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The Six Types of Stalkers



Imagine always feeling the need to look over your shoulder because your ex-boyfriend follows you everywhere you go. Imagine checking your phone and finding ten missed calls in less than ten minutes from a person who thought you liked him or her. Maybe you have already experienced this terror after all, every year more than six million people in the United States are stalked ( Actually it is one of the fastest growing crimes with electricity actually increasing the capability to stalk.

From cell phone trackers to hidden cameras and even to websites a person visits, it gives the stalker a chance to easily find out the town and area the person is in. Websites like Facebook and Twitter can give stalkers access to pictures, profile information including where a person works, and posting about travel plans or weekend plans.

With the ease of information stalkers can gain as well as the increase of stalking-related crimes, it is important to determine why a person gets so obsessed with a person that they will stalk. During research, psychologists and criminologists has found six types of stalkers.

The types of stalkers include the rejected stalker, the resentful stalker, the intimacy seeker stalker, the incompetent stalker, the predatory stalker and Erotomania and morbid infatuated stalkers . All six will be explained in detail to give an overview of how each type is different.


Rejected Stalker

Motivation: Rejected stalkers are not ready to let go of a loved one when the relationship fails. Usually the victim is a ex-lover however victims can also be ex-friends or family members. The stalkers want to reconcile their relationship however they seem to go between wanting the person back in their lives or feeling hatred toward them. So the stalker will go between begging them back and sending them flowers to sending them death threats.

Type of victims: Usually close friends, family members, co-workers, or love interests.

Personality: the stalker may have jealously issues or a history of being abusive. They also show higher levels of narcissism and anger issues. They may also have dependency issues as well.

Behavior: This is the most persistent of all the types of stalking. There is two reasons for this. One of them is that by stalking, the perpetrator feels closer to the victim than ever and so they think they are in a relationship. The other is that by causing stress to the victim, it makes themselves feel better and can help raise their self-esteem that fell when the victim ended their relationship with them.


The Resentful Stalker

Motivation: to get revenge on a person who has insulted them. The victim of these crimes usually remind the stalker of those who have oppressed and humiliated them in the past and usually believes that them (the stalker) is actually the victim and the real victim is an abuser. So in their mind, they are righteous to stalk.

Types of Victims: Could be strangers or acquaintances although there has been cases of closer relationship victims too.

Personality: usually the stalker has a paranoid personality traits

Behavior: this is one of the most obsessive of the types of stalkers. The stalkers get a rush from feeling power due to the fear the induce in the victims. Although there is a long-term stalking goal, usually only verbal threats are used. Physical threats are unlikely.


Predatory Stalkers

Motivation: the main motivation of this type of stalking is to attack the victim. Usually this is sexual based and the end result is usually sexual gratification and power over the victim. Perpetrators are usually male and victims are usually female but both genders have been victim and the perpetrators in this type of stalking.

Type of Victims: Could be somebody they know or strangers or even people they feel close to online.

Personality: most of the stalkers in this category have low self-esteem, lower intelligence levels, and poor social skills. These may be loners who are not used to social skills or is socially-awkward with the inability of reading body language. They may also have issues with voyeurism, fetishes definitely with fetishes that deal with power and bondage, and exhibitionism.

Behavior: these are the stalkers who usually are silent so to speak. They will usually stay hidden and try not draw attention to themselves. They will use a lot of surveillance to monitor the victim from a safe distance. Although they may make obscene phone calls, most of the time they catch the victim off-guard if they decide to attack in real life. This is the shortest lived type of stalking but has the highest capability of physically attacking the victim.

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The Intimacy-Seeker Stalker

Motivation: a delusional thought that the stalker is in love with the victim and the victim is in love with them as well. The main motivation is to be in a relationship with the victim. The stalker looks at a victim and believes that they are the only one who can fulfill all of their desires. This leads to the feeling that the victim is the only person for them and they refuse to admit that the victim wants nothing to do with his or her. They also feel since because they are stalking then the victim should love them back.

Types of Victims: strangers or acquaintances only.

Personality: this type of stalker is usually lonely and lack any intimate relationships in their lives.They might also have mental illnesses that bring up delusional thoughts and fantasies. They may also have a feeling of depression which may make them further focus into this fantasy of love that they believe is real.

Behavior: this type of stalker usually will send little presents to the victim as well as love notes. They might call on the phone but it is more common that they just send notes and presents. They are prone to jealousy and can get violent if victim rejects them. This is the second most persistent stalking so it is long lasting. They are however the most likely ones to ignore any legal sanctions believing it is just an obstacle to overcome.


Incompetent Suitor

Motivation: to find somebody to have a short-term sexual relationship with. They do not want anything long-term or strong, they find somebody they find attractive and stalk them in hopes of sleeping with them.

Types of Victims: Strangers and acquaintances.

Personality: usually there is cognitive issues, a social disability like Asbergers and/or a lack of social skills.

Behavior: Continue to ask for dates regardless of how many times they were shot down. Constantly wanting to hold hands or touch the victim, constantly trying to get in contact with the victim, and coming to see them repeatedly. As for lengthwise, this type of stalker have the shortest stalking length as well as the easiest to get discouraged by confronting the stalker or using the law to defer them.

A real threat found on a celebrity's Facebook page.

A real threat found on a celebrity's Facebook page.

Erotomania and Morbidly Infatuated

Motivation: the stalker believes the victim is in love with them. They believe that the victim's body language, the way they speak, the way they glance at their direction is the way they are announcing their love even if the victim never says they love them. The stalker will make the victim a large part of their life and have fantasies of them being together.

Types of Victims: Celebrities and high social class personal. However this could also be seen in everyday life like a student believing a teacher is in her just for an example.

Personality: Usually suffers from delusional illnesses or paranoia like disorders including Paranoid schizophrenia.

Behavior: they try their hardest to get a hold of the victim, by giving fan mail or threats in letters or a celebrity's personal Facebook or twitter account. For everyday cases, this could include showing up at their work and being overly impressive in their feelings for the person. It is unresponsive to any legal threat and the only way to calm it is by psychological help. Without the help it will continue until the stalker is arrested or moved on to another victim.

In Conclsion

Although all are scary, it is important to determine which type your stalker fits under in order to get help. Some can easily be dealt with by confronting or by going through the law system while others is a lot more complex. Some are long lasting while others are really short lived. To conclude, if anybody has a stalker or feel like they are being stalked, the best thing you can do is to take down social media sites and ask friends to post your whereabouts or posts pictures with you in it. Go to the police and explain the situation and then take steps to protect yourself.


Pepe on April 09, 2018:

I am soon to be engaged to a girl who has a very persistent in his or her behavior. Think it is a rejected or resentful type of stalker. Outside of getting off social media and changing phone, phone number and contacting the police, is there is anything you can recommend.

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