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The Career Importance of Studying English Language


Some schools call it English Language and others call it English Linguistics that is why I choose to write it here as English Language/Linguistics.

Often times when an individual shows interest to study English Language, what goes into the minds of others is that this person wants to become a teacher. It is as though another word for English Language is English teacher. But that is not true, English language provides a variety of opportunities for those who study it. Even if you intend to become a teacher, you are exposed to better teaching opportunities than a lot of teachers of other subjects.

1. You can be a Teacher


With the study of English language, if teaching is what you desire to do, you have taken the best decision. This is because in virtually all the schools around the world, English Language is been taught. In English speaking countries, English Language teachers in schools are always more in number because all the students in the school must take English as it is one of the subjects they must pass to go to other schools or to find a job.

2. You can become a professional writer


Your writing skill is developed when you study English Language. If ones desire is to be a writer, it does not matter what he/she wants to right about, he/she will be a better and more successful writer if he/she has a good mastery of English Language. More so, in the field of English Language/linguistics, there is a lot to write about. English Language is constantly going through tremendous development. It is also going through reformation to accommodate the growing essence of communication in the world. You can also write any field of your choice. You can also write people who have ideas but not writing skills.

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3. You can become a professional editor

Your skill in editing is also developed. As an expert in the use of English Language, you stand a better chance to be employed or contracted as an editor. No matter the richness in the content of a write-up, if the grammatical aspect is not properly coordinated, the essence will be lost. In every write-up, communication is the first value and a person that is not well grounded in good communication, though has good ideas, may only end up confusing his readers or listeners in the case of verbal presentation. All around the world, editors are sought after because their value can not be neglected. And as a person who studied English Language, you are the better editor.

4. You can be a Mass Communicator


With your proficiency in the use of English Language, you can become a better mass communicator. Those who go in to study Mass Communication still have to study a little of what you know before they can function as Mass Communicators. In the study of English language, Mass Communication is just a aspect. So, as a graduate of English Language, you are automatically a mass communicator.

5. Become a Journalist

Information gathering and dissemination is part of what you are trained to do when you study English Language. A good number of undergraduates studying English Language start practicing Journalism even before the graduate from the university. And when they graduate, they go into Journalism before going for further training in the profession.

You can see that there is a lot to gain if one studies English Language/Linguistics. It is a course of study that you cannot be stranded in the labor market if you take it. So, if you intend or are studying English Language/Linguistics, go on. You are on the right part to success. These are just few from the many changes to success you have.

Other ways you can function as a graduate of English Language/Linguistics are as

Security Personnel

Speech trainee to people with speech challenges

Language Consultant

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