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The Thought of Belief

The Thought of Belief

What do you believe? People believe in love, God, and some believe in nothing. Those who believe in nothing please hear me out.

They say life is what you make of it. What about after life. Nobody truly knows what happens at the end of the rope. Majority believe there may be some source of peace or God. I believe the end is what you make of it.

You can believe in anything you want. You can even believe in a watch or a couch. whatever it takes to keep you at peace. Whatever you want, talk to it. Let your belief carry you through the day. To wake you up and say it's going to be a good day.

Your God is here to tell you it's going to be ok. That life is life and it's yours and yours only. You may think that your God is a certainty and at the end he will be there to greet you.

The point of belief is for you to have someone or something to love and to always have with you to keep you safe. My god, my god is my dog, I talk to him about my day, and I pray to him. I know that no matter what he will always love me and when he is gone that won't be the end. He will still hear my prayers, he will hear me calling to him, me telling him how much I love him.

You need to believe that you are important, because you are. You weren't put here for nothing. Your much more than that. You just have to go after what makes you happy and what you love. There is always something to love in life. So, chase it and don't give up on what makes you happy.

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