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The Importance of Computers to All of Us

The importance of computers to all of us

The importance of computers to all of us

The importance of computers to all of us

The computer has greatly invaded the lives of individuals and has become used in all areas of their lives.

And the more advanced the computer, the greater the benefits gained from it, and it is worth noting that its use is common in homes, institutions, businesses, and education, and it is an integral part of the services and entertainment sector and others. We will talk here about the importance of computers for some members of society and they are as follows:

Computer help for the student:

Computer assist students in general and in some groups, especially those with special needs because it provides them with a very necessary benefit,

Where the use of computers helps students to:

- Creating educational change and addressing the fundamental issues affecting this group of students,

. It can help raise the efficiency and effectiveness of both the student and the teacher.

The importance of computer for the student:

The most important points that explain the importance of computer to students in education are as follows:

- 1 - Helping students who suffer from geographical restrictions in completing their education, provided that the Internet is available.

- 2 -Enables the student to interact with the educational lessons at a convenient time for them.

- 3- Offer the appropriate flexibility to different students to match their own pace.

- 4 - Providing more study subjects than those available in traditional schools.

The importance of computer to the teacher :

The importance of computer for teachers lies in amplifying and expanding effective teaching practices. However, the use of computers by teachers requires that the teacher be fully aware of how to use this method to teach students.

The following is the importance of computer for teachers:

- A - Easily move between programs and applications that help explain lessons.

- B - Create a dynamic environment for interaction between teachers and their students.

- C - Helping teachers communicate with their students and understand their ideas and requirements through learning applications and artificial intelligence.

The importance of computer to management :

The school administration is known as the authority responsible for leadership and ensuring that the education process is carried out in its correct manner.

The following are some points that represent the importance of computer to the administration:

  • Improving the quality of education and expanding educational opportunities and access to education.
  • Enabling the administration employees to perform their work from the offices via the computer, which will make them feel more comfortable.
  • Helping greatly in achieving academic goals by improving teaching and learning methods and educational strategies.
  • Keep up with the continuous developments to improve the education system, to improve the daily routine activities and programs.

How does a computer help quality education?

The use of computer in education is a highly efficient and effective method, as it can help in the following :

- the development of education by introducing countless study methods.

- and it can also help students develop many skills that will help them in their careers.

Benefits of using the computer in education :

The most prominent benefits of using a computer are as follows:

- Raise efficiency

The use of computer in education allows the possibility of developing creative and innovative teaching plans that help attract students 'attention to them, and also help in enhancing the possibility of individual learning in addition to the ease of extracting modern information, and it is worth noting that the learning process through the computer can increase students' sense of comfort and familiarity As they approach professional life, all this increases efficiency in the educational system.

- time-saving

The introduction of computer in education helped save time for both the student and the teacher, as the student could take his lessons at a time appropriate for him, and the use of computers in teaching helped to save the time the teacher spends in planning lessons, evaluating students, correcting homework, providing notes, and work. Administrative paper and others.

- Skills improvement

The use of computer in education helps to refine and develop students 'skills through computer technologies and programs that are dealt with and interact with during the study stages, so skill development is often related to programming and computer technologies so that the use of computers increases students' confidence in their ability to learn to use new tools. That will support their learning in many areas.

Obstacles to using the computer in education :

The advantages of using the computer in education have increased dramatically over the years, despite this, several obstacles stand as a barrier to the use of computers in education, and the most prominent of these obstacles are:

  • Time to change:

It can take a relatively long time for students to become accustomed to the computer-based education system and reach high scores.

  • Parental Resistance:

Many parents view computer education as a useless and effective teaching method.

  • Professional development:

Professional development requires students to attend training workshops as they interact directly with teachers.

  • Lack of leadership:

The school can legalize the use of computers in education, but some teachers may not accept or follow this method, as there must be firm decisions by the principals.

  • Lack of future vision:

Officials do not view distance education as the most effective method of the future.

Can distance education control the education process?

Many education professionals carry out studies to apply the method of distance education using computers and the global network of information, and with the current time in which the Corona pandemic appeared, these studies have been accelerated to apply them at the highest speed, as most schools have become using distance education to reach students and provide all Means and methods to enable students to continue their education, and with the application of this education method, it is very effective at present.

What do students do in this situation?

Despite students losing their interaction with each other and with their teachers, specialists in developing distance education platforms have been able to create technologies that allow students to put forward their opinions, ideas, and questions that occupy them about lessons to share with the teacher and the rest of the students, and as a result of these efforts that have been made to develop distance learning at a certain time. Short and the achievements that have been achieved, it can be said that distance education may become more effective to replace traditional learning over time.

We conclude by saying that

the computer has become an urgent necessity in our daily life because of its many benefits, and the world has become a small village thanks to it, as it is said, and the computer can never be dispensed within the age of the Internet and advanced technology in all fields.

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