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The Universe's Line

The Universes Line

Why do we see, why do we hear, how are we alive, why is it not scary to think about how any time our body could just stop working and we could die. Well I like to think of that as a fear. If we’re afraid of death and we’re afraid to die, then it makes living a whole lot better.

How do we exist, say for instance we never had religion. How would you explain our creation and existence on this planet? Nobody knows and nobody will know. If we die, where would we believe we go? Heaven, but Heaven could just be a cover to make us feel more comfortable about inevitable death.

If I died right now I would be sad rather there's a heaven or not. I would be sad because I'm not finished on Earth. I think I have more to do, and my journey on this planet isn’t done yet. We should be grateful, but the question is not what to be thankful for, it’s who to thank.

Scientists believe that Earth, our home planet, is in the center of the universe. I like to believe the universe is just a line. We are at the beginning and as we progress through evolution and time, we can go down the line. The line doesn’t end though. The line is like a road, you just ride it and keep on going until you come back to where you started.

Here’s one of my many deep hypotheses I've had. What if the reason there's so many stars in the sky is because everytime someone dies, they become a speck in the sky, and they soon learn to grow into an astral ball and then become a star and get to start their own little planets. Life is strange and at some point life will end. So live it like it's your last day. Never stop being you. Enjoy yourself, take time to do what you want. Never let words drag you to the ground. Live your life, you only live once.

© 2022 Brandon Witham

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