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The Quantum of the Current Human Reality

Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.


Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the universe.

-- Albert Einstein

Our Five Senses Are Limited by Brain's Capacity to Interpret

Have you ever heard about those people who are capable of seeing human auras? How about those who can look at someone's body and "diagnose" by what they sense about it?

We used to have a cat that had this creepy habit of looking at always the same corner of the ceiling and meow, as if it was seeing something there.

Now, physicists are telling us how "there is much more going on around us than meets the eye", And neuroscientists are making it even more intriguing by saying how we don't even see with our eyes but with our brains, where eyes are only providing raw sensory input.

Allegedly, it took a rather cruel experiment to prove it -- with a new born kitten who was blindfolded for some time, to stay blind for the rest of its life after the blindfold was removed. That because it missed that early developmental stage when brain connects to the visual input.

So, how much would we see, hear, smell, taste, and feel by touch -- if our brains were "wired" slightly different way? Science would say that our whole reality would be totally different. So, what is "really" real, if what is real to us now is only one of possible versions of the real?

That could possibly explain why some rare people see others' auras, and why my cat saw something that I couldn't see at the corner of the ceiling.

Quantum physicists are further tormenting our curiosity by saying that everything is but a virtual simulation -- which somehow matches the wisdom of ancient sages who contended that there was nothing other than consciousness.

Apparently there are countless universes with as many realities simultaneously going on in the same space, electrons of our very bodies flickering in and out of existence, and participating in other realities.

The relative distance between the atoms of your body is like the distance between earth to the moon -- respecting the size of atoms, all making your body a mini- galaxy.

Genome in your cellular intelligence is flickering like a Christmas tree, upregulating some, and downregulating some other genes all the time, with those most persistent determining the level of your vitality.

The picture gets much more complex than that, but I just wanted to create an atmosphere for this article -- while trying to show how painfully misleading is our everyday meaning of the word -- "reality".


Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

-- Albert Einstein

Can't Be Blamed For Not Being Wired to Make a Better Reality

Many books have been written on the topic of the so called "Law of Attraction", and the significance of some of that material has been downsized to that one of astrology -- but the top scientists are dead serious when they say that we do create our reality.

Meaning our individual one, and our collective one. So they are talking about the "entanglement" of everything within the universal soup of frequencies, where the alike attracts alike by the principle of resonation.

Drs. Rupert Sheldrake and Richard Bartlett are talking about "morphic fields" created by the similar frequencies -- and I am begging their forgiveness for my abuse in this example, but -- the world's stupidity has created quite a strong morphic field, with so many people tuned into it.

On the other hand, there are some avatars living in their own parallel reality everywhere around us -- and their morphic fields -- which we sometimes sense as our "guardian angels" are also being received by some uncommon people due to their developed spiritual antennas.

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But, talking about our general attunement in this reality as we know it -- we are quite a stupid breed, I should say.

Our technological advancement is a lame surrogate for a true evolvement. We have wars, we have greed, we have racial intolerance -- and we have politicians to make all that stupidity possible.

Should we be "blamed" for perpetuating such a collective reality?

Nope. At a very quantum of our brain technology of thinking, we are simply not wired to do any better. Processing some 400 billion pieces of information per second, our brains are some marvelous machines, but the programs of the way they are running -- simply suck.

At this level of our consciousness evolution, we allowed the machine to control the machine -- or our autopilot to run our mental show. We apparently can't jump out of our autopilot and start being conscious -- which would change everything in our human reality.

We are not even aware that we are not aware, with our introspective abilities hijacked by the autopilot telling us that "we are okay, because nobody is perfect, and it's only human to generate crappy emotions, and we should just go with the flow."

The whole human reality is one colossal crazy morphic field with everyone attuned to it like a flock of birds flying in a unison and not touching one another creating the illusion of a harmony.

To us, harmony means all Republicans sticking together against Democrats, Protestants building their own churches because Catholics are professing a wrong religion, and a white dude not being welcome in Harlem, for his own sake.

In other words, we are not wired in our heads to grasp the true concept of harmony. If we were -- wouldn't this world look much different?


At a risk of sounding like some overzealous amateur-prophet, I am contending that all natural disasters -- pandemics included -- are the result of our practicing collective stupidity.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

-- Albert Einstein

Viruses -- Reflection of the Global Morphic Field of Stupidity

I know next to nothing about pathology, except that it deals with germs. But somewhere, long ago, I read about viruses how they are not really a "regular" kind of those microscopic critters like bacteria or whatever else in that micro-zoo.

I have no clue if that's actually a mainstream consensus thing or it was someone's theory, but I like the sound of it enough to share it with you here.

Namely, it says that viruses are "agents of information".


My mind instantly drifts into the realm of the quantum, where everything is energy vibrating at certain frequencies and carrying information. So I think of the morphic field of stupidity created throughout the history, while generated by our still partially animalistic nature governed by survivalism, greed, territoriality, need for a status of an alpha in the pack, and disrespect for others' life.

I see that bitter competition, dirty low blows by politicians and corporations, economic terrorism in form of sanctions, and so much more.

And out of all that my mind computes the existence of viruses -- agents of information backfiring at us in the style suggested by that Law of Attraction.

Whatever carries a charge of emotional energy has the biggest impact on our quantum reality, so our pissed and miserable collective contributions get reflected with a manifest of viruses.

With everything being "entangled" on the quantum realm, we just can't not to see some kind of consequences befalling us from our popular ways of reasoning. I spent some craploads of hours observing the same going on at the personal level, in our own quantum body, not to see the same going on in the collective body of the mankind.

Just like our predominant thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes are determining our state of health -- all being a vibrating energy meshing with the dynamics of our vitality energies -- so it must be equally true for the mankind.

We create these damn viruses, not only in military labs, but also making them airborne everywhere, so we don't have to engage in a biological war to be their victims. They are "information" -- the one that clashes with our DNA information.

For a dash of humor, let us call viruses the "physical equivalents of human stupidity"

Can thoughts and emotions really manifest something physical?

Yes, for one proof, the more you use your brain, the bigger it is physically. Of course, not affecting the size of your skull, but growing into its deeper folds of the cortex. And still talking about the energy, the more you use your muscle energy, the bigger your muscles are.

Actually, it has been proven in field of physical culture, that by rehearsing some bodily movements in our head alone, we can build those muscles involved in those movements.

You see, my mind simply flies off the handle with so many examples from so many different areas of life -- but all somehow proving to me that those viruses are of our own make.

And so is the rest of what we collectively generate with our minds and our hearts. In terms of quantum mechanics, we collapse ideas from the infinite field of potentiality, and manifest them in our reality.

Until we evolve ourselves out of the current morphic field, we can't even blame ourselves for being as we are -- just like we can't blame kids for not understanding the taxes.

We cannot live responsibly if responsibility is not an item in our autopilot. Again, if we could, this world would look different.

Without broadening the range of our mind's processing the factual reality, we can't know what my cat saw in the corner of the ceiling.

But we may some day.

© 2022 Val Karas

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