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The UFO Dilemma Disclosure Vs Cover Up

There are many questions as to if the government has knowledge on UFOS and if they are going to release it to the public. There are reports coming in of UFO sightings from around the world on a daily basis. There are pictures, videos, and other evidence that has been produced to confirm the existence of this intelligently controlled craft. Yet, our own government takes a stance of plausible deniability concerning anything to do with UFOS, aliens, or other unknowns to main stream science.


With all the evidence, why does the government still officially deny answering any questions on the UFO phenomenon? Well that can be answered in a number of different ways. Let’s take, for example, a secret military aircraft that is in development. The government knows about it, but does not want its enemies to know about it, because of the sensitivity of the technology. New technology that is accidentally seen by others could be a misinterpretation of a UFO. Why? Because the person would not recognize it as a specific aircraft, it could even be designed or camouflaged to look like anything even a UFO.

There are literally thousand so of known terrestrial sightings that can be perfectly explained away logically. But, there is also a small percentage that cannot be fully explained away. But, why should the government concern itself with a small majority of these sightings? If it does bother to investigate them at all why does it not release this information to the public? I think it already has done that to some degree.

There have been mass sightings of UFOs or unknown craft that have been interested in the advancement of humanities technology. They have reported sightings form many people in the military that have seen these object first hand instantly disable and start a nuclear warhead in its own silo. These objects have tailed, fought, and most likely killed any number of pilots or military personal. But, the government is not going to admit that to the public. Maybe the whole stance on the government is that they really do not know anything. They know they are there, and this craft exist they just are unable to do anything about them. So, naturally the government will deny its existence, which only makes sense.

Then of course there is the ultimate theory in which the government has been working with non terrestrial beings in exchange for technology. If, they let the secret out then the world would want full disclosure, and they would lose any type of military advantage.

All these claims probably have some light of truth to them in one way or another. The reality is we do not know anything about what the government knows except what they tell us. Many of the governments around the world have even started to release a lot of their papers and documents about the UFO phenomenon to the public. These documents have reports of individuals from all walks of life and what they have seen in the form of UFOs and aliens. Yet, it is a hard concept for people to truly grasp, their head around the idea. But, no matter what the truth people will keep digging, evaluating, and isolating the important aspects that will one day prove the reality of these unknown objects. When they do, present the scientific evidence to back it up the government will be forced to admit the reality of the situation and what it knows or doesn’t know about these unusual events.

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