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The Healthy Behaviours That Impact Humans' Health

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What is the psychology of health?

Psychology of health studies the impact of biological, psychological and social factors.
Psychologists of health get interested in the study of different diseases, treatments, preventative acts of the diseases, promotion of good health and in the improvement of politics of good health.
Good health does not consist always in the last of the diseases.

The healthy behaviours

There are many different helpful healthy behaviours such as having a well-balanced diet, avoiding smoking, exercises, a good sleep, drinking water during the day and so on.
Getting engaged in these behaviours help the person towards good health.
And those who are engaged in these behaviours, not only live a good healthy life, but they live longer too.
Avoiding smoking is probably the most important positive behaviour towards your health and that you can try to adapt.
The harms of smoking may require a couple of years to be shown completely.
As smoking also as staying in environments where smoking is visible is both very dangerous.
In every age, physical activity might improve the mental health and the spiritual state.
Its effect is also very fast.
Control of alcohol usage has also an important role in healthy behaviour.
Those who consume little alcohol are more healthy than those who consume lots of it.
A piece of great advice for the youth would be, to try to control the Alcohol consumption and to be very careful or not to use at all to use the
motor vehicles.
After consuming it, even if it was very little.
Alcohol increases the risk of every kind of violation.
Keeping a healthy kind of weight is important, as important as the food diet or to select of food we consume.
Fat based food may impact an incentive for cardiovascular diseases.
Even if you can keep an ideal weight and on the other hand to keep a fat-based diet, is terribly a bad choice.
Studies claim that plant-based diets rich in vegetables and fruits ensure lots of healthy benefits.
Choosing such a diet while you are still in a period in your life that you need to study...or complete different important tasks, might not be easy at first, but surely it will be beneficial for a longer time frame in your life, so it won't decrease the chance to be touched by certain diseases but it will also make you feel very energetic and radiant.
How important are these healthy behaviours mentioned above?
As important as it can make the people who practise these habits live 15-20 more years longer than those who do not.

The promotion of healthy behaviours according to psychology

Although many of us know about healthy behaviours, still we do not practise them enough and always.
A way to change these behaviours is known as the Yale approach.
Professors of Yale University claim that a change of a certain behaviour depends a lot on the source, where does this information come.

The source of the message

If the source of the message comes from the experts it is more likely to be believable obviously.
But also the people who are similar to the audience are more believable when transmitting the message in comparison to other ordinary people around.
For example, teens may take more seriously a message that has been transmitted by other teens for certain issues.
Let's take the example of having a meal of breakfast. If this healthy habit is promoted by teens themselves, it will make automatically other teens follow this healthy habit as well.
Who else better than their similar ones can realize this " campaign" of promoting healthy habits and behaviours even for the simplest issues?

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The message

Even the message that is spreader is also important.
It must catch the attention of the listener and be easily memorized.
Using the so-called "Scary speeches" often is effective when it comes in a certain change.
For example: when you show someone who smokes a picture of harmed lungs due to smoking habit.

The Audience

The audience is the people who listen to this message.
Another important factor if the Audience is the trait called " The need for thought".
Those who have a high need for thought, enjoy the thought and the thinking process.
They love enigmas and puzzle games because people with a high level of thinking can proceed with the information more carefully in comparison to those whose such need is not high but rather low.
They want information with predictable consequences.
People with high needs for thinking get convinced about a certain topic based on arguments and different proof, while those with low needs of thinking get convinced better with messages based on emotions.

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