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The Mystery of Our Consciousness

We are concerned about body consciousness and soul- consciousness

Our goal is to attain Ultimate Bliss.

The main reason for all troubles and sufferings is because we identify ourselves with the body.

The main reason for all troubles and sufferings is because we identify ourselves with the body.

The mystery of our consciousness

These two terms subconsciousness and consciousness are simply two specialty fields of activity in our one mind. Our conscious mind works as a reasoning mind. It selects and makes all the decisions, while without the approval of our conscious mind, our heart and body activities keep functioning automatically. They are carried out by our subconscious mind, which operates independently without the conscious mind's approval. They Body consciousness and soul consciousness allow us to function our body smoothly, to understand self, and adhere to the healing process of our inner-self lost consciousness. It takes considerable time, maybe many thousands of years to understand the discrepancy existing to know the true supreme power, and how the nature of God, can be absorbed. The tremendous experience is required to comprehend its true nature and value. We need consistency in our work with determination towards the ultimate goal, the purest intention, the optimistic feeling that all is going to turn out well. Becoming aware of what kind of relationship we have created by our body and thereafter learning to tune it for inner dialogue is the key issue for a change. The nucleus of the body is the soul and is regarded as a pilgrimage for worship by those who are in search of spiritual rejuvenation, the main purpose of our existence.

The soul has three distinct abilities and the virtues of personal nature

(1) To think, wish and will, is done through The Mind.

(2) To evaluate, be acquainted with, and explore as with our Intellect.

(3) To retain impressions of past thoughts in the form of attitudes, moods, or habits as our Sanskaras, the karma theory concept of Indian philosophy, which declares several imprints remaining in the subconscious state of mind by gaining knowledge and experience in the existing and past life. They display our nature, the color of our life, the conditions of our mind, our nature, and our responses.

The basic concept of recognizing that the world is ruled by the antagonistic and aggressive forces of desires- good and evil, will give way to the struggling forces of dual nature. Mind and matter are two fundamental entities that create a dual nature to avoid unity in nature. This is because of mainly our body-consciousness- the root cause of all evils in the world to give rise to two personalities, one human and one divine. As long as a person identifies him with the physical body, it will trigger the process of thinking, feeling, behaviors and actions. Such awareness of a body simulates various vices in the form of ego, lust, greed, envy, attachment, and so on, which will slowly and unconsciously generate and continue to breed, and slowly poison our mind and body.

The purity of mind and soul is achieved only when we realize the self as distinct from the body and practice soul-consciousness. In the course of evolution, for our purpose to comprehend the Old Testament concerning the foremost human being, Adam, who met Eve, they developed a very different relation to each other. As Adam displayed his eagerness, and formulated his dream ideas of the world, sitting under the Apple Tree creating desires of possession, they gradually became body-conscious leaving aside the purity of soul-consciousness and that carried further in time and development.

The time has come to go back, to be soul-conscious, to understand our true nature, to reach out to our spiritual soul from beyond the confines of the material world to embrace Our Soul, residing in our body. The soul is always pure, very powerful, and omnipresent. Once it sparks our recognition, it will derive many truths and reality to understand inner knowledge and wisdom.

Well, right into a transition, though so little had seemed to happen and yet, imperceptible it may look, it is a complete reversal to go back to our origin, a pleasant journey from the placid worldly matters of an egotistical and self-centered phase of life of our concealed identity into an eclipse of realistic energy and Soul Awareness. As a consequence, we will continue to persist in seeking inner expansion, liberating from an inflated feeling of pride in our superiority to others, releasing ourselves from fear and hatred and of illness and diseases, devoid of jealousy and pride, thus liberating from body matters.

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The main reason for all troubles and sufferings in this world is because every person has slowly but surely come to identify himself with the body. Body – consciousness is also ego, the distinct individuality, one's consciousness of one's own being, one's own identity, interests, welfare, awareness for our advantage as if thinking of self only. Sometimes, it turns to be extreme individualism. Such Self-Consciousness of our own identity leads to the additional realization of love, sorrow, joy, wrath, pride.

Today, little do we realize, and much less do we understand the basic fact that our body is prepared by the inert matter, dwells a conscientious and immortal entity - the consistent spark exhibiting the presence of life-light, known as soul. The body, in fact, is not for its own sake, but for a conscientious user, called the soul.

These abilities distinguish one man from another and determine the mental and moral state of a person. It should be surely understood that ultimately the soul enjoys or suffers or because of its bad or superior acts, because the mind will not separate itself from its soul (Atma); instead, the identical name provided to manifest the soul's consciousness.

When we are in the state of awareness to know that "We are basically pure, identified as our Soul and not the human body, "only thereafter, we will be in a position to establish soul consciousness allowing us to seek an expansion and growth of our own individuality we have. In other words, we should be aware of our thoughts, feelings, actions, and behavior- all are related and linked to our soul, the master of the body. When in soul-consciousness, the fundamental natural qualities of a soul obviously emerge. Thereafter, permanent tranquility and peace can be experienced.

We can release our Unlimited Creativity and its associated figure, in our consciousness, the actuating cause of an individual life. This is an awakening call of awareness in people, to invigorate responsiveness like a wake-up call to see within; in us; to enliven our life, the beginning of enlightening. Small daily improvements will be noticeable to reach our goal and Ultimate Bliss.

Our failure to observe everything clearly is because of our sense of infirmity. We feel it is unnecessary to dwell longer and more closely on particulars of everything.

With attention to small details, if we thoroughly observe, there are always two sides to everything. Our curious strangeness gets hold of one side by far the most precious as we feel. Our inquisitiveness drives us to accept normally without thinking of the other side of it.

In the course of time, we understand the reality of the other side. We examine to ensure there are no cracks in our decision. It reveals all the secrets of little things that matter by far and at that moment, we are entirely uninformed. The cognitive condition of any person and his activities afterward turn his attention to the other side of it. Curiosity motivates investigation and to analyze. We gape and gawk intently to consider which side was better and why we failed to take it into account in the beginning. The question we normally ask for both sides is visible. Now we get both sides in view and everything is in sight. It implies an unjustified curiosity and we gaze wonderingly at scenes. The entire course takes considerable time, at times too late even to regret. Now we agree in supposing that we should never again be exposed to such misfortunes as unmerited as those we have now experienced.

Similarly so, our life is rooted in a singular identical manner, while any other directions completely overlooked, or even not taken into account. We all overlook the facts, fail to notice or consider the other side. Hence we miss it for long disregarding its importance. Many times it passes by unnoticed.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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