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The Race You Are Not Aware Of

Emmanuel Nuga is a profilic writer with eleven years of teaching experience. He is a researcher of facts and reality.



What Makes You Think You've got a Unique Idea?

I want to believe by the time you are done reading this article, you would have gotten a pure instinct of what makes a unique idea, the cost of making it real and the need to buckle up in case you have not been serious with your life. Most especially if you belong to any of the following classes: inventors, writers, pioneers, business tycoons or currently working on a pursuit that is more likely to have a competitive attribute.

The Athlete Mindset

Imagine you being an athlete who is set to run a race on the same field with other athletes(competitors), the only thoughts that dominate your mind at that moment is your competitive aspiration and the ambition to take the lead at the end, this is a race you are aware of.

Your life goals might obviously not look competitive when there is no one competing with you physically, you assume you alone have got the idea, but in the real sense, it is a race. A competitive race but obscure to your human senses. This is the reason why those who live in the consciousness of this virtual competition are bound to get things done as quickly as possible before the rest.

A Clear Picture Of The Race

Let's consider this unfamiliar realities between two to three different individuals, possibly more than that. Who are in no way related, they have neither met before let alone of having a joint pursuit on the same idea, but be it as it may, as fate will have it, these individuals who are oblivious to one another are basically working on the same idea at different spaces in a corresponding rate of time but fortunately the one who got his timing, pursuit or invention done on time, eventually had his idea conceived to the public before the other, thereby becoming the pioneer of the newly invented idea. You could imagine how others with the same vision could feel. A great disappointment I think.

This very occurrence had occurred in recent times. Then you see someone comes out accusing the pioneer of stealing his ideas or claiming to have a part in the work but betrayed. Statements like, "Mr sharp stole my ideas" bla bla bla. oops! It hurts. Is no one wish, you know? You could imagine the feeling, a project longed embarked upon and probably almost at the peak of accomplishment before someone from nowhere eventually took the scene and took the everlasting honour.


A Mystery Unfold

Alternatively, for every renowned billionaires we have in the world today, who are really making waves in their fields and even currently as I write, there are individuals who were in the same striving race with them while in the shell who have got the same ideas like theirs but unfortunately did not see the light of the day. Believe me or not there is someone who has got the exact idea with Jeff, Elon and Mark etc but did not breakthrough.

God gave men gifts but lives everyone to determine his course. But some he gave the same kind.


You Are Not In The Race Alone

Apart from this class of people, this is an experience so many of us had once had, at one point in time. Either at work, school or among other events etc but it is not a problem of not being able to meet up with a task but rather a lack of consciousness that is void of the instinct that you are not in the race alone. They are others who are also striving towards the same purpose as yours, who you probably don't know. Can you remember when your boss at work shared a common task between two teams, one of which you belong to giving you a deadline at which the task is expected to be completed and failure to accomplish the task before the deadline set will result in a slash? Anyway, you are aware of this one. May I give you a clearer understanding of this topic as we dive in further, considering the conflicts among these tech players?

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The Tech Players In The Conflict

Mark Zuckerberg, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss(the twin brothers) and Divya Narendra Conflict who accused Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook of stealing their source code revolve around this issue(The race).

The Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Conflict in the early '80s, who accused Bill Gates the co-founder of Microsoft of stealing the idea from the Xerox lab, a lab they both admired and carried out their research revolved around this issue(The race).

My First Conflict With Hubpages

I published an article titled "Lesson from the past" a few days ago. Which sincerely was my intellectual work, a work I conceptualised based on my personal experience without having come across a title of the same kind. But unfortunately, I was told it was a duplicate of someone's work containing the same content. Oops! I felt a bit knocked out, this is an article I drafted a long time ago. How come? In a nutshell, don't think you've got a unique idea. Though, It may be unique in the real sense. But you've got to know for sure that someone, somewhere is definitely! not probably, but definitely working on the same idea as yours. The Time race determines who breaks the shell and gets the thumbs up. Can you beat it?

"If you must get farther above others, you can't afford to spend the same amount of time with theirs"

Elon Musk

A small man and a giant

A small man and a giant

Can You Beat The Race?

What do you think when conflicting issues like this arise? Are there observable attributes that could have contributed to the one who takes the lead before the others? Definitely yes! To have come out of the shell before their oblivious competitors? Who they probably have no contact with. And it isn't that they were not as good as the man who takes the lead. They've all got a similar attribute but something distinguished their efforts. So what could it be? The time race; which is, a drive behind self-determination, consistency and absolute commitment. like Elon Musk had rightly said, "If you must get farther or ahead of others you can't afford to spend the same amount of time with them, you have to work extra time to beat them otherwise they beat you. This is the race we are oblivious of. A simple reason why you must not slack in your plans, most especially if it is something that will announce you to the public. and like I quoted in my former article "Time Investment makes the difference"

The Distance Is No Barrier

If you belong to any of the classes mentioned above. I'm pretty sure you don't anticipate ending up disappointed , just like those Accusers'. But whether or not you believe it, they are people who are currently nurturing the same idea you are working on but yet to accomplish the task. What if they come out before you. How will you feel? Definitely bad. So obviously, the pursuit of our ideas is an oblivious race that engages us collectively, irrespective of space, time, intelligence and geographical distance etc.

This brings us to the factors or attributes that are most likely responsible for this setbacks.

Factors that Deteriorate your Chances of Becoming a Pioneer

  • Laziness
  • Self-doubt
  • Procrastination
  • Social disruption
  • Lack of inconsistency
  • Lack of self-motivation
  • Low self-determination

In conclusion, a situation could sometimes demand a reasonable level of dedication before accomplishment. Moreover, what takes one person a longer time to conceive might only take another a short period of time. It all depends on how individuals lay their beds. But your dream is only half way to be accomplished, when you remain consistent and maximise your potential before the race elapses. Do not slack. Lest someone, somewhere out smart you.

Remember, whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might.

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