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The Fame of Her Beauty Is Worldwide, but Death Is Much More Mysterious Than Cleopatra's Life

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Researchers are still pondering the mystery of a death two thousand years ago. History Death of the famous queen, the world's most beautiful Cleopatra VII. So far no evidence is enough. The most talked about Cleopatra was written by the Roman writer Plutarch. The poet, the writer, the illustrator painted and wrote about Cleopatra on the basis of her words. Multiple movies have also been made about the love story of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony with Cleopatra.

In fact, Cleopatra's 39 years of life have given rise to more discussion than her death. Which is still mysterious today. No one wrote Cleopatra during her lifetime. Maybe what Plutarch wrote is to keep the queen in mind from the rumors of that time. In reality perhaps the character was the exact opposite of this conventional fictional character, beauty and death mystery.

Many writers of the time view Plutarch's account of Cleopatra's beauty, life, rule, love, and death as mere fiction. But no one denies that Cleopatra was an influential queen in Egypt.

Ten years ago, the complete biography of Cleopatra was written by the American writer Stacey Madeleine Schiff. In his book, Mark Anthony and Cleopatra return to Alexandria with a group after losing the Battle of Octium. According to some, Cleopatra and Mark Anthony lost the war and decided to commit suicide. According to some, Mark Anthony lost his power in the Roman Empire and Cleopatra did this to set up a drama to kill him.

Although Queen Cleopatra was cited as the cause of her death, in most cases she was bitten by a snake. According to many historians, he was killed by a small viper or an Egyptian gokhara. And the argument in favor of this is that the vipers were considered the bearers of the monarchy in Egypt. As a result, there was a strong possibility of preserving them in the palace. On the other hand, the goddess that Cleopatra worshiped, the Egyptian gokhara was her favorite snake.

But modern Egyptian researchers also speak out against this doctrine. According to them, it is not easy to prove that the queen died from a snake bite. Gokhra snakes are at least 5 feet long and never less than 6 feet in size. Those who believe he was bitten by a snake also say that the snake was hidden in a food basket in the queen's room. It was also mentioned that fruits were stored in food baskets. According to some, there was pork in the basket. And this box is by no means enough to hide a cobra. Also, small bites do not cause direct death. In between, there is also the opportunity to call doctors.

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Egyptian historians believe that it is by no means credible that a snake killed Cleopatra and her two maids together. Author Stacey Medellin refuses to admit that Cleopatra committed suicide by taking something poisonous. On the other hand, the ancient writer Strabo blamed the Queen's death in her lifetime for mixing poisonous drugs with a mixture of excess alcohol and herbs.

In any case, the truth remains unknown. Because the statement of someone who saw Cleopatra's death with his own eyes has not been found till today. And along the arrow of suspicion, historians aim at Octavian.

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