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The Sea: My Home Away from Home

Ruby writes from the Philippines. Aside from writing, she enjoys organic gardening and researching anything useful and helpful.


A Grandeur Away From Home

You may reach this unspoiled stretch of Culasi Beach, in only ten minutes on foot from my coastal house in Maanda, Leyte, Leyte, Philippines. It is situated immediately alongside a mountain that is covered by huge rocks.
Because it is a remote location that most people are not familiar with, visitors to this location are few and far between.

A Compelling Surrounding

But recently, members of my family as well as a few of my acquaintances in the area where I grew up have observed its grandeur.
My attention is drawn to the picturesque surroundings, which compels me to ponder and investigate further.
The white, clean-looking beach stands in stark contrast to the deep blue hue of the ocean, which appears to be greeting the viewers as they begin to leap in.

A Coastline of Peace and Quiet

Each time I come home from a head-bogging experience of a demanding academic life to spend my vacations in my dear hometown, I find peace and consolation in the tranquil environment of this magnificent coastline. It gives peace and quiet, joy and peace, a sort of comfort beyond measure.

Emerging from Water Makes Me New

Away from the clamor and activity of the city, I bury myself here for hours at a time, staring up at the bright blue sky and counting my many blessings. After hours of immersion, I sit here, eavesdropping on the whispering soft waves and air. All of my concerns have evaporated into thin air. The sheer happiness fills my entire being.
After that, I emerge from the water, leaving myself so filled to the brim with so much joy.


Seas Remind Me of God's Comfort

The sea touches my inner self. It soothes the pain in my spirit. It mends the shattered pieces of my spirit. It makes me think of a God who is kind and loving beyond measure. Its coolness reminds me of the comfort of my loving Creator. It tells me He cares for me no matter what. It whispers to me, "My God is the One who takes a personal interest in each and every one of His creations that includes me."

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Seas Testify of the Creator

The Sea, even the sea, testifies to the labor of her Creator, the Grand Architect who fashioned this once lovely and flawless planet. Her beauty proclaims that this world was once wonderful and is still is. A stunning planet for man to observe, appreciate, and take pleasure in living in. Taking into consideration all of these things and their beauty. I am unable to contain my excitement as I proclaim, "what an amazing God you are. The seas indeed, become my home, away from home.

Final Thoughts

"The sea belongs to him, for he made it.

His hands formed the dry land, too" (Psalm 95:5, NLT).

God claims ownership of the sea. He has the right to own it because He created it. This should remind us that we, His followers must help take care of the sea because we are all God's stewards. God is the Owner and Giver, that is His role. But we are His caretakers, that is also our role on this planet earth--that's you and me, God's stewards.

© 2022 Ruby Campos

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