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Truth About Fluoridated Water That's Hard to Swallow

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Should Fluoride Be in the Water?

There are lots of things that we just accept as a given without ever once questioning it, or even thinking about it at all. One of the most toxic atrocities almost never spoken about on major media networks is the existence of fluoride in our water. In recent times, however, the scientific evidence and the ethical questions have caught up with this institution. Even if it did improve teeth health, should fluoride which is considered a drug by the FDA, be put into the water supply, side effects and all without informed consent? The answer is no.

Lots of people already know all about how bad fluoride really is, but many, perhaps most people, do not. The truth is that the science behind fluoride's benefits was always questionable. Regardless, it's available to anyone literally everywhere if they want it. Therefore it isn't necessary, and it never should have been pumped into the water system to begin with.

One of the most idiotic reasons that we were given after all these years is that it’s good for our teeth and prevents tooth decay. And we just accepted that. However, modern research reveals that the data on that was never even true or conclusive. In addition to the data being questionable, there is, however, lots of data proving fluoride has very harmful effects. Fluoride is toxic to the human body. And even if it were true that it really did improve the health of our teeth, here are just a few questions that defy common sense:

Studies show that fluoride keeps collecting in our bodies, and as we ingest it on a regular basis, there are very harmful long-term effects. The fluoride calcifies our bone tissue and the pineal gland which then negatively impacts our brain function. So, even if fluoride was good for preventing tooth decay, is it worth exposing the public at large to all the harmful toxic long-term effects to our brains? Also, isn't this forced medication?

We continue to pretend that it’s good for our teeth, because well, that’s what they told us. However, our health, our bodies, and what we decide to do with it is sacred and our first right. Is it right or ethical for the government to decide what’s best for us, and then implement medical decisions that affect our body chemistry?

The answer to all these questions is no. Who decided this for us and why?


The Ignored Professionals

The Marion Institute features the account of Dr. Mark A. Breiner. Dr. Breiner recounts that most dentists are taught how wonderful fluoride is and how great it was in thwarting the onset of tooth decay. Even in areas of fluoridated water, he was taught that fluoride should also be administered topically to children’s teeth every 6 months and that supplemental fluoride should be given to children from infancy onward. Eventually, Dr. Breiner changed positions and was illuminated to the truth about fluoride. The science was fraudulent. In his own words,
“Just like with mercury, I was initially 'tipped off' about fluoride by Dr. Hal Huggins. In the mid-seventies, I researched fluoride. I came to the conclusion that fluoride was a toxic poison, and it did not decrease tooth decay. I stopped using fluoride in my practice." Breiner went on to explain that he started using bottled water, toothpaste without fluoride, and juices not made from concentrate because the water used to reconstitute juice is almost always fluoridated. Dr. Breiner is far from alone.

“Dentistry: The Fluoride Controversy: What's the Truth?: Marion Institute.” Marion Institute | Health from a Different Perspective., 23 Jan. 2018,

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Through the years there has been a growing list of doctors and scientists who were very vocal against water fluoridation and advised against it. Another one of those scientists is Dr. Dean Burk.

Dr. Dean Burk was a world-renowned American biochemist, who received the Hilderbrand Prize in 1952 for his work on photosynthesis, and the Gerhard Domagk Prize in 1965. Dr. Burk said on record, "In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer deaths than any other chemical. When you have power you don’t have to tell the truth." He continues, "And there are a great many people who don’t tell the truth when they are in power in administrative positions. Fluoride amounts to public murder on a grand scale. It is some of the most conclusive scientific and biological evidence that I have come across in my 50 years in the field of cancer research." That is a pretty powerful statement from a renowned scientist that most people never heard.

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Nobel Peace Prize winning scientist Dr. Arvid Carlsson, has argued against fluoridation many times and with statistical evidence, helped block this travesty from reaching Sweden. He and others pointed out the obvious, which is that tooth decay had declined at the same rate in countries that did not fluoridate their water, rendering water fluoridation completely obsolete.

Other scientists and doctors, like Dr. Paul Connet, have published lots of information exposing the many ailments and health risks associated with water fluoridation, In addition to it being completely useless and unnecessary in fighting tooth decay.

Despite all that is riding against water fluoridation, it is clear that some entities from high above are trying to fight against common sense and ethics, as well as hide the growing dissent to keep water fluoridation in play. Why are they hiding all of this? How long will they keep trying to brainwash the public and continue to force medicate? Only time will tell.


In Conclusion

With the exclusion of any conspiracy theories or conjecture, the simple question is “should fluoride be put in our water?”

Well, in fact, the science supporting fluoride is old, suspect, and inconclusive. And many respected scientific voices like the aforementioned have proof that the data is false. In addition to that, in fact, there are numerous very negative side effects and undiscussed health risks. In addition to all of that, yes it is extremely unethical and unlawful for a government to mandate pumping any chemical or drug into the water system, whether it's beneficial to people or not. Fluoride is the only element added to water for medical purposes. And again, it’s classified as a drug by the FDA. Therefore, it is unethical and unconstitutional to have it in the water supply because you cannot medicate any human being without informed consent. And because fluoride exists in numerous products, and because there is no limit to the amount of water that people drink or the fluoridated products they ingest, there really is no control on the dosage whatsoever. And so, the conclusion is self-evident.

What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. Our health and our bodies belong to us not the government. And what we ingest on a daily basis is not a small dismissable thing. So to that question, if fluoride should be in our water, the answer is undeniably, "no". End of discussion, and case closed.

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