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The Struggles of a Female Intp


Jillian is a freelance writer who seeks to learn more about the external world while she analyzes abstract ideas.

A different Perspective from all angles


The INTP Female's Way of Life

Take the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) and record your results. The MBTI is an introspective self-report questionnaire of 16 personality traits. What type are you and how do you pair well with other types?

Some of these questions we may ponder and dabble in to gain more insight when we need to look further in depth of our own personality traits. You may want to further analyze your unique personality traits and behaviors to know where your strengths and weaknesses are. We all have dominant personality types and sub-types that are essential to learning who we are and how we can improve our strengths and weaknesses.

After taking the test, I was shocked to find that I am an INTP. This made we wonder what exactly is an INTP and what does it mean? An INTP stands for Introvert, Intuition, Thinking, and Perceiving (INTP). Oddly, INTPs are considered rare, actually, 3.54% of the American population are INTP's; this may explain why most INTPs may often find themselves struggling to live in the external world.

Absentmindedness or Quirks

INTPs may appear to be absent-minded and may forget where they place their belongings due to their introverted/inward thinking and ability to dismiss the external world if they are deep in thought. They are often thinking about various ideas and concepts constantly, which may distract them from the world around them. As a result, some INTPs are usually misunderstood and regarded as aloof. However, this is not the case. INTPs may be thinking about what they enjoy thinking about!

INTPs and Religion

Interestingly, statistics demonstrate that INTPs are least likely to rely on religious beliefs; however, roughly 72.7% of INTPs believe in a higher spiritual power (astroligion). As far as what I believe, I consider myself open-minded to what may exist. There are endless possibilities that may very well be hidden from us and our own nature. Thus, religion can hinder the truth and limit people's thoughts.

INTPs and their Interests

Some topics of interest are Science, Metaphysics, Philosophy, Numerals, Data, Codes, Matrices, Music, Statistics/Probability, and other topics deemed interesting. In my opinion, I prefer various topics of interest other than boring, mundane topics and small talk, which is superficial and uninteresting. I can work on a project or research information/data for hours while often forgetting to take a break to eat.

How do INTPs View the External World?

INTPs view the world as chaotic in certain circumstances such as driving a car or getting dressed to complete a task. However, the external world is also viewed as being full of potential possibilities. I can get lost in my own head thinking about a project, ideas, and hypothesis.

Regarding socializing, most INTPs have a difficult time socializing with other people and prefer to avoid unnecessary conversations that lead to off-topic interests such as gossip or drama. As for myself, I enjoy being comfortable, wearing geometrically patterned sweaters and in a quiet, solitary environment so I can work on pursuing my interests.


INTPs enjoy gathering data, facts, and information to ponder their IDEAS & Concepts.


Enjoy Learning New Ways to Avoid Remaining in Your Comfort Zone to Gain More Information and Experiences

  • Create new experiments each day, week, or month that enables you to dabble in your creativity; remember, you can lose interest quickly if you do not find some way to peak your curiosity, so take the time to collect data and observe it, but make certain you get back to it before you add on another idea or interest that will distract you again.
  • Expose yourself to new experiences by learning new challenges whenever you master your previous skill such as piano music pieces ranging from C major to C# Major.
  • Get out of your house and go someplace you can connect with nature. Take notes, read, or even meditate a bit to center yourself.

Social Awkwardness

LIKES VS. DISLIKES & How to Overcome Social Challenges

LIKES--In-depth conversations, accuracy, patterns, statistics, data, facts, and debates.

DISLIKES--Small talk, superficial conversations, gossip, limitations, judgment, vindictiveness, and incompetence.

How to Overcome Social Challenges?

Many INTPs need to expose themselves to social situations by remaining active in community projects or volunteering in the environment to help improve socialization skills. INTPs can be viewed as socially awkward people if they do not continue to work on improving their social skills by engaging more with others.

  • Create new habits by replacing old habits and routines. For instance, you can go out for lunch one day (bring your book of course) and eat someplace different; the reward is eating good food while reading.
  • Attempt to interact with other people during "small talk" by shifting your focus to what the person is conveying to you without over analyzing the conversation. This is hard to do! However, you can learn to deflect most of the conversation in your favor and avoid talking for a longer period of time, unless of course, the conversation is interesting and useful.
  • Be Creative! YES! This is one of my personal favorites! Enjoy being yourself and think about how you can be more creative to embark on new experiences that may be beneficial to your well-being.

How many INTPs play the piano or other instrument?

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Jillian (author) from Murrieta on April 12, 2018:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas, Masoud; I will put your ideas into consideration as I continue to write. Personally, I am not, particularly fond of being an INTP. As a female, I should be able to socialize with other females more easily but I continue to struggle. I cannot seem to relate to most emotional needs, which can be frustrating and time-consuming. As a result, I am often misunderstood as "cold" and uncaring. Thus, it's beneficial for me to be on my own.

Additionally, I do not believe that I have stumbled upon any great success recently. In fact, I am disappointed in myself for not achieving many projects or goals. However, some of my "experiments" have failed and I am aware that may happen.

I will look into writing additional articles about INTPs. Again, thank you for taking the time to comment on the article, Masoud. I appreciate your input.

Masoud from Qatar on April 01, 2018:

Being an INTP female is about as "distinct" as you could get. Not to discourage you, I'd trade the normality for snowflake status any day. I actually find many more successful INTP women than men, and you really hit the nail on the head with that assumption that INTP's creativity manifests musically. I think it's their immersive awareness towards how different notes and beats fit into a complete flow of sound.

"Si" is the INTP's third function. INTPs seem to be influenced in an elongated fashion by the information they store, and so their past ends up shaping who they are and what they want presently. It would be interesting to see you as an INTP write about potential connections between your current target and the past.