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The Importance and Value of Empathy

Taking the suffering of others is a cause for others, develop our personality, the blessing of empathy.

The importance and value of empathy

Empathy can be cultivated

Empathy can be cultivated

The importance and value of empathy

Empathy is the capability to identify and imagine yourself in the position and condition of another person. It is a vicarious involvement and inclusion in the emotions and sentiments of others, by sharing in another’s feelings and emotional awareness. In fact, it becomes an ingredient of understanding the perspectives, demonstrative, sentimental intelligence, the emotional way of interacting elements of understanding others, helping to develop other people. It is a clear explanation that reaches beyond mere awareness.

Empathy is the capability to identify and understand the feelings of others, while sympathy is to share the feelings of pity and sorrow for the misfortunes of others. During the election campaign of 1992, Bill Clinton’s legendary statement was praised by some, but also many ridiculed him for demonstrating empathy. He told the USA crowd, "I have the feeling of your pain". , some praised and others, the sharing or understanding of feelings. The common root between empathy and sympathy, is pathy, derived from the pathos, in Greek, means, feeling. The only difference is within the prefixes: Sym = With, Em= In. When you empathize with somebody, is mainly because you place yourself in their position, whereas, the saying goes to say, you have traveled a large distance to be in their shoes.

Every conflicting situation has the possibility of respectful compromise on the situation and resolves the matter. This is truly so in all our personal issues, lives, and also related to our work and careers. The variations in a bitter argument and a positive resolution are simply to cultivate the right manner and skills of communication, which are always at our disposal. In short, defusing the conflicts and managing dispute locations is the characteristic of an exceptional communicator.

Certain specific skills are required to diffuse and divert conflicting states of affairs. There is a definite guide to provide guidelines in the event of mediation and conflict resolution to provide what is actually essential to understand conflicts and conflict area zone, from everyone points of view of those involved, so as to meditate and calm down the situation and resolve our own problems and disputes. Eventually, managing others is the key and firstly, we should learn to manage ourselves. Only the first step is by understanding the realistic expectations in arriving at a solution that each person can live with.

When the newsreader was recording the events of the scene and wring the facts, she showed no empathy towards the victims. She failed to share or show the feelings for those suffering from sorrow and anguish, a distinctive stain of tragic replication. In such situations, even when the life of the victims is threatened, the newsreader’s sense and awareness of empathy are completely blunted, by their selfish and terrible hunger to perform the duty and their personal survival. It does not have anything to do with how they operated and performed, instead, it was a fellow feeling, the experience of the emotional and affective condition. It has nothing to do to deny their emotions or expressing their fellow feelings, but their natural inclination to perform and move gladly with the herd.

Empathy also identifies and understands the perspectives, motivations, and experiences of another person and further shares by comprehending the victim's emotional condition.

It also relates to the feeling of pity, sorrow, and sympathy aroused by the suffering and misfortune of another person. Feeling pity or empathy is a divine expression and the nature of a human being, a divining expression. In this steadfast world, when the voices are consistently raised for the want and needs, the prevailing air becomes very sad, at that instance, the apologetic gentleness of empathy is a rare quality of fellow feelings.

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After explaining empathy, discussing measurement, and providing empathy examples in practice, it is better to understand its relation to psychotherapy outcome. Empathy is a reasonably strong therapy predictor. The perception of psychoanalyst empathy appears to be better than their empathic clarity measures and perceptions and the relationship was stronger in the case of less knowledgeable therapists.

There are diverse empathetic understanding in transactional analysis and psychotherapy. In fact, Carl Rogers contributed to the understanding and development of empathy. He observed certain essential and adequate therapeutic changing conditions to clarify the inter-subjective and bilateral empathic understanding nature, concerning empathic transactions. They have elaborated several features of empathy regarding Roger’s psychology in taxonomy and he arrived at the decision that reflected the empathy to be social-centric instead of egocentric.

In medical settings and hospitals, empathy is the way to appreciate the patient’s expressions and emotions and showing the feelings with that awareness to their hospital patients. It is a very necessary learning purpose and objective expressed by the Medical Colleges of American Association, where empathy, feelings are considered to be the most significant influencing factors for patient contentment and satisfaction. It is a way to adhere to clinical outcomes, medical recommendations, and medical professional fulfillment. They identified effective strategies to improve empathy perspectives, experiences to provide motivations in the graduating medical students.

Empathy, sympathy, and compassion

There is a tendency to sense extra sympathy towards the persons who suffered from problems and get the feeling that they do not ‘deserve’ acute problems in life experienced by healthcare workers. They also feel less sympathy to those who suffer from ‘lifestyle’ disease, like diabetes, which result in lung cancer, and obesity. And also, there are chain smokers, who have suffered by contracting identical diseases without any obvious cause. In a way, the health care workers along with other people should always fight against this kind of tendency. We are human beings, with restricted capacities. All patients equally deserve medical care and support when they are facing difficult times.

All around the world, even though medical practitioners and nurses need to generate and improve their competency levels for a multitude of applications of clinical procedures and skills, we do not find any formal competency structure to demonstrate their empathy acts and feelings. Empathy plays a very vital and prominent role in the social behavior development in adolescents, and also predicts the competency of social behavior in adults. However, the medical institutes and hospitals should not face such problems as nurses suffer from any kind of empathy deficiency or sympathy insufficiency disorders.

Empathy is also considered a multidimensional feature, which inevitably involves emotional and cognitive components. Thinking from the design point of view, many students in their school tackle and manage authentic problems in their community, and they go through the problems by initially establishing and creating the empathy felt for the situation or a person under such experimental investigation. PegaWorld, Pegasystems had started Empathy Advisor for Customers, under the Pega Customer Division, decision making capability of their new Hub to help companies apply AI to develop highly sustainable and effective customer-based related procedures. As elaborated by the HealthDay News, the National norms were created to assess empathy within women and men at various levels of the educational stream of the medical schools. This study was published in the August Journal issue of the Osteopathic Association of America.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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