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The United States vs. The Mongol Empire

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1778 - present (234 Years)

Dates of Importance:

1492 - Columbus discovers Americas.

1607 - First settlement in America (Jamestown).

1776 - Declaration of Independence signed.

1778 - The United States of America becomes a nation



Length (AL and HI not included):

~3,000 mi

~4,850 km


3,790,000 mi²

6,099,410 km²


1206 - 1370 (164 Years)

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Dates of Importance:

1190 - G. Khan begins to unite nomadic tribes of Mongolia.

1206 - G. Khan controls Mongolia, ignites campaign against rest of the world.

1227 - G. Khan dies. Mongolian lands given to children. Military campaigns carry on.

1259 - Empire hits it's peak. Civil war and political struggle occurs soon after.

1370 - Mongol Empire disintegrated.

Population (Estimated):



6,000 mi

9,700 km


9,300,000 mi²

24,000,000 km²

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"In conquest after conquest, the Mongol army transformed warfare into an intercontinental affair fought on multiple fronts stretching across thousands of miles. Genghis Khan's innovative fighting techniques made the heavily armored knights of medieval Europe obsolete, replacing them with disciplined cavalry moving in coordinated units..."

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If you duplicated the United States and placed one land mass beside the other, you would have the total length of the Mongol Empire.


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At the time, 1 out of 4 people in the world lived in the Mongol Empire.

As of today, 1 out of 25 people live in the United States.

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It would take approximately 88,000 football fields endzone-to-endzone to stretch from one end of the Mongol Empire to the other.

The United States would use approx 40,000.


To fill the entire area of the Mongol Empire (at its peak) would require 2,557,500 football fields.

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The Mongol Empire covered 16% of Earth's land.

The United States covers 6.5%.

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Driving at 50 mph non-stop from one end of the Mongol empire to the other would take approximately 120 hours of driving- 5 days.


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In 300 years, the Americans fought and killed roughly 2-8 million Native American people. Many more were killed by disease.

In 265 years, the Mongols wiped out a widely estimated 30-60 million enemy forces. That was approximately 7.5% - 17.1% of the world's population.

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“...In American terms, the accomplishment of Genghis Khan might be understood if the United States, instead of being created by a group of educated merchants or wealthy planters, had been founded by one of its illiterate slaves, who, by the sheer force of personality, charisma, and determination, liberated America from foreign rule, united the people, created an alphabet, wrote the constitution, established universal religious freedom, invented a new system of warfare, marched an army from Canada to Brazil, and opened roads of commerce in a free-trade zone that stretched across the continents. On every level and from any perspective, the scale and scope of Genghis Khan’s accomplishments challenge the limits of imagination and tax the resources of scholarly explanation.”

- Jack Weatherford in his book: Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World


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Alternate History


Alex on March 25, 2017:

It shows the your influence may spread quick, but what keeps it there is constant Television.

But also, from a Christian point of view, maybe God used the Mongols.

I'm not sure where, but it says "those who go against my word, will have their enemies raised above them". Somewhere in the Bible it addresses this.

They were but a method of shaping the modern world.

ALso, like Alexander the Great.

Demographics were shaped in these wars, as a large percentage of areas they invaded reached close to 50% death. Khan is a last name in Turkey, India, China, Vietnam for a reason. Absolute domination.

If only Alexander lived to fight Ghengis on level footing.

yo mama on March 21, 2014:

yet america has independence while the mongol empire did not. america is much more stable than the Mongol empire.

A Chicken on October 30, 2013:

The Mongol empire was no way near stable enough to last until now. Most empires only last about 100-300 years and the only exception I can think about is the Roman Empire which lasted around 1600 years (including the Byzantine Empire).

Just History from England on June 29, 2012:

I did find this quite interesting- especially the comparisms- I did not realise just how big the mongol empire was- voted up, interesting etc

edmob1 from United Kingdom on June 29, 2012:

The empire created by Genghis Khan, his sons and military planners has shaped the world we see today. Spreading the Tukic languages and traditions more than the Mongols own.

The taking of Russia in a lightening quick capaign in winter remains a task unequalled.

James Kenny from Birmingham, England on June 29, 2012:

A very interesting comparison. I don't personally think that the Mongol's would be ruling today if Genghis had lived longer. All Empires become harder to govern the further they expand from their capital, eventually they begin to fall into decline. It happened with Rome, the Mongols, the British Empire. Today, really we live in a conjoined Empire that attempts to rule over nature itself. But the further we move away from the natural world, the nearer to decline and ruin we go.

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