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The Worlds Most Deadly Poisonous & Venomous Spiders List

Irrational Fears

Spiders strike fear into the hearts of millions of people the world over. People both young and old suffer from arachnophobia, yet for the most part this is an irrational fear based on nothing more than implication. There are many species of poisonous spider yet the vast majority of these eight legged creatures are harmless. However, a very small percentage of spider are very dangerous and do actually pose a threat to humans.

Most people think of tarantulas or black widow spiders when they think of dangerous and poisenous spiders. Another well known one is the funnel web spider. But which of these spiders really are dangerous? This is something that many people worry about. So now we will have a look at the top five most deadly poisonous and venomous spiders known to man. After reading this article you should know just what to look out for if you do come across a rather dangerous looking spider.

Brazilian Wandering Spider


The Brazilian Wandering Spider

This deadly spider sits proudly at the top of our list. Thought to also be one of the world’s most aggressive spiders, the Brazilian wandering spider can deliver a seriously strong batch of poison to it’s prey. The wandering spider uses it’s two large fangs to deliver the venom and bites on humans can often prove fatal if not quickly treated. These spiders grow up to 15cm and are one of the largest venomous spiders in South America. Often found residing on the floor of the jungle the wandering spider has a reputation for being found in banana plants. This spider often ends up finding it’s way into crates of bananas and then hitching a ride to a variety of destinations all over the world. For this reason the Brazilian wandering spider is often known as the banana spider, but it also has the names spawn of Satan and the armed spider. Wandering spiders live in South America and are responsible for several deaths each year. This is one thing you do not want to see next time your looking over a crate of bananas.

Funnel Web Spider


The Australian Funnel Web Spider

One of the largest and most terrifying poisnous spiders to be found anywhere in the world the Australian funnel web spider is the second most poisonous spider on the planet. This real brute of a creature can grow up to around 5cm for the body and a fair bit bigger for the legs as well. The funnel web spider has two impressive fangs often measuring over a centimetre in length, these can pierce the skin of most creatures and the poison delivered is extremely potent. If left untreated a bite can kill a human in around fifteen minutes. The funnel web spiders are native to southern Australia and like to find cool dry spots under rocks, in rotten trees or under piles of brush wood. This is one spider you don’t want to find hiding in your bathroom. So that's number two on our countdown of the world's most posionous spiders list, what's number three?

Black Widow Spider


The Black Widow Spider

Probably the world’s most well known spider, the Black Widow sits at number three in our countdown of deadly spiders list. These creatures live all over the world although they tend to reside in warmer climates. The male black widow spider is not overly dangerous, it’s the female that poses the biggest threat to humans and other animals. At around 5cm these are only relatively small spiders yet they pack a mighty punch when they bite. Even though these have a deadly reputation bites are rarely fatal. The only deaths you really hear about when bitten by a black widow are ones where the victim already has poor health or somehow has a bad reaction to the poison. These spiders are often found under rocks, in drainpipes, gutters and under piles of logs. So despite it's deadly repuation the Black Widow is not as venomous as some people may assume, still though certainly a spider to be wary of.

Red Back Spider


The Red Back Spider


Very closely related to the Black Widow and quite similar in appearance. The Red Back has a comparable strength of poison to it’s cousin but these spiders are not as widely spread. A native of Australia the Red Back spider is quite commonly seen around out houses, basements, closets and around bins. Again this spider rarely causes death when it bites humans but it has been known on rare occasions to produce fatalities. These spiders are very recognisable by the red stripe they have running down the length of their backs, for this reason they are often called jockey spiders.  So again not a nice spider to bump into as it does have a nasty batch a venom and can still be classsed as a very poisonous spider.

Brown Recluse Spider


The Brown Recluse

Last but by no means least on our list is the Brown Recluse spider. Native to north America these spiders are quite shy as suggested by the name. However if you disturb one of these and it feels in danger it will not hesitate to bite. The poison delivered by the brown recluse is very rarely fatal, however it can cause a wide range of symptoms ranging from paralysis to vomiting. Often known as the violin spider or fiddleback spider, they can sometimes be found inhabiting cellars, barns, closets, wood piles and anywhere else dry and warm. Although this type of spider only grows to about 5cm but is still one to be avoided if at all possible due to its nasty venom and poisonous reputation.

So although the vast majority of spiders are harmless to humans there are certainly ones that do pose a real threat and can be seen as very poisonous spiders. The fact is though that these only inhabit small parts of the world and unless you live in one of these areas the chances of you coming into contact with one of these is minimal at best. These spiders on our list are pretty nasty if you bump into them, but for most of us we will probably never come across one of these dangerous little creatures.



smart on June 19, 2015:

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I live in Australia and I always get a Funnel-Web on my door step.

dee_ dan wells on April 11, 2014:

Any spider is a dead uno gone

luke01117 on March 19, 2014:

One last thing people shouldn't worrie about spiders in aussie its exactly the same as england, you don't worrie about a spider or adder snake, you probably wouldn't even see one in england in the wild, exactly the same In aussie you don't see or think of them, they nothing to worrie about, snakes take off long before you get anywhere near it or them, spiders you don't see hardly unless looking in right place towns cities you never see them, only pictures ,so no worries honestly nothing to fear at all there, Luke01117

Luke01117 on March 19, 2014:

I was born in western aussie, great orbies and red backs were the norm for us as kids, we would go under the road in small crouch down storm tunnels the size of a big man hole, and the amount of red backs all around the sides in coocon looking webs and lots just clinging to sides, we use to flick them at each other and before you new it red back on pants, these spiders are solid not soft like english spiders,you can make a red back angry and it will stand up on back legs front legs up ready to bite, if you anoy it they do walk along ground towards you slowley that's a defineate sighn leave alone and don't think it's forgot it will still sneak up slowley to try bite if it's angry, they are not fast moving spiders like british spiders, they don't run away either they stand there ground, but peacefull glossy spider normally.

jordan on May 24, 2013:

Came home from school find a little critter in my cup. To scared to face it and its poisonouus scared out of my flipping mind.

Brittany on February 27, 2013:

I know that the hobo spider in the southern part of the us is a nasty and aggressive species as well! They have no fear and will chase humans and not to mention the painful nasty bites they have.

Tori on December 21, 2012:

I love spiders and hate them, I've seen a brown recluse in my bedroom( dead, thank god!! I'm 12.

Alastair on October 26, 2012:

Very scary spiders, so glad i live in cold, damp England. My ex-partner made me watch Aracnophobia in the dark !! only time i managed to have one eye on the telly and one eye scanning the living room floor. Most terrifying 90mins of my life. Great page tho'

trinity on October 22, 2012:

my sister just watched eight legged freaks and I wanted to see what spiders where on the movie and I came here and these are some nasty spiders

Donya on July 08, 2012:

I hate spiders, in the past I've had extreme panic attracts when seeing them. Go figure I would have a child that loves them. One time one crawled in the shower with her and she had me take it outside (wouldn't let me kill it). Half way out with this spider in my bare hands, I realize it's a Black-widow. I get it out as calmly as possible, than go inside and yell at my daughter. She laughed at me.

Dana on July 08, 2012:

That thing about recluses only being in warm climates, like the southeastern US, is false. They're all over everywhere. A friend of my mother's died from a recluse bite, and we're in Utah.

christine on July 08, 2012:

Just killed a brown recluse in my basement. my husband and i live in maine. i thought it was too cold up here for them?

Ashleigh on June 11, 2012:

Friday I opened a box at work that had been imported from china only to come across a brown recluse... Going to be wearing gloves when packing out new stock from now on! I live in Cape Town, South Africa. We have our share of deadly animals (mainly snakes) we do not need more!

john on June 09, 2012:

I live in southern illinois and just the other day while in the woods i stumbled across a red back spider....only native to austrailia found its way here.

Nelly on June 05, 2012:

I love spiders because without them the whole world would be covered in bugs. And I think people should be nice to spiders and when ever they see one instead of squashing them, they should leave them be. I'm 7

Everett on May 22, 2012:

Most interesting

Josh on May 12, 2012:

I don`t like those creepy little things.

Ruben on May 11, 2012:

Thank god I don't live near any of these the long skinny legs creep me out but the others don't and venomous is another flaw lol

jas on April 30, 2012:

thanks to you man owe you one

dustin on April 23, 2012:

i really don't like spiders but it was interesting

lorraine haslam on April 20, 2012:

the only good spider is a dead spider. anything that has more legs than me and can run quicker is not welcome in my house

gabe on April 20, 2012:

spiders are my life i study them a lot

jake on April 14, 2012:

now i know!!

Clayton on March 28, 2012:

I'm glad I read this. I've only seen the Brown recluse, but i'm more aware of them than i was before. Thankyou sooo very much for the info.

Alyssa on February 08, 2012:

I hate spiders they r mean and they like to bite, I don't know why they even exist! Spiders are ugly too

Fluffy on February 04, 2012:

Yes, I too am scared of these!!! Totally enjoyed reading about them though!!

Lindsy sithole on December 12, 2011:

Am afraid of those creepy thing.

Mizo on September 21, 2011:

Oh.. My gad i'm not know deadly spiders!

Donna Janelle from Oklahoma on December 20, 2010:

Oh my. I HATE spiders! I know it is a fairly irrational fear, but I still think they are creepy, scary little things. And now after looking at your photos I feel like they are crawling all over me! Great hub though :)

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