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The Symphony of Life Is Like a Tree

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A tree forms an interesting and peculiar analogy with human. It presents us with three important aspects that one should follow in his or her life. In a field, a human is a tree, and every day it teaches us about our own lives.

A tree has three parts. First, invisible strong roots represent our perseverance and source of nature. Second, the giant visible trunk is the body of our spiritual lives. It carries our practical and emotional achievements. Third, the beautiful city crown, it shows our power of spiritual procreation. In a fellow human being, it plants a seed. Because of the capability to influence others sprouts to grow, very well, and then bear fruit.

1. Invisible strong roots: when you will look at any tree, the root is the hidden part. After planting, a seed disintegrates in the ground. To the nourishing soil, it is losing its puny identity. We cannot see it yet. It is an essential part of any tree because; it keeps the tree firm and upright, even in the times of heavy rains or tornadoes. Analogous to the tree, the roots in the life of a human are higher values and the principles of kindness, caring, integrity, truthfulness, and an inclination towards spirituality, etc. Are the roots that help us to be firm and keep going even during difficulties and obstacles?

The stronger our roots will be, the better our ability to endure the hardships. The beauty, the riches, the dressing sense, and a person who holds the positions that can see. These are highly gratified and glorified. But these hardly matter in the absence of values. Life is not a destination. We introduce many unknown events. Sometimes, we feel the embrace. So life is a journey. A firm root of tree maintains its structure and gives support to the branches. Our family nourished us by teaching moral values and good deeds. This is invisible. These moral values and deeds give life to ourselves and our offspring, which we too might one day turn into large fruitful trees. So, we use it as a reference in our life to understand right and wrong.

A seed is not fully aware of its entire journey. In a dark space, it starts off a small sapling. It bit by bit blossoms and arises into a firm, potential, fully-grown tree, sturdy, illustrating savvy and knowledge. One day a seedling sprouts, which will grow into a tall tree. Likewise, we see dream our fruits might one day become orchards. A good deed takes root and sprouts in a nourishing eternity. So that we giant fruit-bearing tree.

2.Second part of the tree is the trunk, the wooden trunk which is the parameter to judge the grandeur of a tree. The analogy of the trunk is our physical and emotional wellness. We cannot let anyone disturb us physically and emotionally. For that, we should be physically strong and should not let others disturb us emotionally. The criticism, comments, insults, or appreciation should not affect us in any way. We should never give the remote control of our emotions in the hand of others.

In our lifetime, the trunk holds all our cellular memories. It is the base of the unconscious. The imprints of circles show the trials and tribulations, lessons of who, what, and where we come from. The tree is one kind of inherent nature. It holds all of our evolvement and evolution of our soul's lifetime.

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People cut down the tree for using firewood or building their house. Trees never give up. It continuously grows into a newer and stronger. Keep on going taller and stronger. A tree never takes revenge or even shouting or doing any evil practice with people. When people treat us very bad, they also play with our emotions and treat us unfairly. Whatever we want to achieve or whatever we see dreams .we should never stop. In front of us or behind our backs, people sometimes saying bad things .we never take revenge from people. We make it as a source of motivation.

3. The last part of the tree is a shady crown. It gives us fruits, medicinal leaves, and beautiful flowers. A tree teaches us the importance of giving and sharing. So far as possible, we should be willing to lend a hand of help to others, donate to the poor and needy and be for others in the time of problems. Hope you will inculcate the value taught by a tree.

This is a piece of great advice from a tree. To provide us fresh air a tree's all leaves and branches are always dancing. We take oxygen from a tree. We always are proud of ourselves. We never bother what other people may say about us.

Who you are and where you come from. A tree never forgets its root. No matter how ugly or beautiful or how much rich and famous. Without a firm root, a tree never able to gives good fruits. We should always remember our root people like the family's significant contribution.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Farhana khan


Nganthoi on September 08, 2020:

Nice motivation it's all about a life story from birth to death

van mac on January 25, 2020:

I love your article

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