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The Reality of Magic

Val has from ever been very intuitive which oftentimes bordered with extrasensory.

There is no limit to magic -- only a limit to our ability to perform it.

There is no limit to magic -- only a limit to our ability to perform it.

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.

-- Roald Dahl

The Weird World of Nothingness

Right at the start I must humbly admit that I don't have literary abilities to do some justice to visions -- or sensations -- welling up from my intuition. Just like it's next to impossible to describe the experience of my deep meditations once that they are over.

And it may not even have all that much to do with those literary skills, rather all being due to certain very abstract things that are impossible to verbalize.

If anything, it must be the case with those non-verbal concepts in the realm of quantum. We may play with words all we want, but the "sensed" reality of that word just stays unfathomable.

Well, nothing is preventing me from trying, and that's what this post will be about -- my intuitive speculating about magic of a world that's beyond our everyday conceptualizing.

This intuiting didn't start with some books that I have read in recent years on quantum mechanics and biocentrism, but much, much earlier in my life, when I hadn't even heard about such interpretations of reality -- but inspired by some Eastern teachings.

That's where I got my first encounter with "maya", or illusion referring to our default limited abilities to perceive the ultimate truth by using our five senses.

So it was called "nihilism" -- nihil meaning "nothing" in Latin language -- as it was stating that there was really nothing but consciousness.

That would be a simplistic way to depict nowadays' theorizing in physics about a "virtual reality" as it is based on some "high math" -- according to which everything appearing as physical in our world is but construct of consciousness -- collective and individual.

All this may already start looking weird enough, without any concrete examples from everyday life -- where it comes even more weird.

But, before we get to that, we have to torment our brains some more with this story about multiple -- actually infinitely multiple versions of everything coexisting in the same time and space as a potentiality.

For a little metaphor, just think of all those countless waves in the ether from broadcasts of radio, TV, cellular phones, and other programs -- and how they are nicely coexisting without interfering with one another.

Likewise, I am envisioning infinite versions of reality, with infinite versions of ourselves, with only one being manifested on the "screen" of our awareness which dominates with its vibrational signature.

Well, I told you it would be weird and impossible to fully describe, at least in a way that could be easily digestible by our linear brains and their models of conceptualizing.

Mishaps in traffic may have some strange causes.

Mishaps in traffic may have some strange causes.

Believe in your heart that you're meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles.

-- Roy T. Bennett

A Version of Me Bringing Out a Version of Others into My Reality

So, here I am on a road driving as usual to my destination; and now, which version of "me" is that?

For, in one of those infinitely multiple "me", my consciousness is displaying a sum-total of all frequencies from my momentary functioning of my mind-body, my mood, my beliefs, expectations about my destination, as well as those past experiences from similar trips.

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And then, let's further imagine that sum-total as generating one very negative, low frequency. That dude driving his car on the next lane beside me, has been a totally irrelevant, insignificant circumstance as far as my life was concerned -- all until now, when my crappy frequencies bring out his own crappy response to my vibes.

As such, he chooses to go to my lane without taking a look at the blind spot, and BANG!!!

What really happened prior to that imaginary crash?

Dr. Robert Lanza, the creator of biocentrism, and one of "the 100 smartest geniuses on earth", would say how that driver only existed for me in his potential form -- and then my crappy state of consciousness manifested in my reality that version of him which decided to go to my lane.

And everything that would have happened afterwards would mean my dealing with that version of that individual.

On the other hand, had I been in one of my rosy dispositions. his other version matching mine again would have just nicely continued using his lane, without the proverbial shit happening.

How is that for insane? Well, now you know what the physicists of this day are thinking about -- and also how much of that weirdness my own intuition keeps serving to me.

Neuroscientists are telling us -- and it's supposed to be a hard, proven science, not some speculation -- that our eyes are not the ones doing the "seeing", but it's our brains, after just receiving some raw perceptual material from eyes. Thus, looking doesn't mean seeing without brain making some sense of what is looked at.

That would explain hallucinations, for one thing, when someone "sees" what is not out there at all.

Then neuroscience evolves into this intuitive assertion that we are actually creating our moment to moment circumstances, with those 400 billion per second pieces of information that our brain keeps processing.

And that's how I manifested in my reality that "quantum version" of that other driver.

If that would be applied to our own bodies, in the infinite field of potentiality, one of "us" is already dead, another is enjoying a robust health, still another is playing piano...etc.

Just think of that body. On the quantum, subatomic level, that body is practically empty, with some insanely busy energies and subatomic particles carrying one hell of information to keep us alive.

And those atoms, manifested into the biochemistry of your body are so far apart from each other as the earth is from the moon -- keeping in mind their respective masses.

And now we can really talk about magic -- albeit I've been talking about it all along, just not naming it that way.

On quantum level our energy-body is just blending with the energy soup of the universe

On quantum level our energy-body is just blending with the energy soup of the universe

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.

-- W. B. Yeats

We Can't Use the Known Laws of Physics to Explain Magic

So, how do I see magic?

It's the ability of focused conscious intent to scoop into the quantum and bring out a desired outcome.

When the Himalayan cave meditator Milarepa made those deep impressions of his hand in the stone wall of his cave, his consciousness defied the limitations of his common version of himself.

In that moment his consciousness was working on quantum level where both, he and that stone wall were just two mostly empty constructs in the virtual reality.

At fire walking, another well documented and still practiced feat, where someone walks barefoot on a bed of red hot coals without resulting injuries -- the same magic happens. It's useless to philosophize about it applying Newtonian laws of physics which should make those feet sizzle like a steak on barbeque.

It's a feat of consciousness in which it turns the body's everyday physical version into one that can withstand those high temperatures. When it was done with pants rolled up over the ankles, those pants got burned, but not the feet.

This is a believable explanation for how in some of those spontaneous remissions an orange-size tumor disappeared almost overnight. Nothing of that size just disappears unless there is magic of consciousness coupled with quantum at work.

Makes me remember a story Deepak Chopra told in one of his books about his uncle who couldn't stop retelling his own story about witnessing a miracle. Namely, on a hot day, as they usually are in New Delhi, his uncle was passing by a holy man, a saddhu sitting on the curb of the road and obviously begging, as those saddhus were regularly doing.

So his uncle dropped some change on the piece of rag in front of the ascetic man, who then asked him to say something that he, the uncle, wished for. All sweating, he blurted out -- "An ice cream would be just fine". Upon which the saddhu made a motion through the air out of which he produced an ice cream.

As he kept retelling the story to different people, Chopra's uncle wouldn't miss ending it with a regret that he hadn't wished for something better than an ice cream.

Life is filled with magic -- but not all of it stemming from our wishes.

Life is filled with magic -- but not all of it stemming from our wishes.

Children see magic because they look for it.

-- Christopher Moore

Why Ain't We All Magic-Makers?

Get ready for a big surprise from this last portion of this strange article.

We actually are.

We are creating magic each and every moment of our life -- just not knowing it, since we are viewing our physical, tangible world in a way which doesn't allow our awareness to know it.

Since, according to our smart physicists, we live in a participatory universe, whether we want it or not -- we are constantly co-creating our world on this planet. By the quantum principle of entanglement, everything is connected to everything else.

So we individually and collectively keep collapsing this version of our world from the field of infinite potentiality.

Well, we might say that, other than exceling at technology, we have been doing a pretty crappy job.

And then. of course, it would take a very advanced mind to consciously create magic. In my opinion, Jesus was a quantum practitioner, a genius who got that knowledge from out of nowhere. Just like some classic composers who were swearing that they had received complete compositions "from thin air". Nikola Tesla, my countryman, was also said to have gotten his knowledge from "space".

Well, certain individuals are genetically predisposed to have a default "antennas" through which they can receive pieces of information from some other, more advanced civilization.

Just listen to the world's renowned physicist Michiu Kaku, as he is talking about "levels of advancement" of different space civilizations -- ours being a "Zero", and three higher ones being in existence. To reach level "One", he says, it may take us another century, and to reach level "Tree", we would need some hundred(s) of thousand of more years to pass.

This just to illustrate how intelligence is not limited by our known ceilings, and the true nature of things is so outlandish (pun intended) that we are far from being wired in our brains to conceptualize it all.

So, as I am thinking now how some "hard core realists" among my readers may be reacting to all this as some "imaginary crap" -- I can't help but feel sorry for them, as they are so brainwashed into believing that "this tangible world around us is all there is".

Magic we could see as twofold -- that unintentional, which we, common folks are routinely performing without even knowing it -- and that intentional, which would take people in a rank of that cave meditator Milarepa, or that saddhu who produced that ice cream for Chopra's uncle out of thin air.

You see, our unconscious contributions to that magic are not running into obstacles, because we are not aware of what they are doing through the vehicle of frequencies -- whereas our conscious intentions always run into enough of self-doubt to be weakened.

Now, just because something is not common, doesn't mean it's impossible. This article was not to serve as a naive "manual for performing magic" -- but merely to give the reader a hint about the real possibility of doing it.

Like some physicist has said it:

"There is so much more to reality than meets the eye".

© 2022 Val Karas

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