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The Solution to American History

The solution to American history was to free the slaves and create an independent nation for these new free people. What freed people wants to share a nation with those who enslaved them? Such an independent nation should 1) be located nearby 2) contain few white people and 3) possess some geographical isolation. Fortunately such a place exists. It is called Florida.

The Plan: Emancipation without War

Time: After the U.S. took possession of Florida in 1821

  • Gradual compensated emancipation
  • Newly freed slaves given a ticket for a free ship or railroad ride to Florida.
  • Paid for by tariffs
  • No Fugitive Slave Act Slaves able to run away with impunity. Slave-owning less appealing when the healthiest and most energetic slaves disappear. Maybe Florida abolishes slavery.
  • Northern abolitionists & philanthropists, along with the federal government, contribute to Florida’s medical, educational, transportation systems. Industry is also brought to Florida. See also: Up from Slavery
  • Manufacturing firms & banks increase in the South. Railroads and textile factories head south. Steel mills arrive in Alabama. Common interests formed between North & South. If the South became independent, emancipation would be delayed.
  • Temporary decrease in naval expenditures to save money If the British get nasty we could always invade Canada. The U.S. leases a naval base on the Keys.
  • Land west of the Apalachicola River perhaps ceded to the U.S. This land contains a fair number of white people and such coastal territory is valuable to the U.S.
  • Reservations maintained for the Seminole

Objection: Are industry and tariffs always desirable?

Reply: Regardless of the answer I think they are necessary to accomplish the goal.

Objection: Slaveowners are not punished.

Reply: Is emancipation without war better than revenge?

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