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The Secrets of / in Handwriting Analysis

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Do you know the secrets revealed by your handwriting?

Do you know the secrets revealed by your handwriting?

What Does Your Handwriting Style Say About You?

The study of handwriting analysis, or graphology, is the science of analyzing handwriting to determine a person's personality traits. Every thing from a person's social tendencies to level of daily activity can be determined through this analysis. Uses for handwriting analysis include personal growth, employee selection by employers, jury selection by lawyers, to prove or disprove forgery, and by psychologists to gain insight into their clients. The field of handwriting analysis is utilized in many fields in many countries around the world.

The Most Cheerful Hubber- Realhousewife

The Most Cheerful Hubber- Realhousewife

Handwriting Analysis of Realhousewife

One of Hubpage's most beloved Hubbers, RealHousewife, Kelly Umpenhour was named the MOST CHEERFUL HUBBER of 2011 and 2012. Kelly cheerfully agreed to provide a handwriting sample for analysis. Here are the results of Kelly's handwriting analysis:

Kelly's writing immediately says she is highly communicative, open, and honest. Her writing is very stylish and this trait suggests she is also very stylish in her dress and décor. Initial analysis of her writing shows she is highly sociable, responsive, and extrovert, outgoing, and cheerful. She is optimistic and upbeat with a positive attitude.

Almost every ending letter in Kelly's handwriting has a loop that curves up. This suggests Kelly is a very generous and self sacrificing person. Because it occurs on almost every letter, this writer may be generous to a fault and it is assumable that her children are very well cared for.

Kelly's writing is on the large side. This signifies that she is highly confident. She likes to be noticed, but she isn't theatrical and doesn't bring attention to herself.

The straight slant mark at the beginning of several letters suggests Kelly dislikes being told what to do and how to do it. The loops in her letter "d's" signify she she thinks philosophy is a bunch of bull and she is not impressed by it or politics. The way Kelly crosses her hubs indicates she is very self driven and sets high goals for herself.

The loops on Kelly's "y's" tells us she is a highly physical, sensual person with a high sex drive and a freaky lover. (And.. sorry fellows, she is happily married). She is extremely organized, with a great sense of décor and you can make any space beautiful. The Realhousewife is not only cheerful, but dynamic.


Left Handed vs. Right Handed Styles

In ancient times, left handers were regarded as "strange" and thought to have a left hand dominance due to dark and evil influences. Today, those who predominantly use their left hands are traditionally more intelligent than right handed people and are uniquely creative. The most outstanding universal characteristics of left handed personalities is a streak of independence. There is only a 10% chance that a child will be left handed. Left handed writing is analyzed the same as right handed writing.

Most people in the world are right handed. Right handed people use the left sides of their brains creatively. 90% of the population is right handed.

The larger the handwriting, the more the writer seeks attention.

The larger the handwriting, the more the writer seeks attention.

Sexuality and Individuality can be revealed in handwriting.

Sexuality and Individuality can be revealed in handwriting.

Check o's and a's to get an idea of how a person will communicate.

Check o's and a's to get an idea of how a person will communicate.

Handwriting Analysis: Size and Extension of Letters

The size of a writer's letters handwriting in relation to spaces is an indication of their sense of ego. Handwriting that features large letters typically represents a friendly and social person. Someone who writes with tiny letters is most likely an introvert. Most people's handwriting is in the middle range making them a balance between the two extremes.

The upper and lower loops in a person's handwriting reveal many personality traits.

Tall Upper Loops:

Elaborate upper letters such as l's, d's, and h's indicate an abstract thinker with great intellect. This quality is often found in the handwriting of philosophers. The taller the loops, the more intelligent the person is. The shorter the loops to the top of the line is a sign of average intelligence.

Expressive or Large Lower Loops:

Those with expressive or large loops that go below the writing line, such as the letter y and the lowercase g indicate a sensual person who is driven and physical. These people often have very high sex drives and stay active throughout their lives. The more unique the loop, the more likely the individual is to be an original person (and a skilled lover). Short loops in letters that go below the writing line indicate the opposite. Those who write with very small loops are typically couch potatoes who avoid physical activity.

The more plump the loop in the lower letter indicates a person who's needs are not being met. A significant y or g with an elaborated loop indicates someone who isn't making as much money as they wish they were and may not be getting enough physical attention.

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Lower loops that are backwards may indicate someone who has unusual sexual desires.

No Loops in the Upper or Lower Letters:

Some people write letters in a printing style without loops in letters such as l and instead use frill free straight lines. These writers are serious, practical people who tend to be stoic.

Letter Openness:

Letter "openness" can reveal a person's communication style. Open o's and circular letters indicate a person who is open and communicative. Closed circular letters indicate that a person may be slightly "closed" and not as communicative.

Analyzing Hand Writing: Slant

Writing that slants to the right indicates a social individual. Right slanters are the life of the party and bring the fun with them. This style indicates an open and accepting mind. An extreme right slant indicates a person who is emotional and has a hard time containing their emotions whether good or bad.

Handwriting that slants to the left indicates a loner who works better by his or herself. An extreme left slant suggests a person who is rebellious, secretive, and may be cold hearted.

Those who have no slant to their writing tend to be very stable and self regulated. These writers are very logical.

What clues can you find in President Obama's handwrighting?

What clues can you find in President Obama's handwrighting?

A person's baseline in writing indicates their current outlook on life.

A person's baseline in writing indicates their current outlook on life.

Analyzing: Baseline and Spacing

The baseline is how the writer writes words on a given line.

  • Writing up-hill reveals the the writer is optimistic, ambitious and cheerful.
  • Writing down- hill may be caused by a pessimistic attitude, depression, or fatigue.
  • A straight baseline signifies the writer controls his moods.


How a writer utilizes space in any handwriting sample is an indication of how they function in the work place. If given a piece a paper, people who want to be on "top" or in charge of the work place. A person who writes with even margins and centered text is a great team player and someone well organized.

Employers use this feature of handwriting to analyze applications they receive. An applicant who squishes letters to the left of a line is nervous and fearful. A person who crams writing on the right of any line is ambitious. A person fills in a line with a well balanced sentence is a good judge of space.

Be cautious of someone who writes with heavy pressure regularly!

Be cautious of someone who writes with heavy pressure regularly!

Handwriting Analysis: Pressure

Pressure is a changing quality in many people's handwriting. Those who are in a hurry, angry, or stressed tend to temporarily write with heavy pressure. Those who stylistically write with lots of pressure may be more aggressive than those with a lighter touch.

Analyzing Handwriting: Speed and Curves

The speed of a person's writing reveals additional personality traits. Speed is found in the flow of the writing and indicates speed of thought, action and perception. This trait can vary when people are taking notes or in a hurry such as a doctor signing a prescription.

Those who write swiftly tend to be alert, flexible, rapid thinkers.

Those who write slowly are those who take the time to consider details, deliberate, cautious people.

Curves and Angles:

Writing that begins with a curve indicates a person who may be stuck in the past. Curves at the end of a letter or word indicates a person's level of generosity.

Crossing of the T's indicates a person's ambitions.

Crossing of the T's indicates a person's ambitions.

Meanings Behind Crossing "T's"

A person's potential to meet goals can be interpreted by how a person crosses their T's. The letter T represents a person's ambitions. The taller the T, the more ambitions the person.The crossing of the T on the horizontal represents the emphasis the writer places on the goal.

  • Crossing a T low on the letter indicates a person sets goals lower than what they can actually accomplish.
  • A person who crosses their T's high on the bar set very high goals.
  • Crossing T's at the top of the bar or higher indicates someone who sets goals that are lofty and unacheivable. A "t" bar that is above the stem indicates setting goals higher than can be accomplished.

Connected Letters: Printing and Cursive Styles

Most people who print as their standard handwriting style do so out of consideration to others because they don't write neatly. Men are most likely to use this style because they are not interested in a "frilly" style. A handful of people write in a print style because they want to "hide their personality" from the world.

Those who write with a style that mixes printing with cursive tend to be efficient and intelligent types. The handwriting may indicate that the writer stops to cross T's and dot I's as they go.

Writers who's letters are connected througout their handwriting are most likely to be scientific. Those who have less connectivity between their letters are more likely to be artistic.

A person who writes with a bizarre style of cursive and block letter printing may be antisocial.


Example of a "felon's claw"

Example of a "felon's claw"

Example of the "Devil's elbow"

Example of the "Devil's elbow"

Dangerous? This is the signature of Adolph Hitler.

Dangerous? This is the signature of Adolph Hitler.

If you get a love letter like this, don't walk away. RUN!

If you get a love letter like this, don't walk away. RUN!

Warning Signs in Handwriting

There are "clues" in a person's handwriting that can provide serious warning signs about the character of the individual. These clues are discovered by studying the handwriting of infamous criminals who have these traits in common.

The Felon's Claw

The felon's claw is a "claw" type of curve that is present in letters in a handwriting sample that come from a letter and curve downward back under the letter like a claw. People who write with this hallmark feature have deep psychological issues. It indicates someone who feels inferior to the extent that they do not think they are worthy of love. Many people with this claw were abused in early life. This is also a symbol of guilt for something the writer may have done in the past.

People with this handwriting feel the need to punish themselves. To meet their needs for punishment, these people will cause problems, act out, purposley irritate and antagonize others so they will be looked down on.

Empasized Puctuation

A person who writes with extreme punctuation with exclamation points and question marks may be suffering with pent up resentment. Many with this feature are grumpy and irritable.

The Devil's Elbow

If you encounter writing in which a pitchfork is added anywhere in the sample, the writer is signifying that he or she belongs to the devil or thinks they are possessed by Satan.

Extra Large Decorated Signature

Anyone with regular handwriting that then signs their name with a large, flourished signature may have narcissitic tendencies.


PDXKaraokeguy of Hubpages

PDXKaraokeguy of Hubpages

Handwriting sample of PDXKaraokeguy

Handwriting sample of PDXKaraokeguy

Handwriting Anaylsis of PDXKarokeGuy

PDXKaraokeGuy a.k.a. Justin W. Price is contributing writer on Hubpages and author of "Digging to China." Justin's handwriting analysis shows:

Justin is ruled by his head and not his heart and he takes life in stride. Quiet and introspective, he has great powers of concentration. Justin is impulsive and artistic. He is a free thinker and this sets him apart from others. This writer has a great deal of personal restraint and it is difficult to get him angry (but watch out if you do). He can be outgoing and social but but prefers his quiet time and needs a great deal of personal space. Justin has a very distinct way of dressing and may be prone to unpredicability. Justin would prefer to be his own boss or own his own company.

Hubpage's Ardie

Hubpage's Ardie

What does Ardie's handwriting reveal?

What does Ardie's handwriting reveal?

Handwriting Analysis: Ardie

Ardie is an Elite (and very popular) member of Hubpages. Her handwriting reveals that she is introspective and has a great deal of self control. She may hesitate to say what is on her mind. Ardie's Greek E shows that she is highly educated and well read. Though she is logical, she depends on her finely tuned intuition. She is a traditional person that plays by the rules. Her straight letter "I" shows that she is stoic in person. Ardie is self sufficient and knows how to take care of herself. She is highly physical and may get a little "freaky" at times. She is highly motivated but currently tired or struggling with a major life decision. Her writing reveals a highly creative mind though she finds it difficult to open up with her emotions. Her signature suggests she struggles to overcome being a quiet person and may feel her shyness is holding her back. People may see her as more outgoing than she actually is. Ardie will answer your burning questions of love on her hub "Ask Ardie!"

What secrets will Lord de Cross's handwriting reveal?

What secrets will Lord de Cross's handwriting reveal?


Handwriting Analysis: Lord De Cross

lord de cross is 2012's Hubpage Advocate of the Year and love guru. Lord's handwriting sample shows that he is outgoing, friendly, impulsive and sociable with people he knows. Lord can be guarded and cautious with those he doesn't know. Lord is highly intelligent and likely to be drawn to the field of science. He enjoys feeling connected to others and prefers committed relationships. He is optimistic, cheerful, and physically driven. He is non- attention seeking and prone to shyness. He would prefer to be his own boss. Lord may be a little unorganized. He sets high goals for himself and has the tenacity to reach them. Lord doesn't open up to just anyone and may be secretive. By not completing the "s" in the sample, Lord shows the reader that he reserves a part of himself and only shows his fans what he wants them to see.

Austinstar is one of Hubpage's most creative writers!

Austinstar is one of Hubpage's most creative writers!

Notice the creative sample.

Notice the creative sample.

Handwriting Analysis: Austinstar

Austinstar, a.k.a. Lela, is a popular veteran on Hubpages. Her distinctive handwriting sample demonstrates a level of intelligence seen in geniuses. This is a very rare quality. Other secrets revealed in Lela's sample include artistic ability, striking creativity, and an optimistic, upbeat personality. Lela has a commanding presence and stands out in a crowd. She enjoys being noticed and is known for being action driven. She has a stoic quality that may intimidate others. (Other's may be intimidated by her intelligence). This Hubber is genuinely interested in other people and likes being connected to others. Lela is highly physical and sometimes unpredictable. She does not act before thinking things through and can be overly cautious. This may cause her to get wrapped up in life's details. Lela is a cheerful, social, and highly unique individual.

And the author of this hub?

And the author of this hub?

Last but not least...

Last but not least...

Handwriting Analysis: Tammy Swallow

As the author of this hub, it is only fair for me to analyze my own handwriting. My own writing reveals that I am a practical, efficient, moderately intelligent, rapid thinker who has the ability to multitask on many projects at once. I am adaptable to most situations though I do not set set goals that are as high as my potential. I am a physically driven person who is generous, stable and self regulated. I am positive, alert, and a team player. I am a chatty, open communicator who shares emotionally with a tendency to be overly trusting. I enjoy the company of others but have a balanced need for personal space.

Sources Used:

The Only Handwriting Analysis Book You Will Ever Need - By Treyce d'Gabriel

Thanks to the Hubber's who submitted a writing sample for analysis!


Liz Elias from Oakley, CA on May 01, 2020:

I'd like to see someone analyze tRUMP's writing....

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Very interesting !

What if somebody rarely writes with loops ?

Robert Levine from Brookline, Massachusetts on July 05, 2018:

This is very interesting, but for many of the traits you don't explain WHY they mean what they do--for example, why should a slant to left indicate sociability, and vice versa?

NancyHernandez05 on August 20, 2017:

This is fun. I'm thinking about using it for my classes as a warmup or a blog. Is there a phrase that you recomend they write for analysis or will there signature suffice?

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on July 11, 2016:

very interesting. But what did Hitler's writing mean?

Graham Lee from Lancashire. England. on March 14, 2015:

Hi tammy. A really first class hub so full of interest. You also managed to involve some well known hubbers as well, congratulations on a first class job. As a left hander I can say that my handwriting is not neat and flowing. The reason for this is that like all other left handers we push the pen rather than pull the the pen. I really does make a difference.

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deasi saragih on December 22, 2014:

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Liz Elias from Oakley, CA on April 26, 2014:

P.S. Just stopped back by this article after seeing it commented upon in my feed.

I recall also reading somewhere back when I played with this, that a more "accurate" analysis would be done from a random already-written sample of the person's writing, and not a piece specifically written for the analysis. In other words, if they are aware they are writing for analysis, they will write more carefully, and it will not reflect their normal style. ;-)

Tammy (author) from North Carolina on April 26, 2014:

Thank you so much Deep Eyes. It is a pleasure to meet you here on Hubpages. I hope you find the insight you are looking for. :)

DeepEyes on April 25, 2014:

Your handwriting analysis article is just what I was looking for. I am an artist. I work in clay. Mostly Anasazi Indian (Magical) Art from Southwestern Colorado. I meet a lot of people that tell me my work is great! (redrockcarvings) but I wanted something that helped me see their motivations. They are usually trying to sell me on doing what I do differently. I don't listen. I believe in myself. I do things my way. I'm not rich but I am my own man! But, now, with your article I can look deeper into the people. Now, how do I get them to write " A quick brown fox jumped over a lazy poodle"?)....Smiles

Savannah on January 02, 2014:

Hi. Because tolerance is important and we humans tend to cling to belief systems, I will not say very much about the rest of the article, but I feel compelled to point out that the "warning signs" (quote marks are to completely disclaim any involvement or belief) are biased and hurtful. Many people add additional exclamation points not because they are angry and resentful – a frankly ridiculous proposition – but because they are excited or wish to convey excitement, while the tactic of combining one or more question marks with exclamation points is well-known to indicate excited or incredulous questions as well as the occasional angry demand. The idea that someone would leave secret signs of being possessed by a devil in eir writing is nonsensical and smacks of conspiracy theories and fanatical cults.

As for the "Felon's Claw:" how dare you? How dare you make these horrible and deeply personal assumptions – no, judgments – about a person based on something so trivial as eir writing? To say to someone, as if you know em and eir situation, that ey was abused and wants to hurt emself, reeks of the kind of ignorant, slapdash taunting a bully might use to attack someone perceived as "different" and could be considered outright libel or slander toward that person's childhood caretakers, and to attempt to justify it as a "science" is completely beyond the pale.

Furthermore, this can cause very real damage if it's believed in and used, as you claim at the beginning of the article, by employers or psychologists; this biased judgment of a person, with no real basis, can easily become the foundation for a pattern of discrimination, lose that person the chance at a job ey may well be perfectly suited for, may in fact even need for economic stability, and can, besides doing harm to the doctor/patient relationship, set back therapy or analysis with the incorrect conclusions it fosters.

Graphology may make an enjoyable party game, but it provides no real insight, and to treat it anything more than an amusement, particularly when insulting and damaging assumptions such as the ones set forth here are encouraged, is irresponsible in the extreme.

(Coda: making correct graphology-based "predictions" about friends, family, or coworkers may seem to indicate a greater level of veracity than I have suggested, but in fact it's far more likely that someone's "predictions" would be influenced by what ey already know of the person whose handwriting is under scrutiny.)

Tammy (author) from North Carolina on December 26, 2013:

Hi Lili,

If someone writes the letter Y backwards, they may be very offbeat, dress eccentrically, and have issues with their sexual orientation. Let me know if that sounds familiar. Thanks for visiting.

Lili on December 24, 2013:

Beautiful and knowledgeable article, thank you!

I know someone who writes the letter Y backwards, literally. Like mirror letter. What does it say about him?

Tammy (author) from North Carolina on October 20, 2013:

Hi Abbey. Is this a trait that is visible in the overall writing or just the A? Sharp pointed letters indicate a person that may be guarded about being judged for what they are writing. You may be feeling defensive towards the person who will be reading what you are writing whether it is personal or a critical boss. Interesting!

Abbey on October 20, 2013:

what does pointed ,a bit higher stem of lowercase letter "a" mean in a handwriting??I'm having this unknown trait in my writing recently and I'm really curious to know 'bout it.Any help??

Anderson Sonnen from new york, new york on June 27, 2013:

Interesting, but I learned handwriting analysis is a lot of hogwash and can't ever be used as a reliable personality assessment tool.

Tammy (author) from North Carolina on June 22, 2013:

Thanks Au Fait! Pin away!

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Shannon Henry from Texas on March 17, 2013:

Very interesting, but what about those with different handwriting styles?

Tammy (author) from North Carolina on February 16, 2013:

Hi healthyfitness! It depends. If your writing is small you should be a doctor. If it is larger and messy, you'd probably be a good politician. :) Thanks for visiting!

Rick Grimes on February 16, 2013:

What a helpful article, very cool. I have very sloppy handwriting, should I become a doctor? :)

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Slaven Cvijetic from Switzerland, Zurich on February 06, 2013:

Ah okay thanks for your answer! Yeah, this helped me ;) hmm I know a girl who does exactly such loops you just described! :p

Tammy (author) from North Carolina on February 06, 2013:

Hi mbyL. Sometimes people will embellish a loop, make it fat or extra fancy with a twist. Some people can will make a large Y and put a smiley face in the loop. That is what I would consider to be a unique loop. Hope that helps!