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The Slogan : Forgive and forget, how does it work?

It is common for people to say, forgive and forget. However, there has always been questions on how easy it is to forgive and forget. Some people have argued on the subject. The saying forgive and forget is thought to be the best thing to do when we are hurt by others. The idea is that it is for our own benefit when we forgive and forget. Some people claim they can forgive and forget so easily while some other people claim it is impossible to forget even if the manage to forgive.

The basic truth is that the ease or degree at which we forgive or forget depends on the degree we are hurt. There are some things which we can easily forgive and forget even without the person asking for forgiveness. There are also things that will be so difficult for us to forgive even if the person who offended us asked for forgiveness. Forgiveness maybe easy because it simply means we pardon the person or remove any thought of revenge or hatred in our heart.

The most difficult part is to forget. You can forgive but to forget will depend on what was done to you. It is not even within your power to forget because it has to do with your memories depending on the degree of the damage or hurt.

For instance, you can easily forgive and forget a dispute or an insult depending on how light the insult. But when someone kills your loved one it becomes impossible to forget it even if you forgive the person. This is because it is not within your power to forget completely what was done to you.

Therefore, the saying forgive and forget do not necessarily mean that we should erase the incident from our memories which may not be possible. But it would mean that we do not think about it anymore or let it bother us even when it surfaces in our line of thoughts. The simple prove is that if you have forgiven someone about an offence and he commits the same offence again. You will definitely know that it is not the first time he is committing such offence.

Since we do not really forgive and forget. It is better to say, :forgive and ignore the pain.

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