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The Slenderman Sightings

I've been interested in researching the supernatural and paranormal for many years.

The Slenderman has been in the news lately, people saying he is responsible for murder by proxy; as in the case of two twelve-year-old girls in Wisconsin who stabbed their "friend" 19 times, claiming that they did it for Slenderman. Well, it's debatable whether Slenderman operates this way, whether he gets others to do his bidding, because other reports suggest he does all of his own dirty work.

At any rate, these reports persist. A man killed two police officers, and it is said the man worshiped Slenderman. In Cincinnati, a mother says her daughter attacked her due to the influence of Slenderman. And it goes on and on.

So, who is this mysterious and seemingly frightening figure known as Fear Dubh, Takkenmann, Der Grosse Mann, Derr Schlanker Mann--The Slenderman?

Let's find out.

The Slender Man

The Slender Man

Who is Slenderman?

Slenderman is a humanoid creature said to be about seven to eight feet tall, with abnormally long limbs and either a very horrifying face or with no facial features at all. Of course, as his name aptly denotes, he is said to be very thin.

It is said that he is generally docile until his face is seen, at which point the viewer is immediately, quickly and brutally attacked. For this reason, it is uncertain whether he really lacks facial features or whether he mostly keeps his face covered or otherwise obscured in some fashion.

It is reported that he can travel at incredible rates of speed, and for this reason he is able to reach his victims quickly and efficiently. He is also almost entirely invulnerable to damage, his skeletal structure has never been destroyed even with the most powerful of weapons, though his flesh has been blow to bits; even when attacked in such fashion, he cannot be stopped. It is reported that the covering of his face will return him to his docile state.

It is also claimed that he can grow, at will, extra appendages, called tentacles, out of his shoulders and back, which he uses for attacking and grabbing. Also his mouth can open wider than normal, at which point people have seen his supposedly terrifying fangs.

He is hairless with a very pale complexion.

It is said he can possess the mind of children and others and make them do as he wishes. It is also reported that children have turned up missing where he has been.

Some say he was created by the thoughts of those who worship him, known as the Tulpa Effect. Others say he is made up of different levels of atomic structure than humans and this explains his sudden and mysterious appearances when he is sighted.

And this leads to one of his main characteristics. Many believe that he can disappear and teleport. This has been explained by his ability to move swiftly but also by the possibility that he has a different molecular structure than humans.

Slender Man sighted in the background of this photo.

Slender Man sighted in the background of this photo.

The Sightings of The Slender Man

It is important to note that sightings of Slender Man have been occurring for at least hundreds of years. Some say for thousands of years.

As far back as the 1400s, Slender Man was reported to have been seen during the reign of Vlad Dracul III in Wallachia. In letters written at the time, concerning slaughters during this reign, there is description of people being taken by "The Tall Man", who lured them in, with arms outstretched.

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During World World Two, there are stories that, as bombs were dropping people were "corralled" by a light-skinned man with "dull" features who drew them in toward death by opening his arms and pulling them in. Most of these stories involved children.

Even as recently as the Vietnam War, there are stories such as this that happened during firebombings of fields in Southeast Asia.

One of the strangest is the sighting of Slenderman during the 9-11 tragedy, survivors reporting that they saw a figure that looked like the mysterious and awful creature, according to John Gray, director of the National Museum of American History and writer-researcher Dr. Michael Enslin.

Back in the mid-1980s, in Sterling City, California, groups of children turned up missing, and there were reports of seeing a tall thin man taking them away.

In Mason, Michigan recently a man called the police to report that his XBox, TV and phone were going "crazy", the volumes going up and down and the channels changing by themselves.When he looked out his window he saw a very thin man standing outside that then walked away.

Finally, one of the strangest sightings of The Slender Man occurred late in 2013, in Russia, when a couple of men saw him scaling a building in Ulyanvsk using his long limbs. The incident was caught on video, and the media has reported that people have turned up missing in the area for some time, including in the months before the video was released.

Footage of Slender Man Climbing a Building in Russia

In fact, there have been sighting of Slenderman across Russia and Europe, especially in seaside areas. It seems to be an area he likes, I suppose. Or he is there for some specific reason, no one knows.

The many accounts of The Slender Man tell us one thing: He is terrifying and other-worldly. Which is something we always find difficult to handle. He is mysterious, unknown and appears only when we look at him. We are never too fond of the unexpected. Or are we?

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Marquis Mayhem (author) from SCP-296 on December 28, 2015:

Glad you like my work and glad you stopped by, mythbuster.

mythbuster from Utopia, Oz, You Decide on December 27, 2015:

Another interesting hub, Marquis Mayhem. I enjoyed the writing, pics and vids and even V.G.'s comments! :)

Victoria Garcia on April 11, 2015:

If you don't believe me about S.C.P 096 find him or it on You Tube look him up as S.C.P the Shy Guy you will see he isn't slender man. And listin to him scream then you will know because Slendy doesn't speak if he does it's only in echos he doesn't speak normal and Slendy doesn't scream if you want to look at him so you could find out what he is like the Shy Guy does he screams because he doesn't like to be stared at.

Victoria Garcia on April 11, 2015:

That humanoid thing his name is the Shy Guy he is an S.C.P he is number 096 he isn't or better yet he is not the Slender Man the shy guy lives in a Secure Containment Center he cannot teleport like slender man the shy guy will only kill if any one stares at him like if that person wants to know what he looks like he screams really bad and slender man is not short he is the size of a pine tree I know because I've seen him I got away with my life because once Slendy sees you while you are staring at him that's it no more life for you games over I've never played and I'm not dumb enough too he when I saw him he was right next to a large pine tree like if he was camouflaging and this happened at night my dad was telling me about a tall figure that would get short like 7 foot and it would climb his house and I didn't know anything about Slendy and I didn't know if I should halved believed him because he had Schizophrenia he had it real bad so I didn't say anything about it anymore well I never brought him up because I didn't know what Slendy was and my dad had ended up with insomnia he got it after his first sightings of Slendy my dad no longer lives he became his victim Slendy took my father my aunt told me she never saw him ever again after Slendy took my dad threw the woods she saw when Slendy went to claim my dad my aunt lives in the city now she no longer lives in South Dakota they lived near the woods my aunt doesn't talk about that to nobody she has told everyone else on her side of the family that my dad had died of an alcohol and pill overdoes she also told the rest of the family that there was not going to be a funeral or a service of any kind and that she had already asked for his body to be cremated but only me and her know the truth he isn't cremated Slendy took him I also never saw it again but I do believe. God is always by my side and my aunt's side I don't go looking for what happened if I believe this much it's not ment for me to bother what's out there my job is to stay away from things like that and my job is being a mother to my kids and not some humanoids craving for humans. I believe in God nothing else but life and beauty.

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