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The Spear of Destiny – Why It's Coveted by Conquerors Throughout History

Few regimes have played such an important role in history as Nazi Germany. It caused the greatest conflict the world has ever seen in World War II. The map in Europe was redrawn and millions of people were affected.

The Third Reich was also notable in other ways. Unlike other countries, several of its leaders had a deep interest in the occult. The rise of the Nazi Party was assisted by the Thule Society, which dealt with the occult.

Nazi leaders interested in the paranormal were Rudolf Hess and Heinrich Himmler. Rudolf Hess was Adolf Hitler's deputy and Himmler was the second most powerful man as leader of the SS. Astrology, horoscopes, crystals and so on were of interest to them.

Hitler was not as interested in the occult as some of the other Nazi leaders. However, being born in Austria, he was interested in a religious object that was kept in his native country. That object is known as the Spear of Destiny, also known as the Spear of Longinus or the Holy Lance.

According to legend, the Holy Lance is the spear that was used to pierce Jesus Christ at his crucifixtion.

According to legend, the Holy Lance is the spear that was used to pierce Jesus Christ at his crucifixtion.

The Background of the Spear of Destiny

According to legend, the Spear of Destiny is the spear that a Roman soldier used to pierce the body of Jesus Christ at his crucifixion. With the blood of Jesus, it is no longer any ordinary spear, but one with extraordinary powers.

The exact nature of the Spear of Destiny's powers are unclear, but it supposedly gives the owner the power to determine the destiny of the world. This includes the power to become invincible in battle and conquer the world.

The ability to rule the world spoke to the imagination of rulers and made the Spear of Destiny a highly desirable object throughout the ages. Many important historical figures have sought to obtain and keep the Spear of Destiny. Some, such as Napoleon, failed to do so, but others were successful.

Previous owners of the spear include the Emperors Constantine and Charlemagne. Constantine brought Christianity out of obscurity and made it the dominant religion in Europe. Charlemagne ruled over the Holy Roman Empire, which covered most of Europe and considered to be the First Reich.

The close association of the spear with powerful historical figures enhances the mystique surrounding the object. The last of these historical figures is Adolf Hitler, who was fascinated by an object that connected the First Reich with his own Third Reich.

The Spear of Destiny is mentioned throughout history

The Spear of Destiny is mentioned throughout history

How Adolf Hitler came to desire the Spear of Longinus

The young Hitler was born in Austria and aspired to be an artist and frequently visited the museums in Vienna, Austria. This is where he first encountered the Spear of Destiny where it was kept in a local museum and heard about its supposed powers. Hitler fascination is revealed when he mentions the object in his book Mein Kampf, which can be translated into My Struggle.

After the unification of Austria and Germany in the Anschluss, Hitler had the Spear of Destiny seized from Austria and brought to Nuremberg, Germany. This city had a special meaning to the Nazi regime and was the place where they held many of their rallies and meetings. The spear was kept there throughout World War II by the Nazi's until it was recovered by the Americans and returned to Austria.

Many people have tried to obtain the Holy Lance.

Many people have tried to obtain the Holy Lance.

Why Controversy Continues to Surround the Spear of Destiny

While Hitler's Germany achieved far more militarily than people had expected at the beginning of World War II, he was ultimately defeated. At first sight, possession of the Spear of Destiny did not ensure his victory. This would seem to debunk the legend associated with the Spear of Destiny.

However, not everyone is convinced. The Spear of Destiny in Austria is only one of four claiming to be the real one. The Austrian Spear of Destiny is considered to be the most likely to be genuine, but the possibility exists that the real item is somewhere else.

It is also claimed that mere possession of the spear is not enough. One must also know the secrets of how to use the spear to be victorious in battle. If Hitler was not successful and some of his predecessors were, it merely suggests that Hitler did not know how to use the Spear of Destiny.

Some people think that the Spear of Destiny is still in the hands of the United States. The object that was returned to Austria is only a duplicate. To these people, it is no coincidence that the seizure of the spear heralded the rise of the United States as the dominant power, which remains the case to this day.

There are other claims that the Spear of Destiny recovered by the Americans is itself a fake. According to this theory, the Spear of Destiny was no longer in Germany when it was seized by the Americans. The real Spear of Destiny was removed long before and brought to some unknown destination.

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The Spear of Destiny is thought to hold the blood of Jesus Christ.

The Spear of Destiny is thought to hold the blood of Jesus Christ.

Attempts to Solve the Mystery of the Holy Lance

The Austrian Spear of Destiny has been carbon dated to verify its authenticity. Unfortunately, the results raised more questions than it answered. Parts of the spear are definitely not old enough, but some of the inner parts could be from the time of Jesus.

It is assumed that the various owners must have made alterations or additions to the original spear. However, even if some of the spear is old enough, it does not by itself prove that it is the same spear that was used to stab Jesus.

It could be a genuine Roman spear, but one that had nothing to do with Jesus. It is important to remember that Roman objects are not that rare. It is still possible for people to dig them up, which happens all the time.

On the other hand, if the object in Austria is ever found to be a fake, it would raise more questions. If the object is not in Vienna, is it somewhere else? If it does exist somewhere else, can it really do what the legend says it can? Does the Spear of Destiny even exist?

Believing in the Spear of Destiny Is a Matter of Faith

The Spear of Destiny can still be seen in Vienna. Like other religious objects, there are people who believe in it and others who do not. Neither side can provide conclusive evidence that they are right. The Spear of Destiny could be the stuff of legends or just a very old object.

However, some of the most important people in history thought enough about the Spear of Destiny to have wanted it in their possession. Whether that by itself proves anything is for the individual to decide as a matter of faith.

The modern day Spear of Destiny in a museum in Austria.

The modern day Spear of Destiny in a museum in Austria.

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J Zod from Nairobi on December 18, 2018:

Hi John,

I have always been fascinated by the Spear of Longinus. The Illuminati and other occult groups have always been interested in seizing the Spear of Longinus for the purpose of world dominance. I had read about the Spear but I did not know some people had used it before for military conquests. I also did know the purported location of the Spear.

Thanks for sharing this excellent article.

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