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The Begging in the Streets

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Social evil: the homeless

The homeless are people who lack the basic needs for a dignified existence, which every human being should have. They are located in extreme poverty and represent a marginal group in society. They live on the streets and their livelihood is based on begging on public roads.

Some governments have planned and executed plans to help these people, through programs and institutions that provide shelters, public kitchens, clothing, and self-sustaining resources with training for work in various areas (cooking, dressmaking, sheet metal, cabinetmaking, and others) but this only alleviates and does not correct definitively, due to the lack of interest of society and of the indigent themselves, who insist on continuing with their deplorable lifestyle.
society and government.

It is curious to note that in many countries, despite the efforts of society and its rulers to eradicate marginal groups of individuals, the number of such remains always stabilized as if it were something positive. But it is also remarkable the fact that in other countries of the world, the indifference and indolence of those who can and should provide help and mechanisms (wealthy people, authorities) to this social phenomenon, do nothing about it.

In cold countries, the homeless suffer unspeakably on the streets and many die from hypothermia. Others die of hunger or heat. They live in the open and suffer extreme weather conditions in their respective countries. The fact that these unprotected beings are forced to search the garbage looking for something to eat is presented.

The yesterday of some homeless

These people relegated from the world, in all aspects, were once members of society, with a normal, productive and profitable standard of living for themselves, their family and the other individuals in their immediate environment (work groups, sports , neighborhood, and others.)

Causes of homelessness

The reasons that can lead a person to indigence have origins marked and known as:
• The consumption of drugs and alcohol: the drug addict or alcoholic becomes unconscious and his actions are impulsive, therefore, his character becomes unsociable and, consequently, he isolates himself from his family and friends.
• Physical and psychological problems: the interest in life is lost due to divorce, job loss, disability or other factors of change in the routine of life.
Some homeless people regain consciousness of their reality and try to change thanks to the help of the government or their family. This group manages to get out of the darkness, but others continue locked in despair and lack of self-interest and altruism.

Social investigation

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Research by scholars has indicated that the homeless person, immersed in this world of deprivation and homelessness, is subject to both physical pressures (hunger, variety of illnesses, discomfort) and psychological pressures (humiliation, low self-esteem, depression, despair and insomnia). ) and is also exposed to many dangers from criminals, such as rape or physical abuse.

Studies show the case of indigent children, who mostly drop out of school, and the few who manage to continue, do so with many learning difficulties, due to the lack of fundamental aspects, such as: food, clothing and housing. .
Eradication of extreme poverty.

If this social evil continues, the groups of indigents, in a situation of economic assistance from the State, increase and this decreases the labor force of society. To reduce the number of indigents, the governments and society of every country must cooperate, with the objective vision of satisfying four essential points:
• Offer treatment for illnesses.
• Support them with psychological programs.
• That they have access to decent housing and clothing.
• Ensure orientation and training in trades.
• Create and assign jobs with acceptable wages.
With the implementation of laws aimed at solving this problem, homelessness could be eliminated almost entirely. Cooperation and innovative ideas are needed that lead to the creation of other social disciplines, for this the interest in fellow human beings, victims of this condition, must be present in the minds of humanity.


Monologue of a indigent man.

My shoes look at me;
with open mouths they ask me for food.
My clothes are tired of my battered body.
From wanting to flee so much, it broke her glass soul,
that it undoes and undoes the shatters into crystals
of her indomitable, unchanging hunger.

It's okay to be homeless
but take a bath is something else.
I bathe with foamy soap from a river without silver.
I bathe in the natural bleach of a sea with empty pockets!

In my stomach a lion lives.
I notice that every day,
his roar is fiercer.
I'll have to comfort it
even with the waste
disgusting from an unsewn sky.

My soul begs unwittingly;
fall pennies and their paws
they are born, like barbed wires;
stuck in my precarious skin.
I check every tinaco of hope,
and I only find remains of extinguished dreams.
With them I feed the beast that condemns me.

It's all the same, live or die.
Everything has the same symmetry, everything doesn't matter to me.
That's why I won't mind succumbing
in this alternate universe;
that fixes its steel gaze on me while caressing me
a passing hurricane of pity;
who by chance dared to pass in front of a spherical point
and insignificant, but big and ready to defend
how many wild animals attack it.

It's getting dark...
And lying on a bed of gossipy newspapers;
I accommodate every stretch of laziness and discouragement.
Wrapped in the sheet from the cold, I ingest the last concoction
of this repetitive and loose history;
that constant and close,
frames each filmic trance of dissolute life.

© 2022 Venus Mary

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