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The Reality of Real Success

Failure gives us powerful techniques and formulas to cultivate our energy.

Failure provides the natural ability to cross all the hurdles effortlessly and successfully

We must cross hurdles effortlessly

We must cross hurdles effortlessly

Success can be on hand

The reality of real success

The modus operandi for success commences upon frequent and repeated unsuccessful efforts that challenge you with several failures. When you make an attempt, for all of eight fiasco, failures, and crashes, two successes are assured. This is known success and failure, natural law. There exists no individual person on this planet who has not yet failed and was successful always, in the absence of experiencing failure. Fiasco or failure phases are inevitable, same as success, which comes after the failure phases. That means for all the 80 failures attempted, twenty successful results are assured. These 20 successes can appear in any sequence of 80 failures or in between the attempts made. In fact, failure gives us powerful techniques and formulas to cultivate our positive energy to work hard towards success. The failure provides us the natural ability to cross all the hurdles effortlessly and successfully

There is a need to get the feeling of failure and sense its value, until then, the sensation of achievement, success, triumph is very uncertain. After several failures, disappointments, breakdowns, attachment towards success will generate a high impression and motive for success.

Failure comes with a condition or certain reality that specifies the fact of not accomplishing the most expected goal or objective. Surely, the unsuccessful results are very disappointing, without any doubt. On several occasions, it comes with a complete concluded failure; and our all struggles and work indicates useless. In short, it proves to be a disaster of adversity combined with misfortune and troubled fortune.

It is an outcome of something attempted seriously and favorably to attain what we describe as success. The event performed to accomplish the intended function, the undertaking of attaining the positive result.

Failure passes the test. There can be various reasons for the colossal failure due to many complications on the way. And there can be numerous reasons to be grieved due to such inevitable failure. Success is always elusive and plays a mysterious game. Hence, we have to go after it, to achieve it. There is a need to change our mindset to understand the reason, analyze our working methods and got towards it with the right kind of attitude. Our entire thought process must be altered to find the alternative strategy for success.

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But, I call it my good luck because I completed my one hurdle of failure. I take failure as one successful step. In the process, I try to dig out the reason for failure. It may be our fault or it may be the fault of someone known or unknown person or an event. I may improve on my ways of working or I may take further time to attempt at a later stage, but one thing is sure, I’ll never give up. It will be always in my mind that I need to succeed. The success may come after many years or maybe decades, never mind, but I will not give up under any circumstances. It is bound to show results with our right kind of attitude.

Hence, every single failure takes you one step near to success. Therefore, never give up. You can have success in hand. It is a question of time. Have patience. The pleasure we get from success after so many failures is something different and unique.

"Any person does not try means he has given up, indicates it to be an absolute and overall failure," said Elbert Hubbard, in ‘The Note Book’.

Sometimes you just feel that your personal life has been a failure. Here too, the formula of success applies. You have seen so many failures all through your life and it means success is sure to knock on your door. You need patience and consistent efforts in the right direction. Change your ideas, bring improvement in your views, but do not change your thought towards success. You need to keep trying.

Accomplishment and victory are possible only when a robust foundation is built with a sturdy and well-structured foundation base. Initially, there is a need to investigate all the possible reasons for failure. It is better to identify the route to progress and seek the channels to work on. Investigating, analyzing, and working on the causes of numerous failures will guide towards the right path to gain success. Identifying whether they remain within our capacity to substantiate and work on will solve most of the problems. It can relate to our personal attitude or behavior problem. Possibly, someone else may be creating the obstacle in our absence to avoid us from gaining success. Many times, the performance on them is beyond our reach and control to decipher. Then again, we may take more time because the problem is beyond our reach to resolve. Under such circumstances, there is a need to remain positive and up-right.

"If A = our Success, it indicates that A = X + Y + Z. Whereas, Working out = X; Playing the game = Y, and continue to shut our mouth = z. Simply accept and bear with it, until success comes. In fact, success is sure, if the work is done progressively, with patience.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Shyam Gokarn

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