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The War on Stupidity


The war on stupidity has become more prevalent in society. We are constantly bombarded by the less intelligent in numerous ways.

The media also play a role in shaping people opinions leading to more division within American society.

There are also systemic disparities such as social income and college educated gaps that tend to exasperate the problem.

Can we as a society move past stupidity that causes more harm than good? Can stupid individuals realize that there behavior is problematic?

If you ever questioned that stupidity exist in American society just look at the absolute crazy frivolous lawsuits that has taking place over the last few decades.

The dumbest Americans are really not that hard to spot. Jessica Gomez of California sued the maker of Jelly Beans claiming fraud after failing to realize the candy actually contain sugar. The company used the term evaporated cane juice as one of its ingredients. She actually thought the candy label was misleading even though sugar was clearly included as one of the ingredients on the back of the package label. Her lawsuit was dismissed in 2017.

The crazy lawsuits doesn't stop there. In 2018, two dumb McDonald's customers sued the franchise after paying for a quarter pound-er that didn't contain cheese. They were angry over a thirty cent difference that the sandwich cost. The frivolous lawsuit was dismissed after a judge found that no harm was done to the stupid plaintiffs.

A Illinois man also sued the Starbucks franchise for too much ice in his cold drink. He claimed that the manufacturer misrepresented how much liquid the drink contained. A judge ruled that any one with common sense would have realized a cold drink contains both ice and liquid.

This moron was actually dumber than a ten year old. Even children know that cold drinks are made with ice and this would lead to more liquid in the cup. How stupid can you possibly be to not realize this obvious fact. If he didn't want ice in his drink, He could of just requested the drink by itself. That is common sense.

Another dumb American sued a lip balm company because she couldn't squeeze the last remaining product out of one of its tubes. She claimed the company was misleading because she could only use 75% of its product. Again even a child knows you can't squeeze every drop of lip balm out of a small tube. Her frivolous lawsuit was of course dismissed.

Is the problem of stupidity worse than its has been in years past with an onslaught of frivolous American lawsuits on the rise? Does this reality highlight an on going common sense issue? Is it getting worse?

Stupid people continue to do stupid things like commit petty crime, act without good judgement and believe they are always right.

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Are these individuals making society more careless? How can we win the war on stupidity?

People just love to act stupid though they shouldn't. They fail to realize their stupidity is a problem. Just look at the crime statistics and lack of better decisions making among some Americans.

A woman commiting a petty crime

The gullible affect

The act of being gullible is a on going problem. I have been the victim of such stupidity

Being gullible can leave many people hurt. It is how one can get scammed out of money and other legal troubles. It is always good to be a free thinker and weigh all options before coming to a decision.

Some individuals tend to always believe they are correct. They also engaged in reckless behavior. The gullible are very argumentative.

It's hard for them to think out side of the box and make better decisions for themselves and those around them. Being gullible is never a good thing.

It best to be wise and judge everything accordingly.


Nithya Venkat from Dubai on March 10, 2021:

There is a lot of stupidity going on as you have highlighted in this article. I cannot imagine why people do such stupid things. The lawsuits that you mentioned are crazy and frivolous.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on March 09, 2021:

Thank you for sharing. Yes, the amount of stupidity out there is certainly worrying. I am not sure if it is increasing but it maybe becoming more obvious. Thank you for sharing.

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