age of Aquarius, the woman's personality will be even brighter than that of a man, as Leo is the fire sign while the Aquarius is the sign of air. In Leo the Sun - the source of the energy - is in its home sign while in Aquarius it is in exile. Leo women will rule and will be demanding for the attention in a very artistic way. The female representatives of the new age will try to reveal their personality, creative and physical potential. Expressiveness, artistic eye and individuality - these qualities of the Leo sign will be present in the females of the new era. The ideal of the age of Aquarius is an actress that develops her creativity actively, showing her personality with energy, confident about her potential and intelligence. Eye-catching, expressive, bright, passionate personality who is able to protect herself and the others - this is the image of the "lioness " incarnating the age of Aquarius. Not the mannered lady, not the model, who steps carefully on the podium demonstrating only the external beauty (the Libra sign incarnation), but the actress, the singer who is singing her own written songs, expressing the inner feelings by the means of her voice, or body movements - this woman will become the symbol of the upcoming age.

Anna Nalick - female singer and song writer

Anna Nalick - female singer and song writer

How to be a real Leo woman?

Leo women are self sufficient. They are able to provide themselves and their near with food. In the nature, it is the lioness who is responsible for the prey, while the lions guard their pride. In life every mature lion and lioness behave in a royal way, demonstrating personal dignity. The necessity to protect their little ones makes the lions stick together. In prides, lionesses lead a free, independent and active lifestyle. In the age of Aquarius, Leo women will try to be financially independent and will spend a lot of energy to do so. For Leo the goal is the material Independence incarnated in Taurus sign. Now already there are more and more women who with the help of their energy pave the way to the independence and authority. But these business women who are ready to walk on the dead bodies to achieve their goals show the worst predatory traits of the sign of Leo.

In order to pretend to the real title of Leo woman of the new age, one should develop creativity as the sign of Leo symbolizes not only power and dignity but also artistic nature. The divine seed in a man is the sparkle of creativity, that makes one search for the harmony and beauty. Leo is the sign of beauty, love and creative realization. On the highest level Leo is a creator who generously offers warmth, beauty and harmony to the others that he generates with the help of his solar energy. The bright women of the new age who possess besides their beautiful appearance such qualities as intelligence and talent, can become the moving factor of the history.

It is important to mention that the problems of household will burden the women of the new formation. For Leo the home-loving sign of Cancer is the sign symbolizing chains, dependence and impossibility to reveal oneself. Leo women will search for freedom in communication, traveling and making more contacts (the Gemini sign is that of freedom for the Leo), trying to quit their home in any possible way - the home that they perceive more like a prison than a fortress.
The struggle of women for the independence will achieve its apogee during the age of Aquarius. The influence of the new era can be felt about 144 years before it really starts. The ideas of feminism and emancipation, that were awakened after the French Revolution and advocated by Georges Sand, became the messengers of the age of Aquarius, the age of equality between the men and the women. The women described by Turgenev and Dostoevsky are not the housewives but the real lionesses of the new age.

Virgin Mary, Titian

Virgin Mary, Titian

What is a Leo woman like compared to the women of other ages?

During the age of Pisces the personality of a woman stayed unrevealed. The woman was subordinate to the man, and there were almost no female names among the scientists, writers, composers, artists, mathematicians. What's the reason for this inequality? Did God deprive women of all the talents and left them only with the external beauty and the charm of the soul? For God's sake, no! The reason is the Cosmic predestination, according to which during the age of Pisces women incarnated the principles of the Virgo sign, symbolizing duty, service, subordinate position. The ideal image of the woman of the period of Pisces was the Saint Mary - the symbol of purity, chastity, kindness and forgiveness. Social relationships of the Patriarchal society made women subordinate - they were required to be modest, hard-working, reserved, polite, clean. Virginity was precious as to the choice of a bride.

Ancient Greek beauty

Ancient Greek beauty

Things were different during the age of Aries and especially during the age of Taurus. In the age of Aquarius that has taken the place of the age of Pisces, the virtue of virginity has given way to other honors. Sexual freedom and liberation were unthinkable during the age of Pisces, when a kindhearted Christian woman used to be the fire keeper and a Muslim woman covered herself with a paranja from the eyes of the side observers. During the age of Aries the ideal of woman was that of a Libra sign: perfectly beautiful, gallant, well-balanced, subtle, fine and cold beauty of whom made the best contrast with the rude and active force of the Aries men of that age. The Antique representation of the beauty, that took its form in the works of the sculptors of Ancient Greece, reflects how people of that time imagined the ideal appearance of a woman.

Cleopatra was a famous queen of Egypt known for her love affairs

Cleopatra was a famous queen of Egypt known for her love affairs

Still it was different during the age of Taurus: in the period between 4477 - 2317 before J.C. The age of Taurus is the time of flourishing of Ancient Egypt, Sumer, Babilon and Ancient Indian culture. The most ancient love cults the reflections of which have been preserved in pagan fertility cults were born during this age when a woman was incarnated by a Scorpio sign, the most sexual of all the zodiac signs. The cult of virginity as a virtue was out of the question at that time. Sexual cults of the goddess of love Shakti were born during the period of the ritual sex when the main woman's dignity was her ability to love passionately. The virginity was sacrificed to the goddess of love in a special temple where young girls seduced foreigners who were ready to pay them for this. All the women were supposed to go through this ceremony which testimonies more than liberal opinions as far as woman's honor is concerned. Scorpio is the sign of exaltation of Razi - the planet of a feminine sexuality. The female representatives of the Scorpio sign possess a special sexual attractiveness and are very sensitive, they also have a strange innate magical power over men. Nowadays one woman out of twelve has these qualities, but during the age of Taurus all the women were sexually liberated.

The scientific progress puts the humanity at the risk of becoming an energetic adjunct of the artificial civilization.

The scientific progress puts the humanity at the risk of becoming an energetic adjunct of the artificial civilization.

Danger sides of the age of Aquarius

Every age forms its own image of an ideal woman, that corresponds to the spirit of the time and social requirements. The main principle that lies in the process of the formation of the male and female archetypes during a certain astrological age is that of polarity - thus the traits of a female sign compensate and complete those of a male sign.
This is why during the age of Aquarius the leading role belongs to the Leo woman. This would be unfortunate if something gets in the way of this natural process. For if women continue to be modest housewives, this will bring an enormous dis-balance in the whole evolutionary process. The Virgo is destructive for the Aquarius, and that is why during the age of Aquarius the society must not function according to the principle of the bee hive. The structuring of the society, the rigid hierarchy is not acceptable for the age of Aquarius, the sign of freedom.

Unfortunately, the contemporary level of the development of the biology and gene engineering allow the production of the army of clones and bio robots programmed to fulfil a certain task. If this happens, then the mankind will be under threat. The science is related to the sign of Virgo, while the humanity to the Sign of Aquarius. Virgo is the 8th sign for Aquarius, the sign of transformation and quality change, and if the worst comes to the worst - the sign of the death. The scientific progress puts the humanity at the risk of becoming an energetic adjunct of the artificial civilization. All the inventions of a man sooner or later turn against him: the greater the scientific discovery, the more dangerous it is. Atom dissipation has turned out to cause the death of millions of people in the hellish flame of the nuclear catastrophe. The calculation of the code of DNA has opened a new horizon for the creation of new forms of organic materials. This can end up in the fact of facing the artificial people grown up in test tubes, maybe of a better quality but totally deprived of the God's sparkle...


April Seldon from New Orleans on September 02, 2020:

Your hubpage is beautiful.

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Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington DC on December 26, 2017:

Girls [rather than woman="mind unable to comprehend all things," female="price paid to man {boy it should be}" or lady="escort to un-escourted gentleman, lords, knights and kings to a castle"] represent the embodiment of the power of man [man="mind able to comprehend all things" or god] while boys represent comprehending the purpose for all things.

During the Aquarius age, what happens is everyone who are to become what some religions call the "enlightened" or "chosen to survive the termination of civilization" will integrate their feminine principle into their masculine principle independent of the their gender as Genesis 2:24 interprets once the "garden in Eden" metaphor is comprehended. The process is the "new birth" when those man - both genders - make that reintegration the Eve from Adam process separating into "woman" {both Genders} and man regain their "dominion" [ability to exceed earth and all things hereon] powers Genesis 1:26-28 provided man of both genders.

I am not sure I got that from the reading. That answer is because The Age of Aquarius is also known as "Kali-Yuga" and the completion of the, interpret to be, 92,000 year material half-cycle of the 184,000 complete cycle of man.

Anna Sidorova (author) from Russia on July 23, 2015:

Hi Jayne. I just outlayed what astrology thinks about the role of a woman during the age of Aquarius. As for the rest, so many men, so many minds.

Jayne on July 23, 2015:

Hmm but why is it that whatever the age is in only men display that and women have to counteract? I mean one could easily say that this is the age where women embrace their aquarius sides and men embrace their leo sides. I don't see why it has to be clear cut. Why would the astrological influences of the ages only influence one sex and not the other. I mean if we're in the age of the aquarius that means everyone is, not just men. And to me it seems like the past depictions were those off what men wanted women to be like that to balance themselves. Similarity I bet there were just as many women who also wanted men to be that. For example I believe in the aquarius age both men and women will have an aquarius influence and both will be looking for a man or woman with leo energy. After all we're all supposed to complete ourselves, not men and women completing each other.

HoldorFlod on May 12, 2013:

Well written article, but we still have a long way to go to understand and integrate the real power of the feminine in society. Estrogen produces particular feminine powers which have been misrepresented for a long time as 'weakness'. It doesn't and shouldn't look like masculine/testosterone power and it should not be viewed as something to overcome or suppress. Something for the feminists to think about.

Anna Sidorova (author) from Russia on April 13, 2013:

foemeno, thank you)))

David Charles from New York on April 13, 2013:

very good read, well written

Anna Sidorova (author) from Russia on February 03, 2012:

Reece, if you want my opinion, I believe that science is only good when used with reason. Human being evolves physically, intellectually, spiritually, and a lot depends on what sens we give to our life. Whatever it is, I think we must try to grow and to overcome our laziness, to create, to burn from God's sparkle... Can tube babies be real humans in this sens? Maybe yes... on January 14, 2012:

Test tube babies. Future foes huh?

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