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The Selfish Human Brain

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I believe humans thrive because we have the most developed minds, not the most vigorous strength.


Mathematics, the other being physics, is one of the most memorable subjects in school. It is often a measurement of intellects for the students. Furthermore, a student with a gifted brain will excel in mathematics, most people believe. Yet, mathematics is difficult for the majority of students. And this subject is plain impossible for the others.

So, it is common for people to hear that someone's brain stopped working or not functioning during mathematics lessons. There is an area in the brain that governs how well an individual does regarding numbers, and there is no human being with a perfect mind in every aspect. Therefore, people should understand their limits to avoid unnecessary works.

The brain is the most developed part of the human body. The phenomenal men's brainpower paved the way to the top of the food chain. With its second-to-none adaptability, humankind evolved from a rock-throwing nomad to a civilized individual within a short time. For example, a human from five thousand years ago won't partake in society. But a cat from the time of the said human can do it just fine.

The Brain Is a Hungry Calculation Machine


Much to everyone's unawareness, the mind calculates tons of things within itself. As an illustration, there are more than seven trillion nerves in the human body. And the length of standard blood vessels in a person is around a hundred thousand miles long. Yet, the brain can calculate and handle them without breaking a sweat. For all of those reasons, psychology is complicated because the brain is an intricate mystery.

“Behavior is ultimately the product of the brain, the most mysterious organ of them all.”

— Ian Tattersall

The brain is also able to transform and evolve itself into a better or worse version. The neuron pathways in Matthew's brain will amplify or deteriorate when learning something new. Accordingly, linking the neuron may increase brainpower capability, which can increase the IQ in the long run. And now, scientists have discovered that children inherit some of the IQ and intelligence of their parents. For the brighter tomorrow, the brain reprograms itself to have better offspring.

The mind forces people to decide without their consent. Emotions are the results of certain substances floating in the system, such as dopamine and oxytocin. For the most part, the brain can release this based on personal preferences and not objective deduction. For example, many individuals can't swim because of trauma. The brain tries to protect the user by inducing fear if he/she thinks to do the same 'dangerous' thing.

For Whom Do People Work?


Some people believe they work for their boss, and some individuals argue they work for themselves. There is also a small percentage of people pro-bono to provide others with comforts. Again, the brain tries to bring comfort by releasing hormones according to what suits you the most. Whatever people work for, their jobs must provide them with the necessary dopamine indulgence.

After having to work, people are tricked by the brain to enjoy their jobs. The mind tricks them into believing that what they do is the best for them. For example, a CEO of corporations would assume he is in a better position than his subordinate. The workers at the fast-food chain would also believe that they are better than people with no job. While these are logical thoughts most of the time, the spells put by the brain into oneself are unreal.

When talking about material gain, individuals' minds point to a statement: the more money someone makes, the better their lives are. But a minority of people choose to have little to no income to receive satisfaction. They agree that money is the root of all evil, and chasing money can't fill the emptiness of lives. Yes, the brain feels that the pressure of money is too demanding and dictates the person to find it elsewhere.

Crucial Notion Is Within Grasp, but People Will Still Abandon It


Business is one of the foundations of civilization. The government needs to provide enough freedom and resource so businesses could flourish in the market. So, people must know how to handle a company to have a profit. Things like predicting the market, evaluating products, and theorizing the corporation's next step requires intelligence and reasonable minds. But all these concepts can and will be dismantled by emotions.

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Money is one of the most significant incentives in the world. Waging wars, trading humans, and selling children are some of the few examples of what monstrosity money can bring. Indeed, wealthy people have better control over their environment than ordinary people. But all money in the history of humanity has little to no values. Dollars are believed by the mind of the majority to be worthy of something. In reality, the dollar is a worthless paper and nothing else.

So, the supposed well-grounded trades between corporations are nothing but exchanging useful resources with useless paper. But it had been instilled a long time ago by the ancestors that money has the power to buy everything. However, the value of money is close to imaginary from an economic perspective. The world could agree that clam has the worth of a Bugatti if they choose to, but the mind doesn't want that right now.

The Horrible Realization

People are not powerful enough to govern their bodies. The brain always a thousand schemes ahead to continue to fulfill its desires. People shouldn't care too much about logical actions because the definition of rational is nothing but a by-product of the brain. It may sound harsh and brutal when realizing it, but individuals must know that everything is irrational and crazy. So, live your lives as you see fit while being compassionate to others!

“The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be.”

— Dalai Lama

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Azka F F (author) from Indonesia on October 27, 2020:

Hello, Brenda!

I wrote this after reading an exciting philosophy book regarding human nature. It seems that your perspective is both compelling and logical too.

Anyway, thank you for your kind response :)

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on October 26, 2020:

the brain can calculate and handle them without breaking a sweat....our brains do amaze me. We work them overtime quite alot, but they still survive.

I'm not certain our brains convince us our job is good for us...but rather we know having an income is good for us.

That useless paper money lines our pockets and pays our I guess it is worth having to spend.

Your last sentence I agree with...

, live your lives as you see fit while being compassionate to others

This is a well written article. Thanks for sharing.

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