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The problem of plagiarism among students

Internet has raised and the problem of plagiarism increased


Plagiarism has become a serious problem nowadays.

We live in the digital age. The distance between people is becoming increasingly smaller, and communicating your ideas and thoughts is easier than ever.

If you are an Internet user, your audience is the entire world. You can target your thoughts to any group of people, provided you speak the same language.

Plagiarism in now a global problem. Not only students plagiarize. The Internet is full of plagiarism as well. It is being combated, though no universal remedy has been found.

Why students plagiarize?


Solving the problem

As the amount of plagiarism has been on the rise, there has also been an increase in the number of online services that detect it.

There are now tens of services that offer to check your work for plagiarism for a relatively low price. Not all of them can be used by college students though. Some of the services upload students’ works to a database to check them. If they end up in a database though, they can no longer be submitted for grading.

If you are a student or a webmaster, you should look for a service that looks for similarities on the web. There are plenty of those too, and in fact, professors are starting to use them as well. They now realize that the major source of plagiarized material is the Internet and not the library. Little who goes to the library to do research anymore. It’s all on Google now!

Online plagiarism detectors can help both students and professors check papers for any plagiarized material, even if it comes from some distant part of the web. Using an online service can prove to be extremely useful to those students who have little time and who choose to rewrite an existing piece or work instead or writing a new one. Students who do that would ideally use a plagiarism detector to check their rewrite for plagiarism before submitting it. After all, they don’t really know if their rewrite was profound enough.

Tools to check for plagiarism

Online plagiarism detectors can be divided into three categories.

  • Detectors for students
  • Detectors for teachers
  • Free detectors

There are a few more categories, though looking at them is unnecessary. These are the three most distinct categories, and the majority of online plagiarism detectors fall into these.

These are three of the most distinct services that you might want to use (one from each category):

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1. TurnItIn

TurnItIn is a very reliable service, though it’s the one that students shouldn’t use. Professors usually use TurnItIn, which is a service that relies on databases. It checks the work against the database of existing works, and sees if there are any matches.


  • Turnitin
    Leading academic plagiarism checker technology for teachers and students. Online plagiarism detection, grammar check, grading tools.

Introductory video



PlagiarismDetect occupies the golden middle and is used by both college students and their professors. The service offers a free trial and has two pricing plans. The prices are quite friendly and the check in conducted all through the web. The system looks for matches in all online sources not protected by a password. In simple terms, it lets you know whether any of your sentence can be considered plagiarized from somewhere on the web.


Introducing PlagiarismDetect



DupliChecker does the job, and there is little left to argue about when you consider the price you pay for the service – 0 cents.

Dupli Checker

DupliChecker - video tutorial by TechyV

About Plagiarism

  • Wikipedia about Plagiarism
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  • Blog Plagiarism Today
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Noys from Cardiff on April 28, 2015:

Really informative post about plagiarism checkers because problem of plagiarism is underrated but very current and important. Personally I prefer using . It is really powerfull tool for students

Alberic O from Any Clime, Any Place on March 11, 2013:

The software is great. However, the teacher/professor must make a judgment call because even though you paraphrased in the paper and cite the sources, the software will still detect it as plagiarism sometimes. This means reading the paper and knowing the limits of these software.

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