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The Reason for Evolution

I am a philosopher who has been obsessed with finding out what this is all about since I was 6 years old.

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I recently wrote a book called The Patterns Of Existence, but I added a lot about science, how to think, religion, and politics, which all connect. But here I just want to concentrate on the major patterns themselves.

The first pattern is the one that rules them all. Every atom has to try to maintain or get back to it's lowest possible energy levels for the conditions. Interaction causes higher energy levels. Like humans, when they interact they have three options. They can push each other away, destroy each other, or merge in some way. Mergers themselves can cause higher energy levels at first, but eventually the new system stabilizes .

Mergers cause/create new things in our layer of reality. Like when humans merge, new relationships are created like patronage, friendship, families, nations, patriotism, economies, cultures, etc. As with humans, atoms get safety/stability in numbers. And we, being made of atoms, can't sustain high energy levels for ever either. We can play a high energy game for a while, but we can't play for ever. We need to rest eventually.

This law of physics creates entropy. Entropy is not disorder, as some would have it, unless you're talking about items that decay. But why do they decay? Interaction, not entropy. A bit of metal would never decay were it not for interaction with oxygen and water and even sun light. A car doesn't break down due to Entropy, it breaks down due to being used and the internal and external interactions it experiences.

Entropy is like what happens in an air compressor. When it's full you can run saws or all kinds of things with it. But as the air is used, eventually the air in the container reaches equilibrium with the outside air and can no longer do work. Energy levels go their lowest possible levels and stays there until air is added, compressing it, and making the energy levels higher again. Only systems that are closed to added energy become useless to us. But to themselves, they are maintaining lowest possible energy levels, and have reached an ultimate stability. Almost like a perfection. But not only does this pattern cause entropy, it causes evolution.

Due to all this a new science was discovered called: Chaos theory. Chaos creates new order. In a war, high energy levels dominate. It's chaotic. But high energy can't be maintained for ever. Resources run out, people get fed up, etc. Eventually the war must end. When it does, a new lower energy order is created. Depending whether people are happy with the results or not, it may not last long and end up creating high energy situations that again need to be resolved, again creating a new order.

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Same with evolution. Interaction causes high energy issues. Change requires adaption for stabilization. Those that can adapt survive. Those that can't become extinct. Interaction causes mutations. Again, if the mutations solve a problem the thing survives and can pass on the mutation. If not, it can cause new problems that prevent reproduction and lead to extinction. All due to that one simple physical law.

We started with a big bang, from what we understand. From a highly condensed state to a sudden expansion. Hydrogen atoms were one of the only atoms at the time. They were traveling fast at high energy levels. As it all started to cool down to lower energy levels they started to merge. When the mergers reached critical mass, suns were created. Very large ones. Inside the new stars temperature and pressure were high. High energy levels. This forced hydrogen atoms to bind, not just bond. This created new atoms at different levels of the stars. Eventually these suns went nova, spreading the new atoms around. Again, when things cooled down they merged again. New atoms got to critical mass faster creating smaller stars.

These stars then pushed the remaining mass/cloud away with solar wind. Again, as they slowed and stabilized they started to merge. But now they didn't reach critical mass and created planets. At first they were very hot due to the merger. . As they cooled and stabilized rock was formed. But here at least it didn't end there. More cooling and water formed. Atoms merged creating new chemicals, and as they interacted, eventually everything including us.

And it didn't end there. We started off as small related tribes. As we met "others" we were scared of them. They took our resources. They were scared of us for all the same reasons. We killed, raped and even ate each other. Back then you had a better than 50/50 chance of being murdered by another human. Now it's about 2 percent.

Again, high energy chaos can't go on forever. Among our basic needs and desires are freedom, security, and prosperity. You can't have any of that if you are constantly afraid of your neighbors or constantly at war. We started to merge. We created social contracts: I won't harm you if you promise not to harm me. We started trading. Eventually we created villages, towns, cities, City states, countries, nations and now multi cultural unions and societies. Like atoms, the more we merge the safer we are from "others" that won't merge. Safety in numbers.

It all evolves from that one pattern. Chaos producing new order because it can't be sustained. The simple law that makes it a need in atoms to get back to their lowest possible energy levels for the conditions, (never zero) has evolved us to where we are, and will continue to influence our and everything else's evolution.

We've come a long way but have a long way to go. Merging when possible has been and is the solution. We could still destroy ourselves. We need to make sure we don't. If we don't, eventually we may get to a close to zero percent chance of being murdered by another human, though I'm sure it won't happen in my life time. A few thousand years? Who knows. But that's the pattern. Our conflicts demand resolution, and through adapting and finding solutions we grow more stable in a positive way.

Chaos causes order. It is the mother of invention. But we don't want it. If we last long enough, we won't need it. There are other patterns that are created by the ones I mentioned. But these are the basic most important ones. If you want to know more, you can always read my book. ;)

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