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The Value of Time as We Get Older Enough

Time is running too fast and nobody can stop it. In human life, time is connected with their age. Age is associated with the number of years that an individual exists in this world. It is a fact that every year, there is always an add-on to the age of every individual. This is aligned with the additional year in a life of an individual that calls for a big celebration. There are some individuals who look on age as a chance and opportunity in pursuing the services that they are giving to their fellowmen.

Age always starts with zero. This is the day when an individual is born. Every individual who comes to earth is considered a blessing from Heavenly Father. In a family scene, a baby is always the joy of everyone that has power to ease the pain, to give comfort, and keeping everyone happy for all the time. In spite of the hardship of taking care of a baby, still every couple continues wishing of having a baby.

The required age level to be part in a formal school is five years old. This is the time when children enter the school where they have the opportunity of developing and improving what they already knew. The lessons are focused on basic skills wherein the approach is usually in forms of games so that they can easily adjust to their new environment. This is the Kindergarten years of the individuals.

At the of six, children are now exposed to the first ladder of education. The priority of the teachers during this level is to impart the basic skills in reading, numeracy, and writing wherein at the end of the school year, children are expected to be readers, numerates, and have legible penmanship. In attaining these targets, teachers must devote time and efforts in helping the learners to attain these skills for one school year.

Elementary school usually ends at the age of 11 or 12 years old. It is expected that at the end of their schooling in elementary level, the learners have attained readiness in the next ladder of education. They are trained to handle more responsibilities in life that prepares them to become a productive growing adult of the country.

Junior high school learners usually starts at the age of 12. Here, they are exposed with more independent activities that prepare them for other bigger responsibilities of growing adults. To be considered as teenagers, individuals must reach the age of 13. This is also the time where individuals observe various changes in their physical appearance, the way they think, their socialization skills, emotional side, and others. They are expected to complete their junior high school at the age of 15 or 16.

Senior high school starts at the age of 16 wherein the learners are given the opportunity to enhance their special skills through attending the various specialization courses that prepare them for their college education. This is also the time where the learners experience to have their research works and immersion activities. Their skills in finding solutions to the problems are being tested and the ways how to deal with other people are the focus of work immersion. At the age of 17 or 18, they finished their high school education.

At 18, this is the time when they enter to their college education that is considered an edge if someone finished a degree. It could be a 4-year course or 5-year course that will be a great factor in acquiring a job. At the age of 22 or 23, this is the time for celebration because finally, college schooling is over. The next part is to find a job or work.

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The newbies in the organization are usually the new employees hired by the top management. Most of them belonged to the age bracket of 22 to 30. They are considered the explorers because they try to learn everything around them. By observing the newbies in the organization, they possess the guts and the courage to experience new things in the organizational system. Likewise, these newbies are always eyeing for promotion that motivate them to pursue their post graduate studies. As a result, at the age of 25 to 30, they are already Master of Arts or MA holders.

Those who belonged to 31 to 40 years old age brackets are considered the busy-bee individuals. After learning everything, they start to apply what they learned. They keep themselves busy in having innovations and research works that are helpful in addressing the problems that they meet along their way. Usually, they are fond of competing with others by showcasing what they have.

The feeling of being a boss or a leader usually starts at the age of 41 to 50. Most of them consider themselves as the senior in the organization wherein they usually give orders to the young ones in order for them to learn the process. Most of the time, you can hear them saying that they already walked through to it or they already experienced such.

Those who are feeling lagging behind belong to age group of 51 to 60. Most of them refuse to have an assignment because they need to be considered as old individuals in the organizational system. They never have the energy and the guts of proving again their best in different areas. What they are looking for is comfort because they are just waiting to turn 65 to say goodbye to the organization.

Time is running too fast and no one can stop time from continuously moving forward. Like time, it does not have the opportunity to look back of what is already happened in the past. It always looks forward to what will happen next. Connecting this to the real-life situation of individuals, it only means that we need to leave the past behind and continue to chase the future ahead because we are created to move forward and to live with what is next.

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