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The Top 5 Scientific Advances That Will Change The Environment

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The Top 5 Scientific Advances

Science and technology are constantly progressing and changing the world as we know it. Sometimes these advancements make life easier, sometimes they make life harder, but most of the time they just change how we do things on a day-to-day basis. While you may never notice these changes in your everyday life, some scientific discoveries and technological innovations will have an impact on how we live in the future—and how our environment will be impacted as well. Here are five of the biggest discoveries that will change the environment forever.

1) Solar Energy

Energy from the sun is arguably one of our planet’s most powerful resources. Our world sits on a giant fusion reactor, after all! We have an incredible amount of natural power falling into our laps, yet solar energy accounts for only 0.001 percent of global energy production. With breakthroughs in solar cell technology, that figure could one day rise to as much as 10 percent—and could provide enough clean, renewable energy to satisfy global demand. Not a bad deal! It's just a matter of years now (hopefully).

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2) Water Purification Systems

Scientists are constantly innovating new ways to make water safe for consumption. They’ve developed portable systems that purify water by spinning it in a high-speed centrifuge, separating contaminants such as heavy metals and other organic matter. These advances will be especially important as climate change makes clean drinking water harder to find in some parts of the world. While it’s true that we’re never going to run out of H2O, our supply could become a bit more precious as population growth continues and more people reward clean drinking water.

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3) Biofuel

Cleaner, more efficient, and cheaper. That’s what many experts say about biofuels—the alternative to fossil fuels. It uses plants for fuel instead of coal, oil, or natural gas. Most biofuels come from crops that are grown specifically for energy production. Once harvested, they can be processed into liquid or gaseous fuel that burns cleaner than petroleum-based fuels and is easier on vehicles engines. It will be a great benefit for our planet and humanity. This will preserve the ozone and it will bring a positive change into our planet earth.

4) Space Exploration

After years of focusing on a manned mission to Mars, scientists are now looking at a future where people live and work in space. In particular, they’re studying how zero-gravity environments can play havoc with astronauts’ muscles and bones. And what makes space so different? On Earth, gravity serves as our body’s built-in gym, constantly forcing us to work our muscles—even when we don’t want to. Without that constant strain, muscles begin to wither and weaken over time. Scientists have been working on how to grow farming in space and if they achieve this then humans would have a chance to move on the different planets.

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5) Energy Generation

There’s no question that fossil fuels have played a major role in fueling human progress. Even so, their rise to prominence came with steep costs—not just from environmental pollution but also from a lack of diversity in fuel types. Wind and solar power are both on track to play bigger roles going forward, as they offer cleaner options for generating energy. And while the wind is well-established and growing quickly, solar is still being refined and improved—and thanks to an influx of venture capital dollars (and new players like Tesla), there’s an unprecedented amount of investment in how to make solar power even more efficient and powerful.

To conclude, the above mentioned top five scientific advancement will help the people to over come the problem of climate change. Environmental change is biggest problem for the world, we all should think about it seriously. If we did not take steps for this then entire planet will suffer from this havoc.

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