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Ileana the Star Traveler and the Awakening Cosmic Reality Show

Full Awareness of our current paradigm is being exposed in many different forms through a network of whistleblowers, to expose the truth.

Anaya, of the El Race and Ileana the Star Traveler in the Future

This illustration depicts an experience Ileana the Star Traveler had with one of the leaders of the El Race, descendants of the ancient Builder Race, named Anaya, in the future on Earth.

This illustration depicts an experience Ileana the Star Traveler had with one of the leaders of the El Race, descendants of the ancient Builder Race, named Anaya, in the future on Earth.

Ileana the Star Traveler, The Real Deal

I met Ileana the Star Traveler, through the controversial Facebook group known as Stillness In The Storm (SITS), created by the writer/researcher, Justin Deschamp and mostly populated by a group of Corey Goode groupies and cult followers. This FB group was supposedly created to altruistically examine and discover the truth. However this author learned through experience that this group is nothing more than an extension of the Corey Goode propaganda machine, based on his Secret Space Program (SSP) narrative. While this article Ileana the Star Traveler and the Awakening Cosmic Reality Show isn't being written to bash Justin Deschamp's and his groupies confused version of the truth, it is being written to show why Ileana the Star Traveler vast knowledge of the Secret Space Program, needs to be heard and why the Corey Goode camp feels threatened by her knowledge.

As a writer, I follow the truth where ever it leads me and it often takes me in a direction that is not popular, so be it. I did not incarnate on this planet to follow the status quo, to be mind controlled or too allow others to do my thinking for me.

Ileana the Star Traveler and I made a connection very quickly and although I don't remember the initial conversation, I do remember the genuine veracity of her story and sincere transparency of her dialogue. There was no subterfuge, no deception, no hidden agenda and she answered all my questions with no hesitation or promises to get back to me with more information. If you listen to her speak in her videos and interviews, she is clear and concise, there is no hesitation, no pauses, as if she is making up an answer.

I have done three video interviews with her, spoken to her on the phone or Skype dozens of times and often solicit ideas, discuss concepts and explore topics of interest. She was a communications expert and computer savant while serving in the SSP. She is a no nonsense, straight shooter with an incredible amount of solid, verifiable intelligence and information pertaining to the Secret Space Program, that I feel cannot be attained by reading and researching alone.

Her detailed memories of her time in the Secret Space Program are vast, her ability to share pertinent information on the SSP in real time, is nothing short of amazing while her transparency and willingness to answer all questions, to me, shows a level of crediblity that other SSP Insiders and Whistleblowers, fall well short of.

I'm writing this article because, although there is a vast number of video interviews of Ileana the Star Traveler (well over a 130), I cannot find much of anything in written form. Her story is well worth researching and writing about because it rings true to this author and I find her narrative more compelling than some of the more popular Secret Space Program Insiders and Whistleblowers. Ileana the Star Traveler, Is The Real Deal and the fact that money making propaganda con-artists, such as Corey Goode, would attack her story publicly is a clear sign that Corey and his Cabal handlers feel that her story, if it were to become well known, would over-shadow and even replace his, a clear threat to his narrative.

Below is a list of the reasons why I endorse her story over the Corey Goode narrative, although they are very similar and dovetail almost to neatly too be a coincidence. I will elaborate on these reasons throughout the article.

  • Ileana the Star Traveler is not selling her version of the Secret Space Program to the public, through GaiaTV subscriptions, nor is she asking for donations.
  • Ileana the Star Traveler began exposing her version of the SSP before the first Cosmic Exposure Show aired on GaiaTV in the form of FREE online videos, interviews and poems.
  • Ileana the Star Traveler has produced over 130 videos and airs them in real time, with only a one to two week delay for production purposes.
  • Her vast knowledge of technological hardware, spacecraft and other devices used by the Secret Space Program shows she has an in depth recall of her memories and thorough knowledge of her work experience inside the SSP.
  • Ileana the Star Traveler does not use other SSP Insiders or Whistleblowers to support her narrative or events or reveal secret spacecraft and bases she has visited.
  • Her almost complete recall and memory allows her to speak with authority on many subjects and topics related to the SSP.
  • Ileana the Star Traveler's Remote Viewing abilities allow her to investigate secret locations, hidden bases and technology and share these experiences with the public.
  • Her willingness to engage in conversations with a wide variety of people and other SSP Insiders reveals the kind of transparency not normally found by other less than accessible SSP Insiders.
  • Her morals and ethics, not too mention her humble approach to sharing her knowledge with the public, reveals a person with great integrity and a true Service To Others attitude.
  • The details and narrative she shares with the public on many related topics and events, although dovetail with Corey Good's version of events, often reveal a level of intricacy and in depth analysis that Goode's lacks, while exposing the more nefarious agenda of the SSP.

All these reasons and more is why this author endorses her story over those that would sell you Full Disclosure, one 30 minute episode at a time, week after week. Oh and she even provides photographs of SSP craft, something the Blue Avian Brotherhood of Snake Oil Salesmen have never done . . . things that make you go Hmmm!

Super Soldiers

Using Star Gate technology, Super Soldiers and SSP Agents are able to move through Time and Space for their missions. TV shows such as Quantum Leap and Quantum Break, clearly depict this technology exists.

Using Star Gate technology, Super Soldiers and SSP Agents are able to move through Time and Space for their missions. TV shows such as Quantum Leap and Quantum Break, clearly depict this technology exists.

International Corporate Conglomerate & Monarch Solutions

The International Corporate Conglomerate, has a logo very similar to the one used for Monarch Solutions.

The International Corporate Conglomerate, has a logo very similar to the one used for Monarch Solutions.


Ileana the Star Traveler Her Story

Ileana the Star Traveler was born in Kharkov, Ukraine on January 17, 1985 but soon immigrated with her family, to Israel at the age of six, in 1991. She and her family moved to Canada in 1993, where she has been ever since. She currently resides near Vancouver in British Columbia. She graduated from Langara College British Columbia, Canada in 2005.

She has many certificates as a healing practitioner, such as Reiki, Crystal, Shamanic, Intuitive Empath, Past Life Regression and basic Hypnosis Practitioner. She is also a teacher, using her skills and talents to help clients learn self-healing, balance chakras and auric fields and learn healthy methods of balancing stress, anxiety and alleviate physical pain, while clearing energy blockages. More about this part of Ileana the Star Traveler's life and practices can be found by following this link to her website Crystal Grid Creations.

Based on her memory recall of her time in the Secret Space Program, she has been able to piece together her work history while serving as a Linguistic Specialist, for the ICC ( Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate ).

  • She spent the first fourteen years in the Secret Space Program decoding, deciphering and translating different alien languages and matrixes from visiting ET's coming to the Milky Way Galaxy for the first time.
  • Her natural disposition for learning languages was augmented by neuro-link etheric implants inserted into her brain, so that she could serve as a universal language translator at various Super Federation functions and SSP Meetings.
  • Her neuro-link implants allowed her to energetically tap into any type of technology, such as navigation databases, language databases and repositories to add new information or access classified language codes. She learned to use software that allowed her to code information so that it could not be hacked.
  • Often her physical appearance had to be altered to attend these ET Conference Meetings, as many ETs refuse to interact with humans. This required genetic alterations of her DNA and/or physical cybernetic manipulation.

Her early history, reads like a typical MILAB experience other SSP Insiders have recalled and shared, the only difference being, that Elena's superior empathic and psychic abilities has allowed her much better recall than most SSP Insiders or Super Soldiers. However through her later training and experimentation, she received as a child showed she was used much like a lab rat and endured many extremely harsh and tortuous programs designed to augment her latent psychic abilities to be utilized by the Secret Space Programs.

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The early childhood experimentation she endured, has lead to many health problems now, as she no longer has access to the healing chambers and pods used by the SSP to keep their personnel in excellent health.

While not all of her memories are complete, as she explores her own inner self and clears blockages, she has begun to recall memories of her time in the Dark Fleet and Super Soldier training. This kind of memory recall has a way of snowballing and leading to even more memories that she may have suppressed, due to their dark nature and traumatic effects to her psyche. It is clear to this author, through my extensive research into her story, that her memories are evolving and growing, through her willingness to explore her inner-self.

While stationed on over 11 different Mars bases, she worked on software programs that were used to link cyborg technology with test subjects and soul transfer stations and chambers. Some of these bases are essentially human meat labs where body parts are harvested from abducted humans for use as cybernetic implants and parts. These are the kinds of stories of the Crimes Against Humanity scenarios conveniently left out of Corey Goode's more romanticized version of the Secret Space Program. The cybernetic Super Soldiers created in these labs are then traded with other ET races for advanced technology, weapons, anti-aging serums and information, technology for building better space craft, trade negotiations, access to planets for new colonies and so forth.

TR-3B's and the Phoenix Lights

These illustrations of triangle craft, known as TR-3B are the SSP standard craft and can combine together in mid-flight or fly separately, which explains the Phoenix Lights.

These illustrations of triangle craft, known as TR-3B are the SSP standard craft and can combine together in mid-flight or fly separately, which explains the Phoenix Lights.

Here is a photograph, Ileana the Star Traveler recently took of a TR-3B over her house in British Columbia. The SSP monitors her activities closely.

Here is a photograph, Ileana the Star Traveler recently took of a TR-3B over her house in British Columbia. The SSP monitors her activities closely.

This illustration shows three TR-3B's joined together and demonstrates how the Phoenix Lights could be achieved.

This illustration shows three TR-3B's joined together and demonstrates how the Phoenix Lights could be achieved.

Quantum Break Super Soldier

Clearly the show Quantum Break and video game of the same name is based on information from experiments conducted by CERN. Is this illustration based on information about time travelling Super Soldiers . . . ?

Clearly the show Quantum Break and video game of the same name is based on information from experiments conducted by CERN. Is this illustration based on information about time travelling Super Soldiers . . . ?

Alvin Toffler

MILABs and Monarch Solutions

From the ages of 2 through 10, she was routinely abducted by Aliens for various experiments and testing. One of her earliest memory is of being taken (abducted) by a Sharab Invictus (Yellow Reptilian) 12 feet tall, a Drazo Black Reptilian, 14 feet tall and another humanoid man, with long reddish, black and grey hair and beard. This being, she calls a Harvester, had grey skin and was at least 14 to 16 feet tall.

During this time she would be injected with femtites, a form of nano-technology designed to alter a humans immune system and block natural psychic abilities while altering the human body on a sub-atomic molecular level. I think this is done too make the subject reliant on SSP technology and medical inserts, too prevent memory recall and their own natural psychic abilities from manifesting and growing beyond the SSPs ability to control them and use them.

At age 4 she participated in a program known as Experimental Group 32, in the Ukraine run by Andrey Sarnof and the Yakovlev Biotech Engineering and Aircraft Group, which was doing genetic experiments on children to learn about their natural psychic and remote viewing abilities. This company also is invested heavily into bio-tech engineering of humans to ensure and enhance their abilities to survive in various environments in space.

I do not think it is a coincidence, that these kinds of companies often have their base of operations in regions of the world where children can be abducted and used for experimentation purposes, without publicity or family members even noticing. Ukraine, during the 90s was involved in a civil war after invading it's neighbor, Crimea.

While she lived in Israel in the late 90s she was again subject to experimentation by the Neuro-Scientist, social psychologist and author Alvin Sahan Toffer, to see how she would function with both hemispheres of her brain polarized and fused together to work as one unit. These experiments were designed to augment her already natural psychic abilities and help her to open time dilation portals, increase her levitation skills and help her too map future and past timelines. These skills would allow her to create new timelines by psychically manipulating her own reality, to ultimately change not only her destiny but humanities as well.

In the mid to late 90s, Ileana the Star Traveler was inserted into a Monarch type program near the Sierra Mountains to train her for existing in temporal reality space travel and anti-gravity environments. This training required her to endure numerous Near Death Experiences and other torturous regiments designed too help her withstand Alien environments and long distance space travel. Many other SSP Insiders and Super Soldiers have described how these programs use torture to fracture the ego into multiple personalities, so that they can compartmentalize pain, stress and pressure and endure harsh realities that would simply kill most humans or drive them insane.

Ileana the Star Traveler'ss ability to withstand the most evasive of these training programs and her natural stubborn streak, enabled her to block most of the mind control techniques her contemporaries still endure to this day and retain an almost perfect recall of her time in the Secret Space Program. This ability was duly noted by her trainers, which lead to her being used for tasks that didn't include missions that would be considered Crimes Against Humanity or other violent acts. However this did not prevent the SSP from using her for many other programs that allowed her access to a wide variety of ultra-top secret technology and data.

The Monarch Programs are essentially trauma based mind control training to create Super Soldiers, Assassins and Sleeper Agents that can be triggered to carry out a wide range of missions, commit Crimes Against Humanity and other acts of terror and chaos and then have the memories of these acts completely erased from their normal everyday minds. These programs also create humans able to survive the psychic torture of enduring pain beyond description, go through healing chambers that regrow limbs and repair bodies, have cybernetic implants inserted or removed and deal with death and destruction that would mentally cripple most humans.

Around the turn of the Century, Ileana the Star Traveler participated in the Quantum Leap Temporal Program from 2001-2014, an off-shoot program based from information gained through time travel experiments at CERN. Unknown to the general public there are at least two CERN labs in the United States with mini hadron colliders in underground bases, one of these is near Montauk, Long Island, New York, the other near the Sierra Mountains in California.

The director of this program, Paul Serene, used the information gained from these experiments to create a mini-series on television and video game, called Quantum Break. Because Hollywood has been exposing Secret Space Program technology for decades through television shows, video games and movies, such as Star Trek and Stargate SG1, Fringe, The Expanse and Jupiter Ascending this was not considered a breach in security and just another way to funnel money into the Secret Space Programs. By revealing secret technology on TV Shows and in Movies, the ICC and Cabal can then use them to point out to the public, that anyone that stumbles upon the truth is merely a sci-fi, conspiracy theorist, nutard.

This is a very clever way of hiding secret technology, information, space craft (UFOs) and concepts in plain sight, so that if the public does become aware of certain information there will exist reasonable doubt and confusion. This is why all of the Main Stream Media is ordered too ridicule these topics, despite their popularity and publicity.

Paul Serene

Ileana the Star Traveler Interview with the Author, Daniel Williams

Attacks and Integrity

The integrity of the Ileana the Star Traveler, have been attacked by none other than Corey Goode, the very same person that, coined the phrase Unity in the Community, indeed. Here is a person that cried foul for being exposed in the Alternative Media as a anonymous source, through private emails doing the very same thing by calling Ileana the Star Traveler a fake based on private email . . .

However what I do find interesting, is that Corey and his camp of disinformationists, are the only ones leading this charge of calling out other SSP Insiders and Whistleblowers, as fakes and charlatans. You can read more about how they use disinformation tactics to distract and confuse their followers by following this link, Corey Goode, The Comic Exposure Show & His Disinformation Cult.

And yet, Ileana the Star Traveler, didn't respond in kind, she didn't attack or write lengthy rebuttals against her attackers, to my knowledge she has called no one a fake . . . things that make you go Hmmm!? However she has saved ALL the correspondence she has had with her attackers that have been used to smear her reputation, which if she ever shared publicly would reveal some of the deception and disinformation tactics, these so-called truth seekers employ to disparage others that could be perceived as threat to their narrative.

I applaud her willingness to take the moral and ethical high road, despite the cowardly acts of Justin Deschamps and Corey Goode, that have attempted to smear her reputation through unprovable suppositions and articles. Both these men should be ashamed of themselves for disparaging the words, videos and articles of a fellow truth seeker, with no evidence to support their contentions . . . However having dealt with both of them through various correspondence over the years, I sincerely doubt that either feel any remorse for attacking and disparaging the reputation of a fellow researcher. In the absence of any discerning proof, all researchers and writers should remain open to any and all new information, despite their own biased views on the material.

Be that as it may, Ileana the Star Traveler's willingness to share her version of reality, through videos and interviews on the Awakening Cosmic Reality Show and her Messages From A Star Traveler FB website, reveal to her audience a sincere desire to share a plethora of information for free with little or no compensation for herself . . . something her, "self-proclaimed" competition cannot claim.

This is very important consideration, Ileana the Star Traveler, is not selling you Full Disclosure, is not advertising the sale of coffee mugs and t-shirts, does not have a movie or comic book deal, does not have the support staff or marketing department of a GaiaTV Show, does not have any famous authors writing a book of her experiences. Ileana the Star Traveler, came back from her 60 years in the Secret Space Program, with one agenda and one agenda only, to share the truth with humanity in an attempt to alter the future of humanity, she saw during her service in the SSP.

  • This she has done by practicing integrity, at all times, not just when it was convenient to do so.

  • By sharing information in real time on YouTube and Facebook.

  • By using remote viewing and/or other forms of information retrieval and research.

She has put her own personal safety and health aside to bring humanity this message, despite her own trials and tribulations that come from being a MILAB and Secret Space Program Insider. Finding the courage to share her very personal memories and placing her reputation before the public to be ridiculed and attacked, shows the kind of integrity, determination and perseverance, that should be heralded as the acts of a true hero.

Ileana the Star Traveler on the Corey Goode Saga

Project Camelot

Kerry Cassidy interviews reveal the veracity of the Secret Space Program and closely match the intelligence  Ileana the Star Travelershares with her audience and the public.

Kerry Cassidy interviews reveal the veracity of the Secret Space Program and closely match the intelligence Ileana the Star Travelershares with her audience and the public.

Interview of Kerry Cassidy on SSP

Ileana the Star Traveler MILAB Abduction Confirmed

Corey Goode confirmed Ileana the Star Traveler's own MILAB indoctrination and Secret Space Program tenure in the article he wrote trying desperately to cast her own narrative as fraudulent. These are the kinds of disinformation tactics The Cabal/Illuminati use too routinely mislead the public. They will often admit the truth, while in the same sentence, disparage and ridicule the topic or person being discussed. Here is quote from an article posted on the Facebook group Stillness In The Storm.

" . . . It is also convoluting the entire disclosure movement. There is a person from the Ukraine who is now making the rounds and actively seeking interviews to speak on these subjects. I have confirmed 100% that this person had ZERO connection to the SSP other than being an abductee of the Military SSP after ET's had abducted them during the 1990's and early 2000's."

MILAB is an acronym for Military/ET Abduction. MILAB is the first step a person goes through when being trained for the SSP. These are not random abductions but are carefully selected individuals based on potential psychic abilities, determined through a variety of testing procedures and DNA genetic breeding.

The Cabal uses this kind of abduction type scenario to groom children for eventual indoctrination into the various Secret Space Programs. These programs use torture, pedophilia practices, near death experiences (NDEs) and mind control to fracture the personalities of the subjects and create split personalities that can then be programmed to forget the experiences and training when returned to normal life.

Ileana the Star Traveler was born in the Ukraine and I doubt Corey would have ever known this, if Ileana the Star Traveler had not told him in a private email that he told her would only be used for research purposes and not shared publicly. Ileana the Star Traveler is an interviewer, videographer and researcher and does not actively seek interviews. She has never asked Corey to be on his Cosmic Disclosure Show, simply because she has her own Cosmic Awakening Show ( which first aired before the first episode of Cosmic Disclosure, more on that later) and the fact that she cannot travel due to health concerns caused by her tenure in the SSP.

So while there is an element of the truth in Corey's above quoted statement from his disinformation article, the majority of the information is false. The Cabal relies on the fact that most of the public is ignorant of this information and will not research the material to find out the truth for themselves. Doing the "thinking for the public" is a common disinformation tactic The Cabal uses to condition the public, to their version of the truth.

Ileana the Star Traveler is a tireless researcher and interviewer, chalking up over 130 video interviews since beginning her own version of Full Disclosure. She continues to amaze her fans and followers by revealing information on a wide variety of topics and characters within the Secret Space Program and is quickly becoming a researcher/interviewer on par with the likes of Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot.

I have included a Project Camelot video above to show the reader how Ileana the Star Traveler's information dovetails with other contemporary investigators and journalists, while remaining unique and original. The similarities in her story too information provided by other researchers is an important factor consider, when learning to discern the veracity of the knowledge presented.

Q & A With Ileana the Star Traveler

Ileana the Star Traveler's Remote Viewing Abilities

Ileana the Star Traveler's Contributions

Ileana the Star Traveler's amazing research capabilities, remote viewing and integrity allows her to make numerous connections throughout the True Age Movment, coupled with her sincere desire to reveal the truth has elevated her contribution to the New Age Community to new heights by providing fresh new ideas on some subjects that have been almost completely picked apart by researchers and writers while revealing information on others topics that are almost entirely unknown.

She was the first SSP Insiders to introduce the concept of a 60 and back program, locating and identifying numerous Mars bases, revealing some of the more technical hardware used by the SSP on and off world, how Artificial Intelligence software is integrated and used by Super Soldiers and Cyborgs, technology used to capture and transfer souls and cryo-genesis rehabilitation chambers.

Her remote viewing abilities has allowed her to clarify details about Area 51, Antarctica Bases, Mars Bases, Cities on Venus and human and alien bases on the Moon. Her memories are far more complete than many of her contemporaries in the SSP field, which has provided her audience with more intricate details on various subject matters. These memories has also allowed her audience to learn more about the history and inside workings of the Secret Space Program, that many other Insiders and Whistleblowers simply cannot furnish.

Her work as a visual and empathic communications specialists provides her with the knowledge and background of the intricate interactions of various Alien and Human factions involved in the SSP. This also gives her a very reliable "BS Meter" that allows her to "ferret-out" disinformation, outright lies and fabricated stories, designed to mislead and distract the public.

After listening to only a handful of her videos you will quickly realize why her technical knowledge, almost perfect recall and communication skills would be a threat to other Secret Space Program Insiders that often stumble through their own memories and narratives, seeking to describe technology they have no words for, scenes they have no visual experience of and concepts and ideas that are foreign to them.

She is often called upon by other SSP Insiders and Whistleblowers to help confirm their own vague memories about events, technology and on and off world locations, they have questions about. Many other SSP Insiders and Whistleblowers, such as Penny Bradley, Lindsey Hooper and Tony Rodriguez have worked together, done interviews with each other and shared their stories to help each recall certain events and subjects concerning their lives in the Secret Space Program.

More about them can be found by following this link, Secret Space Program Insiders Are The Catalyst For Full Disclosure.

Star Traveler

 Ileana the Star Traveler's ability to find information on the internet and through her remote viewing abilities continue to astonish this writer.

Ileana the Star Traveler's ability to find information on the internet and through her remote viewing abilities continue to astonish this writer.

Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC)

There are ICC manufacturing plants on Mars and other planets in the Milky Way Galaxy that build plasma bombs, cannons, and grenades, which can easily destroy cities, stations and or even planets. The plasma weaponry is often mounted on cloaked ICC ships that use stealth technology in order to approach planets, or stations before they are destroyed.

TR-3B and the Moon

This is a great shot of a TR-3B and the Moon near  Ileana the Star Traveler's house in British Columbia

This is a great shot of a TR-3B and the Moon near Ileana the Star Traveler's house in British Columbia

The Message

The question most often asked is . . . So why did she come back after 60 years in the Secret Space Program and what is her message or purpose for sharing her experience with humanity? It certainly was the same question I asked her in one of our interviews. While I do not have direct quote for you, in a nutshell, she told me that she did not like the future she saw for humanity if they continue down the road of ignorance and censorship the Secret Space Program imposes on the ignorant enslaved masses of this planet.

She "officially" went public August 14, 2015 by creating a FB website: Messages from a Star Traveler and a YouTube Channel: Awakening Cosmic Reality Show. The reason she went public was because she " . . . wanted individuals to have a chance of beginning to awaken and understand what is happening beyond the normal everyday reality to the secrets that have been hidden from the public for way too long. In a way it is a form of disclosure process where I am exploring my various experiences, stories, reaching out to connect with people who were/are SSP assets, ET contactees, abductees, giving folks a chance to share their experiences in a safe place without judgment, where they are heard.

It is like a historical archive record that is being left in electronic form for individuals to be able to see what happens on an alternative perspective stepping away from the matrix of reality that is being presented to us on a daily basis. Having the opportunity to explore something different, to make up our own minds about the nature of reality, with discernment, to what resonates with us and what does not.

This has been an interesting learning experience for me providing for me with the opportunity to figure out how videography works, recording, editing and putting out my own interviews with individuals, doing vlogs, compiling graphical documentation together with written descriptions and formatting this into video presentations with music. As well I gained valuable experience in website design, I had learned this in college but not truly applied it in my healing business or my public speaking experiences.

I am a self-learner and taught myself how to use Facebook, YouTube, graphics software like Photoshop,, video editing software, interviewing skillsets working on my own web show online, etc. This has helped me to grow as a person and expand my horizons of looking beyond Service To Self and connection with Service To Others perspective in how I live my life."

I consider Ileana the Star Traveler a friend, even though we have never met physically. This does not mean with cannot disagree about ideas and even certain actions but her experience has helped me greatly in learning to grow spiritually and with my online presence, which can be blunt and coarse at times. I often ask for her advice, input and direction when dealing with people during online disagreements and interactions that are not always of a positive manner and her guidance has been invaluable to me.

DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons)

Messages From A Star Traveler

I think Ileana the Star Traveler's most valuable contributions to the New Age Community is her dedication, transparency and willingness to share her truth in real time. Meaning she is constantly giving the community fresh updates on information and events, sometimes before they even become popular or are talked about. She also does her own research on topics that are being discussed in the New Age Community, which provides us with new angles and perspectives to interpret information and knowledge.

Her remote viewing abilities and other research and communication skills, set her apart from her contemporaries and allows her to share information that is not so easily attainable through normal and more common research methods. This makes her videos and interviews an invaluable resource to writers, such as myself, too explore topics and ideas that often take months to come to the surface, even on the internet. Her integrity and open transparency on topics that many other SSP Insiders, researchers and writers might find controversial and even distasteful set her apart from, the likes of Corey Goode, Dr. Salla and David Wilcock and others that tend to avoid such topics as the Secret Space Program's Crimes Against Humanity.

Her willingness to openly discuss such topics as Pizza Gate, Secret Space Program pedophilia, slavery, MILAB kidnapping, torture and sex trade is probably one of the main reason Corey Goode saw her as threat and has tried to ridicule her, call her a fake and tarnish her reputation. His use of disinformation specialist Justin Deschamps to write an article about her, Corey Goode Update | Beware of False SSP Whistleblowers -- Analysis and Commentary, proposing outlandish and unprovable theories and ideas, only confirms that she is seen as a very real threat to his narrative and agenda.

Corey's employment of business partner Roger Rausmus a.k.a. Emma Gold to throw her under the bus by using slanderous name calling and other disinformation tactics, has provided this author with all the information I need to conclude, that Ileana the Star Traveler is seen by Corey Goode's Disinformation Cult, as a very real threat to their agenda. While Roger may not be a devil worshipping Satanist as he has recently been tagged as by the Dark Journalist, his own dealings and tactics with this author shows he clearly is deceptive, manipulative and dishonest.

While, I'm sure he will use the incident that lead to him banning me from his group Full Disclosure Now as an excuse for disparagement and resentment, I see it as perhaps the greatest lesson I have learned in quite sometime and see the entire incident as a blessing, thank you Roger for showing me your true colors before I actually invested any significant time and effort into your misguided cause.

His banning me from his group, provided me with the motivation to create my own secret FB group, that has grown into one the best sources of good, solid intelligence found anywhere on the internet. Both Stillness In the Storm and Full Disclosure Now showed me exactly what I do not like in FB groups and the means to avoid these pitfalls, distractions and disinformation trolls, so prevalent in such groups.

TERCES & the New Age Movement

Out Story Artilces

  • Planet Earth, Our Story
    Based on the book Voyagers Vol. II Secrets of Amenti, Forbidden Archeology & the Terra Papers this article describes the origins of Planet Earth, our solar system and the beginning of the Human Saga.
  • "In The Beginning . . . Our Story"
    A description of how humanity began its evolution on the planet Earth, revealing a Forbidden Story of our past and what events lead to our collective amnesia of this amazing story.
  • The Electric Wars, Our Story
    The most significant event in human history has been almost completely erased from human and planetary memory. The Electric War 5,509,000 years ago, not only reshaped the Earth but altered human DNA.

Origins of TERCES

Soon after joining the group SITS and questioning the veracity of some of the Corey Goode information and claims, the attacks on my ideas became a common theme by other members. This trend by other members was not discouraged by the moderators or administration, which should have been my first clue, that this group's agenda was primarily a Corey Goode support group.

I posted links to many of my articles in this group because I was naïve enough to want to think it was really about discovering the truth. This lead me to being invited to become a member of another Corey Goode propaganda group known as Full Disclosure Now (FDN). As a founding member of this group, I was asked to become part of the inner circle and be an administrator, with the idea of creating a Facebook group dedicated too disclosing information and knowledge that would lead too a Full Disclosure type scenario. As a writer and professional graphic artist, my skills were valued and I offered them free of charge, thinking that giving my time and skills freely, could lead to a movement that would benefit all of humanity.

The founder of this group Roger Rasmaus, a.k.a Emma Gold, and now Corey Goode's business partner, asked me to write a series of articles about the true nature of Earth's History, a rather broad subject but I was willing to try. I soon learned that this invitation was merely a ploy to appeal to my ego and get me on board with Corey Goode's narrative so as to become a supporting cast member of his growing Cult of Disinformation. As with SITS, my outspoken views, were greeted with less than favorable comments and even group troll tactics and attacks.

My contention is that Corey Goode's story of being a Secret Space Program Insider and Whistleblower, is simply a cleverly designed confidence game that prey's on the naïve emotions and lack of critical thinking of a select group of recently awakened New Agers, that are angry about being lied too and feeling foolish for being deceived. That 90% of all the information Corey shares in his Cosmic Disclosure Show can be found in already published material from banned books, censored YouTube videos and deleted websites, he has found while setting up Troll Stations for the Government (see Season Four, Episode Four of the Cosmic Disclosure Show).

I think that when the truth does come out and it eventually always does, their are going to be a lot of very hurt people and even some angry investors. However I also think that a majority of his close followers are well aware of the ongoing hustle/deception/scam and are willingly participating in it, probably for the promise of financial gain.

I wrote three articles for this group, called variations of the title/theme Earth Our Story (see articles above) but flat out refused to publish them under Roger Rasmaus' guidelines or hand over my material, links and sources to him. I have found that people that use the old adage, "Trust Me", are usually not the type of people you should trust. I did however post the links to these articles, on both groups, SITS and FDN.

One of these articles Ileana the Star Traveler read and found compelling enough to reach out to me and make contact, we have been friends ever since.

I have subsequently been banned from both groups, an action I consider a blessing. I have no desire to participate in any group that uses insults, mud-slinging and hate type language to express their opinions and ideas. It was suggested that I should start my own group and maybe I could find others that agree with my ideas and principles while refraining from using cuss words or arguing too express themselves . . . what a novel idea, why didn't I think of that!


Stonehenge is nothing short of a star map revealing our ancient origins, this closely guarded secret is slowly being recognized by mainstream researchers.

Stonehenge is nothing short of a star map revealing our ancient origins, this closely guarded secret is slowly being recognized by mainstream researchers.

TERCES (The Enlightened Research Creed Everyone Seeks)

What a great idea . . . there now exists a secret group on Facebook, called TERCES (secret, spelled backwards), it means The Enlightened Research Creed Everyone Seeks. We do not cuss, we do not argue and everyone's opinion is valued, no matter how extreme or radical. In fact both Roger Rasmaus and Justin Deschamp, were members but both have left without explanation . . . while I hold no grudges against either of them, I do not share their ethics and morals.

TERCES, boasts many Secret Space Program Insiders/Super Soldiers, channelers, blog writers, published authors, video makers and interviewers, healers and psychics and wide variety of truths seekers from all over the planet, as members.

While we are not a big group (by design, quality over quantity), less than 200 people, we do adhere too some strict guidelines that are found no where else on the internet . . . we simply do not argue and do not cuss! Taking a page from Avalon Sol's playbook, I am the only administrator.

TERCES was created as a safe haven for truth seekers to discuss controversial topics without being attacked or insulted. More good intelligence goes through TERCES in one day, than most groups discuss in a month.

If you have a problem discussing controversial topics like an adult without cussing or arguing then TERCES is not for you. Membership is by invitation only but if it does sound like your kind of place all you have to do is ask and you will be considered . . . Trolls need not apply!

Ileana the Star Traveler, The Real Deal?

Denny Hunt & Ileana the Star Traveler

Dark Fleet Technology

Recently revealed memories of  Ileana the Star Traveler's time spent in the dark fleet has allowed her to identify the space craft and facilities this group uses.

Recently revealed memories of Ileana the Star Traveler's time spent in the dark fleet has allowed her to identify the space craft and facilities this group uses.

The Dark Fleet uses a variety of plasma weapons and body shields to protect their agents and Super Soldiers.

The Dark Fleet uses a variety of plasma weapons and body shields to protect their agents and Super Soldiers.


Having researched pertinent information for this article, I am now, more convinced than ever that Ileana the Star Traveler, is the Real Deal. The information she shares is compelling but more than that it has the "feel" of the truth. My intuition can perceive no deception, no ulterior motive, no underlying agenda. The part of her story that is so compelling, to me, is that as it evolves, more is revealed. It feels to me that as she explores her memories and follows her inner guidance, more layers of blocked and suppressed memories are surfacing.

I think Ileana the Star Traveler is on a journey of self discovery, the kind that takes courage, commitment and perseverance and as she delves deeper into her own story. As she continues to share what she finds on her inner journey, with the public, I think we will all be amazed at just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Her ability to make connections to real time events, breaking news and new discoveries of our ancient past to her experiences inside the Secret Space Program continue to astound this writer but also goes a long way to legitimizing her credibility, intelligence and psychic skills.

As I wrote the conclusions to this article, Ileana the Star Travelera called me. She is in the middle of moving from her old house in Surrey, near Vancouver, BC on the coast, into a new house in the mountains, in the interior of British Columbia near the town of Kelowna. I was able to go over some of the finer details of this article with her and offered to send her the information for her perusal.

She said, "You know what, I trust you, you are good writer, you should go ahead and publish it and if I find any glaring errors, we can always go back and edit it!"

During our conversation, of over an hour, she explained to me, that her psychic abilities allows her to tune into the memories of the people she interviews and talks too and this allows her to recognize any deceptions or fabrications during the conversations. I told her that my research for this article lead me to countless hours of listening to interviews and videos and I could quite literally write a book about her, there is so much information. She said, "Go for it, you have my permission."

Inevitably, there will be some comparisons made between Ileana the Star Traveler and that other guy, the one with the TV Show and Cult following, that borrows his ideas about Blue Avians from Ashayana Deane and other writers and researchers. I think if anyone listens to what Elena has to say in her over 130 videos and interviews, they will agree with me . . . that Ileana the Star Traveler is the Real Deal!

I read or heard recently that Corey Goode, wishes to be consulted by any authors that use his name or story in articles, so that he may set the record straight and tell his side of the story. I have asked Corey on his Sphere Being Alliance website and in the comments of his GaiaTV Show episodes over 50 (fifty) questions in the last several years and NONE OF THEM, have ever been answered . . . not one!

On the other hand, Ileana the Star Traveler has answered every one of my numerous questions, through interviews, phone conversations and on Facebook and other social forums. Her willingness to be transparent, too hide nothing and to open up to her fans and critics, shows a level of integrity and commitment to the truth, that is nothing short of amazing in this day and age of deception and false news.

The vast amount of information she has share about her experiences from working in the Secret Space Program for 60 years could easily fill one or two books and perhaps I will have to write one about her. At the very least, another more in depth article should be written to cover the incredible amount of detailed knowledge she shares in her interviews.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article Ileana the Star Traveler and the Awakening Cosmic Reality Show, as much as I have enjoyed researching it and writing it. Elena Kapulnik is an exceptional person, on an incredible journey of self discovery. I feel blessed that she has been willing to share her continuing journey with the public through her interviews.


A.V. JONES on September 09, 2020:


Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on September 18, 2017:

Many thanks again for this great article. I finally have found the time to read it. I'm so glad that you wrote about Elena Kapulnik, who I met in the group you started on Facebook and I'm very honored to learn about her. I will share this article.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on August 11, 2017:

For those of you that are simply unaware Google routinely censors information from the American public, a simple search will provide you with nothing, an in depth search will offer you some truth but not all of it.

The Ukraine used special forces to invade Crimea in 1995, this information is not widely known but is available to those that are willing to put some effort into their research.

sam on August 11, 2017:

" Ukraine, during the 90s was involved in a civil war after invading it's neighbor, Crimea."

Idiot. the slightest bit of google research is missing from this easily verfied bit of bullshit.

How does that reflect on the other stuff NT verifyable by readers?

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on August 10, 2017:

TERCES, is a secret group that is only accessible through an invitation. However since it is a pretty well known fact that Somethgblue is just the Hub Pages name for Daniel Williams, then perhaps you can find me will a little investigative work and we can go from there . . .

dinah on August 10, 2017:

I could not find your fb page??