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The Zombie Apocalypse: how long would you survive based on your personality type?

Your average survivor.

Your average survivor.

2012: are you ready for what awaits?

2012: are you ready for what awaits?

The trained snipers will keep us alive.

The trained snipers will keep us alive.

Guns: not just a right, but a great tool in fighting zombies.

Guns: not just a right, but a great tool in fighting zombies.

There are 16 different personality types. Should the end be near, how long will you survive, based on who you are?

In case you've been in a purple haze, we've entered the year 2012. According to ancient Mayans, civilization only has until December 21st (Doomsday) to make do with all of their worldly demands. Kinda sucks if you believe it, right? Well, personally, I believe in living your days as if the end was always near, but if this is true, I need to step-up on the "free love" before I kick the bucket.

I've always been fascinated by the different types of people who inhabit our Earth, and I wonder: how would each of us fare when it came to "the end of days?" If a "Zombie Apocalypse" occurred, most of us would swing into action in either the "fight or flight" mode. But some would be instinctual survivors, while others become statistics.

My Jung/Myers Brigg personality type is: ENFJ. That's "Extrovert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging." I'm the "Teacher/Mentor/Cheerleader".....and as my description goes, I tend to see potential in others, and try to bring out the best in everyone around me-- often to the detriment of losing sight of myself. I would probably last a while in a zombie apocalypse, only I would be pushing up the person I love to safety, as I get a mouth full of teeth entering my skull. I would die at the feet of those I love..... so shoot me!

Actually, that would be a pretty good idea, considering a zombie is about to eat my brain.

Here is my breakdown of all the other personality types, and how long they would survive, based on Jung/Myers-Brigg personality types:

The Artisan:

  1. "The Promoter" (ESTP): This type is born to be a show-off. He or she will never be dull and will go out with a bang. They are masterful with tools and put themselves above all others. They will be the last survivors, but they will most likely die of boredom when there's no one left to impress.
  2. "The Crafter" (ISTP): They specialize in tools and action, so they will be drawn by instinct to walk over the masses of stupid people crowding the street, and fend for themselves. They will survive quite a while, but their downfall will be that they are too involved with their tools to notice the zombies invading their territory.
  3. "The Performer" (ESFP): They will delight other survivors with their performance, and they will keep spirits up with their charisma. Most likely, it will be friendly fire from other survivors, because they are too busy singing and dancing to notice the zombies right behind them.
  4. "The Composer" (ISFP): In tune with their senses, and skilled with tools, they will be around long after the other fools have had their brains consumed by zombies passing by. These natural snipers will be so involved with targeting the walking dead, that they will fail to realize they've run out of bullets. So, the fat lady will sing while a zombie is having lunch.

The Guardian:

  1. "The Protector" (ISFJ): This type will be hell-bound to survive, if only to keep his or her people alive. Safety and security are their main focus. Find a "protector" in the apocalypse, and you will survive the longest. They will die near the end by giving the last bit of food to their loved one, and the shirt off their back.
  2. "The Supervisor" (ESTJ): These individuals are social and driven by scheduling, so they will be the backbone to a survivor unit trudging on in the trenches of the apocalypse. They are hard-working people who believe in strengthening their relationships. Unfortunately, they worry too much about what others think of them than the zombies that are breaking through the fortress... they last only as long as the fence does.
  3. "The Inspector" (ISTJ): Super-dependable, these types will be breaking into grocery stores to loot all the leftover supplies so that all your needs are met. They are patient, skilled, and hard-working, but can't make up their minds when the "fight or flight" decision comes up as the zombies grab hold. They will last pretty long, but not until the end.
  4. "The Provider" (ESFJ): Not to be confused with sugar-daddies. They insure health and welfare of others up to the end. You better believe they will be wiping the wounds of those who are still limping along. But when there's nothing left to do (as they are lone survivors), they will die of boredom.

The Idealist:

  1. "The Teacher" (ENFJ): You will recognize them in the group of survivors as the motivational speaker. When everyone has lost hope, they will keep you going until the next day. They will die near the end, but only when they've steered their loved ones to safety, and given them the tools to survive. The zombies will have claw marks on their faces, because they won't go down without a fight.
  2. "The Counselor" (INFJ): These types will hang around for some time, because they are trying to find ways to help others. But their weakness is that they are so focused on others, that they forget about themselves. They will be wondering what more they can do for the group, even as the zombies sink their teeth into their skulls.
  3. "The Champion" (ENFP): Life is an exciting drama to these types. They are having so much fun with the apocalypse, that they don't notice the danger looming. They are the first to die because in their quest for glory, they would rather leap to their death over a canyon, than await the perils of zombie saliva in their blood, or becoming their food.
  4. "The Healer" (INFP): Calm and serene, these types will be like the hippies at Woodstock, enjoying the views, and making sure all their senses are being stimulated as they go out in party mode. You will easily spot them at the beginning of the apocalypse, as the zombies are eating their drugged-up brains, and they are singing, "Kumbaya!"

The Rationals:

  1. "The Field marshal" (ENTJ): Also known as "the Executive": they can be all talk, but no action. Highly organized and developed on surface, their "drill sergeant" attitude makes them undesirable to people around them. These types will die sooner from their own peers getting sick of their bossiness, than from zombies attacking.
  2. "The Mastermind" (INTJ): Like the description, they are bright, brilliant, observant, yet reserved. Hence, they most likely will survive until the end, even though they have the solution to the problem, but being too reserved to step forward with the knowledge, they will die in a bunker all alone, miserable. Wondering why no one else knew what they knew.
  3. "The Inventor" (ENTP): These types will last until the end. They know the solution to the problem, and use their skills to survive because of it. The only problem is that they lack survivor skills and will die from starvation.
  4. "The Architecht" (INTP): Although they are brilliant, and compare to masterminds, they lack a voice to speak up and take command. They can master living on their own, can handle weapons, know the proper supplies, but they end up taking their own lives because they can't handle being alone.

Personally, I don't believe the hype about Doomsday. We've had nay-sayers since the beginning of time, and yet, here we still are. If there would be zombies at any time, remember this: in most flicks, they are pretty slow, and can be killed easily by removing their heads. In the scary movies where they move fast, well, your best bet is to aim for their heads, shoot, and run! The last people to be around will be hillbillies-- no matter what their personality type is. They already have the skills to live outdoors, the supplies to survive months on end, and probably enough ammunition to wage war on the zombies. But more than likely, they won't even know what's going on outside of their territory.

Good luck to all this year, and if push comes to shove, you'll find me near Camp Pendleton.

How would you survive?


Mark Richardson from Utah on October 08, 2020:

Interesting and creative article. I am ENFP

louisiana mom 1 on May 23, 2015:

You have INFP all wrong. I am not a drug user nor have I ever used drugs. And I am not a hippie, I'm about as far from hippie as one can get. You'll never catch me singing Kumbaya.

Ethan Green from England on May 02, 2012:

Would the zombies continue on with the personality types they previously had though? Most zombie films don't tend to suggest much 'personality' in individual zombies. It would be funny if they did though...

Great article wonderful1 :-)


Sheila Varga Szabo (author) from Southern California on May 01, 2012:

Cool. Thanks Georgie-- and I love talking about personality types. Makes a good conversation starter.

GH Price from North Florida on May 01, 2012:

I shared this on Facebook, my friends will love it. For the record, I usually score as either an ENTJ or an ENTP. So I have a 50/50 shot at surviving!

Courtney Rhodes on April 28, 2012:

INTP-True, true...I think the isolation would not be a good thing! Too funny!

Sheila Varga Szabo (author) from Southern California on April 16, 2012:

Ew, but funny, Frank. Thanks for stopping by.

fjones0052 from Washington State on April 16, 2012:

Of course, this article is only good if you don't want to become a zombie. If you do want to become a zombie, There is a better than average chance you will outsurvive any of the personality types.

Of course, you being a cheerleader, you know the zombie cheer; "What do we want?" "Brains" "When do we want it?" "Brains".

Sheila Varga Szabo (author) from Southern California on April 14, 2012:

Hey, lord-- thanks for stopping by and commenting. I see you're a counselor, cool! Hey, you better believe I'll be camped-out at the Camp if things turn ugly. I had to edit this Hub because the creative juices (wine) were a bit too much last night. He he he.

RNMSN: thanks for commenting-- glad you liked it. I like to play around with imagination.

Barbara Bethard from Tucson, Az on April 14, 2012:

too cool :) I don't know what personality type I am or what I will become should the end of days arrive,,,

but I sure love my PC game 'Plants vs Zombies' :) I am on level 13 now!

Joseph De Cross from New York on April 13, 2012:

INFJ on the east front. Was pretty much funny! I wonder why these Zombies love to eatr brains? Lack of creativity? Lol! You are an awesome writer! Did enjoy this hub. Hmm! Camp Pendleton might be a terrific place, to bring Zombies and do a thriller flashmob... You know is thriller...!


Sheila Varga Szabo (author) from Southern California on April 13, 2012:

LOL, and thanks, LABrashear! If you hadn't noticed: I used humor in my descriptions. Thanks for visiting!

LABrashear from My Perfect Place, USA on April 13, 2012:

So funny! I have taken this test three times in my life. My results always come out pretty close to the same (ESFJ), but I found your description much better than the one from the book! Voted up and shared!!!