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The Significant Role of Parents as the Learning Facilitators to their Children in the New Normal in Education

Parents are the first teachers of children at home. At the early years of the children, they are taught of the basics of life – that includes the recognition of objects around, the name of the letters of the alphabet, and the development of numeracy skills. There are also instances that parents are too eager to have multi-talented children. This is the reason why they explore their children in various talent activities such as singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, and various sports activities like basketball, swimming, chess, among others. These continuously happening until these children formally enter their formal schooling.

It was during the first schooling of the children wherein you can expect parents to be supportive with their children. There are times that parents stay in the school for the entire duration of the classes of their children. They even ask the teachers of the home-based activities of their children. It is really a great scenery to have parents who are supportive to the studies of their children. But their support to their children in terms of their studies changes as the children go on the ladder of their education. Parents need to train their children to become independent so, they allow their children to do the school tasks alone.

Most countries around the globe are being affected by COVID-19 pandemic. This brings changes to the life of all individuals. It affects the totality of the person in the performance of their roles. By merely looking at the situation of the parents, they are now the learning facilitators to their children. A task that requires them to render quality time with their children in terms of guiding and assisting their learning with due respect to the learning delivery modality they chosen.

Parents as learning facilitators means that the parents serve as the teachers of their children at home. They are the one who will explain the content of the lesson, provide samples for better understanding the lesson, assess the learning outcomes, check the finished outputs, and providing enrichment activities. It is really a difficult task for the parents most specially those who are working or findings means for a living. But, this is the only way that their children learn the lessons during this time of COVID-19 pandemic.

In performing the assigned tasks of the parents, it is important that they are fully conditioned in embracing these roles for the benefit of their children. Readiness of the parents as learning facilitators requires a systematic way of putting oneself in the shoes of the teachers. Every parent must be prepared in terms of physical aspect, social aspect, emotional aspect, and mental aspect. In terms of physical aspect, parents are expected to be physically fit in the performance of their new role. This include their capacity and capabilities in demonstrating the needed skills by their children. Parents need to develop their social skills. They need to have the convincing power in order to make their children believe on what they are imparting about their lessons. Furthermore, they need to conditioned themselves that they are the teachers of their children. The number one qualities of a good teacher is to have a holding power in terms of their temper. Parents need to handle their temper so that they will not burst out immediately when their children cannot understand the lesson easily. They need to be patient in imparting the lessons to their children. Lastly, they need to be one or two steps advanced to their children. That is, they need to be mentally ready so that they have the required information and knowledge about their lesson. By studying in advance and consulting the websites, they can explain the content of the lessons in detail.

It is a fact that parents play significant role as learning facilitators during the new normal in education. What they need is to accept the realities of the changes that take place in the whole nation. They need also proper guidance from the teachers of their children that leads to the establishment of parent-teacher open communication. Teachers need to be ready in providing technical assistance to the parents in the execution of their important role. An orientation on parents’ role as learning facilitators must be provided by the school as part of preparing them with their new task.

Truly, this COVID-19 pandemic places the school scenes at home. It is a scenario of bringing what is happening in the school at home. For the very first time, parents are given the chance and privilege to experience the works of the teachers. It is an awakening experience for them and at the same time, a realization of what the teachers are really doing with the group of learners.


Zhara Rosete Francisco on September 29, 2020:

Very helpful article..It is indeed not an easy task to be a learning facilitator to our children..We really have to embrace these changes for the good of our children..

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