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The Question to Which the Answer Awakens the Sense of Life

The question to which the answer awakens the sense of life

We are constantly looking for the meaning of life. No one has time to stop. Scientist Albert Einstein compared our human life to a moving bicycle. The cycle is lost when it stops and its power to move. Pedalling the bicycle so we have to constantly survive on the way to life.

The area of thought in our mind is like a colorful canvas. At different times our thoughts come in the midst of all the sense of life filled with diversity. We draw outlines of all our actions on the canvas of life. Where our future sits eagerly in the expectation of success.

But how will our well-being be, when did all our positive thoughts have the strength to fly freely, who has to spend more time, who is more important to us? We should find answers to these questions rather than wandering around sporadically looking for the meaning of life.

Because knowing the answers to such questions every moment of our lives will be full of success. Russian writer Leo Tolstoy found answers to three such questions that arise about life. He wrote a story titled 'Three Questions'. Which was published in 1885. The creative writer found answers to three important questions of life through the story.In his story called 'Three Questions' highlighted some important aspects of life.

Those three questions were like this

  1. What is the right time to start a task?
  2. Which people should he listen to?
  3. What is the most important thing for him to do?

The above three questions are arranged in such a way that it is easy to understand that the answers to these questions are the only way to cross the complex path of our lives. In every field, small successes open the way to great success and we become familiar with the depth of literary to Tolstoy's philosophical thoughts.

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According to the story once the above three dawned on the mind of a king of a country. The king thought he could get the revenue done at the right time if he could find the answers to all these questions. The king announced the award to the person who could correctly convey the answers to these questions.

Many scholars from the country came and conveyed their views to the king. Many said that a plan has to be made a long time ago to start a work. Many said that a special advisory council has to be constituted for this purpose. They asked the courtiers to set up advisory councils. Some said an advisory council should be set up with magicians. Because they know everything about the future etc. In response to important personal questions, courtiers, doctors or soldiers should be given priority because religion, science and war are recommended as the most important tasks. But even after hearing everything, the king did not get his answer from anyone. So he left home to meet the most knowledgeable person in the country.

The king decided to approach him when he found a wise man. The king was not known by the person. As he approached the king, he was digging the ground in front of his residence in the middle of the forest. The king approached him and asked him to answer the three questions mentioned by bowing to him. But without answering the king, the wise man kept doing his job in his heart.

The king then began to help the wise man dig the ground. Because the old man had difficulty digging the ground. The king was digging the soil and waiting for an answer to the question. At that time a stranger was seriously injured and came to them and fell unconscious. The king then took care of the man and cured him.

But when he regained consciousness the man said that he had actually come to kill the king. But the king's watchman can recognize him and injures him. Now he is impressed with the king's behaviour and wants to devote himself to his service. Hearing the man, King developed a good relationship with him. But despite repeated questions, the king decided to go back home this time without getting any answer from the wise man.Yet the last time he requested the wise man to answer three questions again.

Then the wise man told the king that the three answers to the question that the king had been doing for so long was embedded in the work.


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